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Secrets need to be kept

What happens when someone figures out what the Cullens are? REVIEW :)

Enjoy :)

5. Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Mr. Banet’s POV

I arrived my door and I fished the keys out of my pocket. I was soaked, it had started to really pour halfway home. I shivered, feeling the stares of the Cullen’s boring into my back. My hands were shaking and the was not fitting into the key hole.

I took a deep breath and steadied myself. Obviously, going on a walk had been a bad idea. An idea with deep consequences.

Edward’s POV

I had run home immediately. I paced the room for five seconds and then sat down at the piano, the ivory keys were smooth, and contained music too sweet. I began a sonata in D minor, a quick yet sad sounding song. My fingers went faster and faster, and I ceased to think, letting the notes overpower me.

The front door opened and I continued to play. I felt Bella’s hand on my shoulder and stopped lifting her hand and kissing it, without turning around.

“So?” I asked shortly.

“Well, Mr. Gullible and Stupid thinks that you’re sick and was never at the field, when he really saw you appear and disappear” Rosalie said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

I rubbed my temples, slightly agitated.

“He is already second-guessing our human nature. Now, he’ll only be spun deeper into his doubts. With a curious mind and sharp wit, he could very possibly figure out.” I ranted.

Bella put a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

“Let’s not over think this. I’m sure we can think of a solution to this… problem. We could… well. You know… uhm…uhh.” I could almost see the thoughts in her head stumbling around. I grinned.

“How about we just leave this stupid town? I’m getting tired of it anyways.” Rosalie snapped, glaring at me.

“It’s not his fault! Why are you looking at him like that?” Bella protested. I could hear her begin to snarl. The last thing we needed was an internal conflict.

Carlisle coughed to interrupt the argument and stood up.

“I think we should disappear. As Rosalie said, it’s about time we moved on anyways.” His voice was soothing. “If we start packing, we can be gone by tomorrow.”

“Where to? Better be somewhere with good FOOD!” Emmett rumbled.

Mr. Banet’s POV

I heard an annoying bird chirping in the distance. I rolled over my bed and struggled to shake off the sleep. I glanced at the alarm clock. 5:46 am. This was way to early for someone my age to be up. It got harder every year to wake up in the morning. I pulled the blankets off and memories of yesterday came rushing at me, quite unpleasant memories. Yet I wasn’t sure what I was afraid of. There was just some nagging instinct that made me terrified.

I walked into my bathroom and took a good look at myself.

Too many white hairs. It’s those high school kids.

I quickly dressed and packed up my briefcase for work.


The day crawled by slowly. Finally it was the junior history class. I felt like running away I was so scared. I was beginning to realize the true meaning of the “trembling in your boots” saying.

I was silent as the class filed in. They were loud and rowdy as usual, but I couldn’t see Edward and Bella.

The class for bell rang and still no sign of them.

I took a deep breath.

“Alright class. Open your textbooks to page 102, we will be studying the Vietnamese War today” I said, keeping my voice even, and hopefully calm.

Towards the end of class, the secretary came bustling in.

“I’m not sure if you heard Mr. Banet, but the Cullens have moved. Apparently there was some family emergency and a grandfather dying… or something.” She sounded incredulous.

“But…I thought… they were just here yesterday.” I finally stated lamely.

She raised her eyebrows.

“See you later Banet”

I nodded.

There was something definitely strange, and sadly curiosity killed the cat.