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The Scientist


How far will one girl go, to save her prince from his world?

Hope you like it. Please tell me what I should fix or change.

O.k., so I know it had nothing to do with Twilight, Bella, or Edward (Well, I did use his name), but still read it and review. I NEED to know what to fix or change.

1. Boys

Rating 4/5   Word Count 1015   Review this Chapter

The last bell of the day rang. My favorite one. I quickly grabbed my stuff, and headed out the door towards my locker. Finally, Spring Break had started. “Sadie. Sadie!” I heard a voice saying. I turned to see who it was. “Hey Caitlin,” I slowed down so she could catch up to me. “Finally, Spring Break. I’ve been waiting for this, since we got back from Christmas Break,” Caitlin said tucking her long, blond hair behind her ears. “So, what are we going to do?” she asked. “Hey girlies! Me and my friends are getting together later tonight. We’re going to go up and visit the old, haunted house on the out skirts of town. Wanna come?” asked the hottest boy in school, Tyson Fitch. The prince of my high school, and the number one quarter back in the state. On a scale of one through ten, his looks were about a nine point three. He also had a great personality. Except for when he was around his friends, then he got kind of a cocky attitude. “Sure,” said Caitlin. She would say yes if he told her to kill herself. “Who’s all going?” I asked wanting to see which jocks and snobs were going before I made my decision. “Cole,” of course he’d be going. He’s Tyson’s right hand man, and had the cockiest attitude ever, “Britt, Logan,” two of the stupidest people alive, “Derrick,” keeps a girl for two minutes then dumps her, “Kyle,” can’t go five minutes without making out with a girl, “Justin and Lilith,” can never separate those two ever since they started dating, “Holi, Ashly, Kate,” snob, snobbier, snobbiest, and the three Queen Bees of my class, “and Maddie,” he said. I was glad Maddie was going. She wasn’t nearly as bad as the last three. She could take a joke. “Why? Are you scared?” Tyson flashed me his million dollar smile, “Don’t worry, I’ll be there.” “No, I’m not scared,” I said. Actually I was. I’m the kind of person who believes in ghost stories and superstitions, and today was Friday the 13th. “I guess I’ll go too,” I told him. “Great. I’ll see you girls at eight at the old, haunted house,” and at that he turned and walked away to catch up with his friends. “He totally wants you,” said Caitlin. “Too bad he’s not my type,” I told her as I closed my locker door. “Not your type!?! How can that be? He’s everyone’s type,” she said starting to go off into dreamland. “It may seem that way, but I’m looking for something more in a guy. I don’t know what is it, but it’s something that Tyson Fitch or any other guy at this school doesn’t have,” I explained. “Right. Your standards are just too high, and I’ve got to go. Bye,” Caitlin said as she hugged me goodbye, and headed off towards her ride. I started off towards my apartment. I always like the walk home. It gave me time to think about things, and I could go as slow as I wanted, since my dad was never around. My mom died when I was three, and my dad had to raise me all by myself. He was too busy traveling with his job to pay much attention to me. I didn’t mind though. I liked to be myself. I was thinking about what I had said earlier about Tyson. Yes, he was gorgeous, but he was just missing something! I really wanted to figure out what it was. It was bugging me in the back of my mind. “Hey Baby! Nice ass. Could you shake it a little more for me?” a guy said pulling up in a silver Mustang. I ignored him, and picked up my pace. “Don’t ignore me. I can give you something that no other man can,” he said cruising along with my new pace. “What? STDs? Sorry, you’ll have to take a number,” I said giving him quite a rude hand gesture. Before he could respond I took off running. I was of the fastest girls in the school. Even with twenty pounds of extra weight from my backpack, I could still run pretty fast. At the time, I was thanking God he gave me my legs, being apart of the track team, and all the years of cheerleading practice. I ran towards my usual place I go, when ever something like this happens. Finally, it came into view, Joe’s Gas. I look behind me. The guy was still chasing me. I knocked on the window to the left of the Miller Light sign. That was my usual signal. I stopped, and so did the guy in the car. “Come on darling. I don’t hurt,” he tried one more time. Suddenly there was a gun shot. The guy looked scared to death. I looked to my left, and saw Joe right next to me with a gun in his hand, and a cigarette in his mouth. I would be scared too if Joe, a six foot, two hundred thirty pound guy, was threatening me with a gun. “Are you messing with my girl?” said Joe through gritted teeth. “No, we were just having little fun. Isn’t that right Ba-” he was cut off buy another gun shot. “Whoever messes with her, messes with me,” he said, “Got it?” “Yes sir,” said the guy driving off at top speed. “You all right?” Joe asked me. “Yes. Thanks again Joe. I really appreciate it. Tell me if you need someone to baby sit the twins again,” I said jogging away towards the apartments. Joe grunted which usually meant alright. I reached home in fifteen minutes, since half the time I was racing the neighborhood dogs. I sat my stuff down, and flopped down on the couch. I must’ve been there for ten minutes before I drifted off to sleep.