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I don't want to meet that THING!

When Bella meets the Cullens. In Rosalie's POV- I know scary lol Hope you like it!

Well.....here goes!

1. Chapter 1

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I was in the middle of painting my nails when Edward came in the door....he looked gay if you ask me.

"Alice! Alice where are you?" He said. Alice came running down stairs in a hot pink bath robe, her hair dripping wet.

"What is it? I hope you know you ruined a perfectly good bubble bath." she said.

"What do you see in the future?"

"Uh.....Emmett putting a whoppi cusion under Rose later today, Jasper giving me a new coat....Aw love you Jasper! Anyway and........OMG! YOU'RE BRINGING BELLA HERE TO MEET US!!!!!"

"What!!!!!" I screamed.

"It will be fun!" Emmett said coming downstairs. Ugh gosh! I don't have to sit here and meet that....that THING! I don't want to. She means little to me so why should I care. I mean she is human! The one thing I wish I could be. I was getting annoyed with myself, so annoyed that I was painting my finger.

"We are not meeting her." I said as I dranged Emmett back upsairs.

"But sweetie....I want to meet her. Please just for five minutes."

"No and that is final." I slammed the door shut.

"Why don't you want to meet her baby?"

"Because she's she's......human!!!! Don't you understand? I was just getting used to this and then she has come in here and ruin it!"

Emmett walked over to me and sat me on the bed, sat by me and held me. He could tell that meeting Bella bothered me. I knew he knew he was not meeting Bella right away.


"She's here! She's here! Horray! She's here!" cheered Alice.

"Ugh!" I said as I came out of my bathroom. Emmett was laying on the bed just watching me. Why why why did WE have to meet her!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

"Edward promised that he would not bring Bella in here." Emmett said.

"So.....its here I can smell it!"