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Secrets need to be kept

What happens when someone figures out what the Cullens are? REVIEW :)

Enjoy :)

2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Bella’s POV

I was wrapped in Edward’s arms. I was sitting on his lap kissing him.

All of a sudden, Edward rolled his eyes.

“Alice wants us down.” He said, annoyed.

I sighed. This was so comfortable.

Edward winced. “We need to come down now apparently.”

I sighed once again. Edward laughed as we ran downstairs.

I saw the whole family waiting for us.

“About time too” Rosalie scoffed.

“Edward we need to know what everyone thinks about us.” Carlisle said. This routine again.

“The normal. But there is this one teacher that finds us strange, and he’s quite smart too. But I don’t think we need to be worried.” Edward said reclining in the sofa, and put his arm around me.

“What happens if people do figure out? Has anyone ever figured out?” I asked. Carlisle always had a way out of things.

“Nothing much. We usually stay a little bit longer, and then move. Humans usually don’t connect one and one. We’ve only had two cases where we have been actually figured out. Bella, you, and this other small child, maybe twelve or thirteen. Very intelligent, even a genius if you may. But we left and he had to conclude that it was only his imagination.” Carlisle seemed very sure of himself.

“Don’t people wonder why you leave with so short of a notice?” I asked incredulous that such beautiful and mysterious people could leave without causing much of a scene.

Edward raised an eyebrow. “Remember when we left in Forks?”

I painfully recalled that horrible day.

“Everyone was surprised, but no one really cared” I said quietly.

“Exactly. Everyone is too wrapped up in themselves.” Carlisle pointed out.

I nodded.

“Edward, be sure to tell us if changes come up” Esme said in her motherly tone.

“Alright. Can we go now?” Edward asked. He was still clearly annoyed that we were interrupted.

“Why? Were you doing something personal when you two were interrupted?” Emmett smirked while wagging his eyebrows suggestively.

“You are so immature Emmett” I shouted, as Edward and I went back upstairs.


3 months later

Edward’s POV

I groaned inwardly, another day of tedious school.

Actually not tedious, immensely boring I reminded myself.

“Alice, is there any chance the sun may come up today?” I called down the hall.

“Nope. None whatsoever. In fact for the next week there are no signs of sun” She chirped.
I sighed. Bella came beside me.

“Oh fun fun fun.” Bella replied sarcastically.

“You know, I don’t think that Chris boy has given up on me. It’s getting pretty annoying.” She rolled her eyes.

“Do you want me to get him off you for good?” I crouched protectively.

She giggled.

“Don’t be too mean” She said her voice light and laughing.

“Mean? I wouldn’t” I teased her.

“You’re going to be late” Esme called from upstairs.

I smirked. We hadn’t been late since the early 50’s.

We walked into History after lunch laughing at Emmett’s hurt expression when Rosalie hit him on the head exceedingly hard.

I sat with Bella at the back table as usual. Mr. Banet began his lecture. Beside me Bella let out a bored sigh.

I can’t believe how you can stand being in school still maintain such a lovely interested expression. Bella thought.

I smiled. Ahh, practice my love. Lots and lots of it.

Bella rolled her eyes.

They are doing it again Mr. Banet’s thoughts rang out.

Doing what? I wondered. I continued to listen.

They always seem like they have some inside joke. Oh well. Just an old man’s imagination I suppose He thought.

The class passed with Bella keeping a conversation up, this time aloud, but too softly for human ears.

I explained Mr. Banet’s thoughts.

“I think he’s getting too… curious” Bella said in a whisper.

Finally the bell rang and we shot out of our seats escaping the back door.

“I think we got out a little too fast” Bella said.

I laughed.

Mr. Banet’s POV

I walked unlocked my apartment door later that evening. I set my keys on the counter and sat into the couch, turning the television on. However, I paid very little attention to the TV. I around my apartment, a very small but livable place. One bedroom with a large bathroom, a living room, and a breakfast table inside the kitchen. The table was piled with large textbooks and newspapers. The coffee table was piled with graded and ungraded papers. However, I was content with this. I’d rather spend my money taking a trip to Africa than on a large house and organized file cabinets.

My thoughts turned to school. Bella and Edward mainly. They still as much of a mystery to me as when they first arrived. I just couldn’t figure them out. The extremely pale skin, unnatural beauty. Outpouring love to each other, stunning grace, and wonderful school work. It was unlike anything I had ever seen in my twenty-seven years of teaching. It was almost like they were inhuman.

But that wasn’t possible. Inhuman.

Inhuman. That wasn’t even a real word. But it was the only word I could find to describe them.

What lived that wasn’t human?


I turned off the TV and walked to my desktop.

I pulled up a search engine and typed Inhuman beings

Mostly getting a bunch of human trafficking sites.

I was on the fifth page when I found an interesting article.

Blog for Tuesday the thirteenth

Recently I have noticed a group of people that are anything but normal. These are the most inhuman beings that have walked the earth. With pale skin, stunning beauty, strange worldliness, and unnatural grace, there is nothing human about them. After seeing many I have come to a conclusion. However, I will not reveal my conclusion to the public, as it is only a theory (but can be proved with strong evidence). If anyone has questions feel free to contact me. My phone number is 690-9876.

Best regards,

William Darbile

I scribbled down the phone number on a scrap of paper.

Of course this could be a coincidence, but the people he described sounded so much like Edward and Bella.

Why am I concerned about two students? I asked myself.

Because they are so inhuman, I answered my own question.

I picked up my phone and dialed the number on the paper.

"Hello, William Darbile speaking," The voice on the other end said.