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The Cullens

When Edward brings Bella home to meet his family, Alice takes a liking to her. Oneshot Cullen Challenge

First Twilight fic ever!!! I'm not sure I got her voice (the way she is written as speaking) right, but here's hoping! ummm..... trying to think what else to say. It's a little like stream of consciousness, sorry. I think that's all.... ENJOY!!!! :D

1. Meetings

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It took me a moment to catch my breath from the force of the vision. I felt a little scared for the people we knew, the school students, the people of Forks, and especially Bella. I knew this would make things difficult for us for a while, and I sought out Carlisle to let him know. He could see that I was still unbalanced, and as we heard the car pull up outside, he suggested that I find Jasper and bring him down to meet Bella, rather than greeting her like this.

I took my time trotting along the corridor, while Carlisle and Esme got their first glimpse of Bella. By the time I had composed myself, I could hear Edward downstairs, introducing Carlisle and Esme to Bella.

I called out to Jasper, letting him know they were here. He joined me, and we reached the top of the stairs, just as Edward asked where we were. I sped down the stairs, reveling in the way Bella sparkled at the sight. I rather thought she liked seeing me show off. And I was more than happy to show off for her. I felt like I already knew her. Edward had told me all he knew about her – which wasn’t that much actually – and I’d ‘seen’ her several times now. Obviously my visions hadn’t been all good, but in my latest one, she had become a part of our family, joining us as Edward’s mate. I was so enthusiastic about her that I forgot myself and hopped forward to kiss her on the cheek as I greeted her.

I could feel the tension in the air, but I struggled to act natural. I wouldn’t give any indication that I hadn’t meant to do that. The thought flashed across my mind that Bella had an unusual scent. I tried to hide it before Edward could catch it, but when he stiffened, I knew I had been caught.

To make matters worse, my mouth started to work before my mind could catch up. “You do smell nice, I never noticed before.” She smelt like warmth, and wet, and slightly sweet – a little like lavender, or jasmine. A breath of air in a musty room. It didn’t make me want to bite her, it made me want to bury my face in her neck and breathe her in.

I came to my senses as Jasper greeted her, spreading the feeling of ease liberally. I could see her relax, her small frame loosening, and a soft smile curving her lips. I wondered why it was that Edward couldn’t read her mind, when I could see her in my visions, and Jasper could change her mood. Was it something to do with Edward, or was it something she could do? Well, whatever it was, I knew she would fit in well with us. I would be so thrilled when she joined us. Edward needed her so much, and I wanted a girl friend that I could have fun with. Esme and Rosalie were fine in their own way, but I couldn’t be girly and playful with them. Esme was too motherly, and Rosalie was way too self-absorbed.

When I pulled my mind back to the room again, I realized that I’d missed something. Edward was leading her towards the piano, and as much as he pretended he didn’t want to play for her, I could tell he wanted share his art with her. As he began to play Esme’s song, Bella’s mouth fell open, and we all chuckled at her surprise. As Edward moved into Bella’s lullaby, we all flitted away to our own pursuits.

Jasper followed me up the stairs, steering me into his room when I would have passed by. I don’t know how much time had passed when we were interrupted – by a vision. There was to be a storm that night – baseball time! I could hear Edward and Bella playing, and I chuckled to myself over the image.

Walking into the room was like coming home to a house full of puppies, and I relaxed into the atmosphere, relaxing enough to joke with them. Between the two of us, Jasper and I put forward the idea of baseball – with Bella as our audience, and with our job done, we left them to their playing.

I couldn’t wait to show Bella the fun parts of our abilities. She would be amazed by our speed and strength, and I rather thought she’d be more willing to undergo the transformation seeing it. I was also curious about the effect she had on me. I wanted to see if it was just because it was the first time I’d actually met her, or if she managed to get me to drift off into thought in ‘ordinary’ situations. That was the point where Jasper distracted me…