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Secrets need to be kept

What happens when someone figures out what the Cullens are? REVIEW :)

Enjoy :)

3. Chapter 3

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Events Pile Up

Chapter 3


I picked up my phone and dialed the number on the paper.

“Hello, William Darbile speaking,” the voice on the other end said.

Mr. Banet’s POV

“Hello.” I was suddenly uncertain of how to start.

What was I supposed to say?

“I—” clearing my throat, I continued.

“I read on your blog recently that—”

William Darbile cut me off. “Aah, yes, the one on Tuesday the thirteenth, I presume?” This man was one smart cookie.

“Yes – yes, it was.”

“Well, you’ll have to figure it out for yourself, but I will give you some assistance. Notice the days these people are absent. Notice their eating habits. Notice their so-called trips. Notice their physical appearance, especially their eyes. Notice their wealth,” William Darbile listed.

I nodded on the other end of the line, waiting for more.

“That is all. Good luck.” The line clicked. I stared at the phone for a minute before setting it down on its cradle.

Hastily, I took out another piece of paper and wrote down all that William Darbile had said before I forgot.

Days absent (Pattern?)

Eating habits


Physical appearance/eyes


This seemed like a pathetic list. All the same, I would pay more attention.

Bella’s POV

It was a beautiful sunny day.

We were all lounging about in the living room, with the exception of Esme and Carlisle .

Emmett propped his feet up on the couch. “The joys of being a vampire,” he sighed contentedly.

“Do these joys include being cooped up all day because you glitter?” I sneered.

Emmett chuckled. “No, Bella, they include skipping school.” He grinned.

Rosalie rolled her eyes and continued to paint her nails.

“I think –” Edward began but Alice cut him off.

“I’m glad you do Edward, I mean you’re not always the brightest guy around,” she chirped.

Edward scowled at her and continued. “As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, Mr. Banet –”

Edward was cut off again.

Who?” Rosalie asked. “If it’s another one of those idiotic teachers, I don’t see why you’re bothering to tell us.” She finished with a hint of disdain in her voice, idly examining her nails. They shone hot pink.

As I was saying –

Emmett gave a loud snicker. I glared at him and he immediately shut up.

“Anyways, our history teacher seems to have taken a… unhealthy interest in Bella and me,” Edward finally said.

My curiosity sparked. “Unhealthy?” I asked.

“Well, it’s not the first time,” Rosalie said offhandedly.

“I think… maybe we should go visit him tonight,” I said slowly. “You know, just to see what he thinks. Stuff like that.”

“Great idea! Alright, we’re goin’ spying tonight!” Emmett boomed excitedly.

“Uh, no. Actually, I meant just Edward and me,” I giggled as Emmett’s face fell. He tried to convince me with one of his puppy-dog looks.

“Wait!” whined Alice . “You two can’t leave! There’s going to be a thunderstorm tonight! We should play ball! We haven’t played in so long!”

I stole a glance at Edward.

“I suppose that’s fine. I guess we can check on him another time. We don’t always get thunderstorms,” Edward said, coolly. I was surprised – I had expected denial.

“Are you sure, though, Alice? I mean, it’s been sunny all day,” I said, my voice sounding a bit dubious.

“When have I ever been wrong?” Alice demanded.


“Exactly!” Alice smiled triumphantly. “It’ll be fun!”

I didn’t want to burst her bubble.

Sweet! Baseball game tonight! Even better than spying!” Emmett grinned and leapt off.

Mr. Banet’s POV

I sat down wearily on the couch; today had been stressful. Sunny days always seemed to give teenagers an extra lift of spirits. The thunder rumbled. I looked out the window. Dark clouds were starting to roll in beyond the horizon. I sighed.

Maybe I’ll go take a walk to clear my head. I’d better bring an umbrella just in case.

I grabbed my umbrella out of my closet, and then locked my door. I walked into the quiet woods.