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Meeting Bella

Jasper's point of view when meeting Bella. "Oneshot Cullen Challenge"


1. Chapter 1

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I wasn’t sure what Edward was thinking bringing the human girl to our house. I wasn’t sure what he was doing ever since he met her. Bella. For weeks the name was sacred, ever since Edward came back from Denali. We didn’t want to upset him.

“Alice, do you see anything happening? You know, when SHE comes.” I inquired to my darling pixie-like wife that was sitting next to me on our expansive couch. She put down the magazine that she was reading and turned towards me. I noticed that she had her spiky hair styled carefully and I smiled gently. She was so kind, always trying to be friends with everyone.

She leaned her body into my chest and raised her head to meet my inquiring eyes. I saw that she was grinning slightly and her mood was calm. “Nothing is going to happen. Well, except for Rose being well Rose. But that’s about all we can expect from her but besides that, nothing is going to happen.” She turned to me and tenderly kissed my cold ashen cheek.

“How long until they get here?” I questioned as Alice rearranged her body to fit inside my crossed legs. Once she was comfortable, she grasped the fashion magazine that she been reading before replying to me.

“They’re here. Carlisle and Esme are at the door waiting to greet them.” She grabbed my elbow hastily and I followed her willingly out of our room.

By then, we could hear the conversation that was taking place below us. “Thank you. I’m glad to meet you, too.” Bella stated.

“Where are Alice and Jasper?” I heard Edward ask, but no one answered because instantly the two of us were at the top of the main staircase in the house.

My Alice, enthusiastic as usual, nearly screamed. “Hey, Edward!” She ran down quickly and stopped just in front of our guest. Bella, I noticed didn’t seem to particularly mind. “Hi, Bella!” She then sprang up and kissed Bella on her rosy cheek. “You do smell nice, I never noticed before.” She commented and I could feel Bella’s emotion change to embarrassment.

I hastily came down the steps and changed the emotions in the large room to relaxation and ease. “Hello, Bella.” I said quietly. I stayed away from her, Edward had warned me to and I didn’t want to upset him when he was so jubilant.

“Hello, Jasper. It’s nice to meet you all-you have a very beautiful home.”

We talked awhile longer until Edward walked toward the piano to play Bella a song. Alice grabbed my wrist and gently pulled my up the stairs.

“There’s going to be a storm tonight. We should play baseball.” My angel crooned as we sat back down on the couch that dominated our room. She came up to me and I hugged her tightly. Her body fit each curve of my body as the two of us sat there breathing deeply.

We sat like that, my angel and I for countless minutes until there was a soft knock on the door. I started to push Alice away, but she clung to my body so I gave up with a groan of defeat and a kiss on her cheek. “Come in,” I insisted softly to whoever was behind the door. I felt uneasiness and guessed that it was Rosalie. I was right.

“Traitors,” she spat at me as she gallantly walked across our room until she sat on the end of our couch. “You traitors. Why would you meet the human girl? I don’t understand you two, especially you, Alice. I thought that you were my sister.” Alice sat up sharply,

“I am your sister, but Bella will also be one day. You should treat her kindly and let Emmett meet her. He would like her. I like her.” She defended herself quickly. She looked at me and I cleared my throat.

“I like her too, Rose.” I mumbled before pulling Alice back towards me. She didn’t protest as I hugged her close to my body.

“You’re just saying that because Alice wants you to.” Rosalie muttered angrily. Alice once again jumped out of my arms. Like a graceful cat, she landed on her feet and turned back to Rose.

“Oh, and that’s not what is keeping Emmett from meeting her? You know her wants to. He wants to know what human has cased Edward’s insanity. Now, you may leave my room!” I watched her whisper menacingly before nearly running over to open the door. I changed the mood to happiness once Rose had left and my Angel turned back to me. “Don’t use that power on me Jasper.” I stopped. If she didn’t want its assistance I wasn’t going to demand it.

“Jasper-lets go ask Bella and Edward if they want to come to the baseball game. Then we can ask Carlisle and Esme and Rose and Emmett! Let’s go!” She giggled hysterically, taking my hand. We ran all the way to Edward’s room before we stopped. Alice knocked on the door and I heard Bella sighing before the answer came out.

“Come in.” Edward invited us and Alice opened the door. Bella was sitting on Edwards lap! How did her stand the temptation? Alice quickly got Edward to say yes and the two of us left Edward’s room.

I could tell that this was going to be an interesting night.