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Secrets need to be kept

What happens when someone figures out what the Cullens are? REVIEW :)

Enjoy :)

1. Chapter 1

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New kids

Bella’s POV

“BELLA HURRY UP!!!! I don’t wanna be late for our first day of school!!” Alice yelled banging on the bathroom door

“I don’t even get why you bother to spend so much time in the bathroom” She muttered.

“I heard that Alice.” I replied grinning.

I quickly dressed, then bounded down into the living room where the Alice and Rosalie were.

Alice looked me over once. “You are NOT going to school in… that” she said in disgust. Rosalie nodded in agreement.

“Why?” I pouted. I looked down at my torn jeans and brown t-shirt. I couldn’t see a single thing wrong with that. Not one. Single. Freaking. Thing.

Alice dashed upstairs pulling me along with her. Rosalie sniggered. I glared at her over my shoulder.

A minute later I came down the stairs grumbling.

Edward appeared at my side. “You look stunning” He whispered in my ear.

“Remind me to kill Alice” I groaned.

I was wearing dark skinny jeans, with a “cute” striped blue and white top that hugged my lovely vampire curves. “Cute”, however, would not be how I described it. Oh, and lets not forget the two inch high heel, strappy, white sandals Alice loved. It’s a good thing that I’m not human anymore, to say the least. I could just imagine myself falling down the stairs and breaking my neck.

We arrived in the beautiful Cullen cars. I felt people’s stares and mouths dropping open. Most more than likely at Rosalie’s stunning beauty and Edward’s loveliness.

I raised my eyebrow as I took in the new high school at Stonybrook, New Hampshire. It didn’t look any different than any other ones we had been to so far. Rows of metal lockers, whitewashed walls and floors, boring desks, and probably boring people.

“I don’t get why Esme wants us to attend school. It’s so… boring.” I sighed. This had to be at least my 20th time starting at a new high school.

Edward chuckled.

We walked into the front office.

“We’re new here.” Alice said energetically.

“N—names?” The receptionist asked. She seemed stunned. Then again vampires had that affect on people.

Edward snorted, but quickly covered it up with a cough. I threw him a curious look.

“The thoughts of school receptionists. I could write a book” Edward said too fast for human ears to hear. I smiled. Last time the school receptionist was an old lady that had… interesting daydreams. Decipher that however you want to.

“Rosalie, Bella, and Jasper Hale. Emmett, Edward, and Alice Cullen” Alice sang.

“Here are your schedules.” The receptionist lady still seemed stunned.

Rosalie and Emmett were seniors, Edward and I were juniors, and Alice and Jasper were sophomores.

I looked down at my schedule.

Spanish 2 first hour. English second. PE third. Pre–calc fourth. LUNCH. Junior History fifth. College Biology last.

This would be amazingly fun. I looked down my list of classes and compared them with Edward’s. All my morning classes were without my Edward! I looked up at Edward. He grimaced.

He walked me to my Spanish class.

“Looks like I’ll see you after class. By the way, I bet you know much more Spanish than the moron in there” Edward glanced in the direction of a balding man, grinned then kissed me goodbye.

I walked into the class, sitting down in the far corner. Although human blood didn’t really tempt me, I couldn’t take chances.

“My name is Mr. Whitlib. Class, please welcome Bell—“” the teacher paused to look at a slip of paper “Excuse me, Bella Hale, to our Spanish class.”

The class clapped. All the boy’s eyes were on me, probably staring at the inhuman beauty. I wanted to roll my eyes.

“Class, please continue to work on the handout I have passed out.” He instructed.

“Bella, vamanos” He called me.

“Bella, tiene un español nombre?” He asked.

“No” I tried to keep my voice even. Edward was right. This guy was a moron. Who asks people if they have a Spanish name? He wasn’t even Hispanic, and his “Spanish” accent was forced. I spent half an hour answering his pointless questions, and now without a doubt I knew Edward was correct.

“Bella, I think that you should move to the next level up in Spanish” Mr. Whitlib finally said in English half an hour later. I was utterly bored.

“Mr. Whitlib, I really don’t think that is necessary.” I said my tone a bit authoritive.

“Are you sure?” He asked, looking skeptical.

“Si” I answered in Spanish. YES you idiot! YES…

The bell rang. I jumped up and walked into the classroom. I went over to my desk to pick up my purse and books. However, they weren’t on the desk. They were in this boy’s hand. Ugg. Here we go again. When do they realize that I’m not interested? I wondered.

“Hi. I’m Chris” He beamed at me. For being human he wasn’t that horribly bad looking. Dark brown hair that was slightly curly at the edges, light blue eyes, and rather toned. I sighed.

“Hello. Now if you’d excuse me, I need to get to class” I answered shortly. I took my purse and books out of his hands leaving him stunned.

I walked out of the classroom to find that Edward was just around the corner trying to hold in convulsive laughter. I rolled my eyes. He put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. “He’s watching” Edward managed to choke out, trying to contain his heaps of laughter. I honestly wondered what the Chris guy was thinking.

The morning passed by painfully slowly without Edward.

Funny enough Chris was in my English and Pre Calc class. I ignored him and his hurt eyes. Poor kid. He was only trying to be nice. But then again, Edward doesn’t just laugh at nothing.

Finally lunch period arrived.

I walked into the cafeteria. Boys wolf whistled and hooted. I rolled my eyes. Immature boys…It must be really bad for Rosalie. Edward raised an eyebrow at me as I sat down heavily with a sigh.

Edward’s POV

Bella rolled her eyes at the loud and extremely rude noises boys were making.

Dude. Smoking hot


Would you look at her…

So much better than Elaine. Crap Elaine.

Ohh baby. THIS is what I’m talking about. Welcome to Stonybrook High School

Thoughts rang from all over the room

I swept her in my arms and kissed her soundly. Her lips melted into mine as she kissed me. She broke the kiss, and took my hand.

“What was that all about?” Bella asked.

“Just making sure people know.” I grinned at her.

She laughed. Her beautiful laugh tinkled.

Next to me Emmett and Jasper were doing similar type of thing. They shot grins at me.

Disappointed sighs rang through all male heads.

So what do people think? Bella asked putting the question in my head.

(If you’re confused by this, read my other story Mending Hearts or Breaking Them? Chapter 5 and 6. It explains SOME of Bella’s power. Or reading the whole thing would be great tooJ)

The normal. That we are amazingly beautiful, and they are all jealous of me because of this wonderful girl I have. I thought using Bella’s power to put my thoughts into her head. One of her newfound powers was the ability to let mates be able to communicate in their minds. A bit like… the pups.

She gave me a playful swipe of her hand. I caught it and kissed it gently.

Wonderful girl. I wonder who that might be? She thought grinning at me.

“Crap. Dude time to go to class” Emmett said and groaned. Rosalie gave him a loving look.

We all stood up depositing our untouched lunches in the trash.

I walked with Bella to her locker. She opened it and took a couple books out very slowly. Well, humanly slowly. I leaned against the locker next to hers, smiling to myself as I watched her beautiful face. I’m so lucky, I thought.

“Ready Mr. Cullen? Or are you going to stand there forever and let me go to History all by myself?” She asked me playfully.

I threw her one of my smiles and took her hand.

Mr. Banet’s POV

I stood up, preparing myself for another unruly junior history class. I looked up at the clock. Two more minutes. Kids these days, trying to put off class until the last possible time. They don’t realize the pain teachers put into class for them.

I saw a boy and girl walk into the class. They must be the new kids. I took a closer look. They looked like models more than anything else. It was inhuman beauty. They carried themselves proudly and distinguished. However their amazing beauty was not the only thing that captivated me. They looked like they were deeply in love. Not the normal boyfriend/girlfriend stupid high school “love” kids call it nowadays. It wasn’t even the love I had seen folk like me give. This was different somehow, more powerful. The girl was looking into the boy’s eyes with such adoration and admiration and held his hand as if it were the only thing in the world that mattered. The boy was looking down at her with an equally loving expression and didn’t seem to want to let go of her. It was quite startling.

The boy walked up. “Hello, my name is Edward Cullen and this is Bella Hale. This is our first day here.” His voice was so enchanting and musical. It was nothing like I had ever heard before.

“Oh yes. Welcome to your junior history class. You can take a seat where ever you’d like” I said nicely.

The girl, Bella, gave me a beautiful smile. I returned it with a warm one.

Edward whispered something in her ear. She laughed. Her laugh sounded oddly like twinkling bells.

I taught the class as normal; the students were rude as normal, with the exception of the two new kids. I watched Bella and Edward carefully. They would take notes on the lecture. But every so often, they would smile slightly as if sharing some inward joke. After the lecture I gave an assignment to answer 20 questions on the lecture. Both were done quickly, and when I checked the answers I was astonished to see that all had been correct with wonderful precision. I had never seen such neat handwriting. The bell rang at the end of the hour and all the kids rushed to get to the door. Bella and Edward were last out. As I watched them, I noticed that Edward seemed slightly protective of Bella, his hand on her back and hers around his waist.

I was entranced by these new kids.