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The Scientist


How far will one girl go, to save her prince from his world?

Hope you like it. Please tell me what I should fix or change.

O.k., so I know it had nothing to do with Twilight, Bella, or Edward (Well, I did use his name), but still read it and review. I NEED to know what to fix or change.

2. Hand of Fate

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1069   Review this Chapter

I woke to a dog barking. “Shut up damn dog,” I mumble before glancing at the clock. Holy shit! It was already seven forty-five. I quickly ran a brush through my hair, and wrote a note to my dad telling him I would be back late. Not that he would care. I decided not to change clothes, thinking I didn’t have enough time. I looked at my appearance one more time in my bedroom mirror, grabbed a jacket, and ran out the door. I ran for about ten minutes, and then slowed to a jog. I was running out of breath, and I was already late. I picked up the pace again. I didn’t want to be any later than I already was. I reached the out skirts of town, finally. I jogged up the path where the old house was. There was no one around. I checked my watch. Eight ten. “Hello? Guys?” I asked walking up the front steps of the house. I heard a giggle behind me. I quickly turned around. I saw a rustle behind a tree. I crept closer. “Wait! Ah…don’t touch me there,” said a girl’s voice. I looked behind the tree. “I’m sorry for intruding during your romantic night together, but could you tell where everyone is?” I said looking at Kyle, whose hand was clearly up Holi’s shirt. “Oh! Uh… I believe they went inside,” said Kyle with a flustered look on his face. “Thanks. Oh, and Holi, you might want to be a little quieter,” I said turning back to the house. As I was walking up the steps I heard Kyle say: “Ouch! What was that for?” I opened the front door slowly, and entered the house. There was dust everywhere. I ran into what must’ve been a table. Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark. I walked further in. This must be the living room. The front door suddenly closed, leaving me in nothing but the dark. I turned around to see if anyone was behind me. “Guys? Are you there?” I asked in the middle of darkness. I stumbled over to what felt like the stairs. I started climbing them. They were more and more creaky the higher I climbed. When I reached the top I heard a giggle. Actually, several giggles. I looked around. They seem to becoming from the outside. I slid the glass door open, and stepped onto a balcony. “Boo!” “Ah!” I screamed. Then giggles turned to sudden burst of laugher. “That wasn’t funny!” I said to Ashly and Kate. “Where are the boys?” “Justin and Lilith, I think, found the master bedroom,” Kate said giggling, “and everyone else is probably in the basement.” “You know,” Ashly said looking at me with cold eyes, “I’m glad you came up here by yourself. It gives you and me sometime to talk.” “What about?” I asked. “Tyson,” she responded. That was one of the last subjects I’d ever wanted to talk about with Ashly. “Hey guys,” said Caitlin, coming through a busted window with Maddie. “I’m so glad you could make it Sadie,” Caitlin said. “Hey Cait. Hey Maddie,” I said greeting them both. “Ahem!” Ashly said clearing her throat, “I believe we were having a conversation.” “Oh. Right. Why did you want to talk about Tyson?” I asked. “Don’t play dumb. We all know he’s head-over-heels for you. That’s the only reason why you’re here. But, let me tell you this,” she said glaring at me, “He’s mine. I saw him first. He deserves someone like me. NOT a slut like you! I don’t even see what he likes about you. You have no good qualities. But, if you don’t lay off him, I’ll make you’re life a living hell, from now until we graduate. Do I make myself clear?” The next thing I know, my fist was punching her perfect smile, and blemish free face. It happened so fast, I didn’t even know I had punched her. “Now, you listen to me, and listen well. You can have Tyson for all I care. I don’t want him. But, when you start trash talking me, that’s when I get mad,” I said. Kate helped Ashly back onto her feet. Ashly looked as mean as hornet. “No one dares punches me, and gets away with it,” Ashly said angrily pushing me up against the railing for the balcony. I glanced over my shoulder. I could see the railing wasn’t very high, and down below it was a pitch black lake who knows how deep. I knew I had to have a scared look on my face. Not because of Ashly, but because of the lake. I looked at Ashly. She already had her fist ready to strike. In an instant, two things happened at once. Ashly hit me with a full fledge punch, sending me flying over railing. At the exact same time, Tyson suddenly yelled stop, but it was too late. I was waiting for my body to hit the water any second now. “Someone help her! She can’t swim!” Caitlin screamed. “Tyson! Don’t! You’ll get hurt if you jump from this height,” said Ashly. That was the last thing I heard before my body hit the water with a loud splash, knocking the very little air that was left in my lungs out. The water made my body ache all over. This was it. My life was coming to an end, as I sank to the bottom of the lake. I heard another big splash somewhere above me. I tried to go towards it. I opened my eyes in search of a hand, all the while, the water stinging my eyes. I saw it. A hand, stretched out towards me. It had a soft, bright glow behind it, coming somewhere from above the surface. I couldn’t see the face, for my eyes were burning too bad. I grabbed a hold of it, but my hand slipped. All the while, my lungs were on fire. I needed air, and quickly. I tried to grab the hand again, this time successful. The hand was pulling me closer to its owner, and closer to the surface. I closed my eyes knowing I was safe, for now.