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The Scientist


How far will one girl go, to save her prince from his world?

Hope you like it. Please tell me what I should fix or change.

O.k., so I know it had nothing to do with Twilight, Bella, or Edward (Well, I did use his name), but still read it and review. I NEED to know what to fix or change.

4. Seeing Jade

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“Sadie! Sadie! Are you o.k.?” said a deep, velvet voice. It was the same voice that had saved me earlier today. I could feel a hot, sweet, minty breath on my face. “Wah…?” I said groggily. My chest was on fire. “Sadie, can you hear me? Are you o.k.?” the voice asked again, Now I remembered, that was Edward’s voice. “Edward?” “Yes?” “What happened?” I asked him, sitting up. “As I was pulling you up, you passed out. I guess from too much pain. I had forgotten you just had surgery earlier today. Maybe we should go see Dr. Jase.” “No, no. I’m fine. I don’t want to ruin your night out,” I told him trying to stand up. It was too much for my body to handle. I quickly fell to the ground, but was caught by Edward. I laid gently in his arms for a moment. “Here, I’ll carry you,” Edward said. “Are you sure I’m not too heavy?" I asked him. “You? Ha! You’re as light as a feather. Remember, I’ve carried you twice already.” I climbed on his back gingerly, trying not to make my chest hurt too much. I locked my arms around his neck, and rested my head gently on his huge, broad back. “Where are we?” I asked him. Looking around, I could tell the place was old and run down. It seems like the wood was rotten and infested with termites. “The old church on the west side of town. It’s seen better days. I believe the last time anyone ever even thought about repairing it, was around two hundred years ago. Money is a big issue around here. The west side of Florence has always been the poorest part of the whole country. Right next to the farmers when they don’t get a good harvest.” “Couldn’t you do something about it?” thinking about how money can be real issue at times in one’s life. We exited the church, the warm air hitting my face, and running through my hair. “I wish I could. I’ve tried, actually. People here just don’t want other people’s help. “The town, no the country is divided by social class and wealth. Where you live plays a role on who you are, and what you do. To the south and southwest are the farms and farmlands; to the west are the mines. Some of the hardest, dirtiest, and lowest paying jobs exist there. In the east lies the ports and oil; and the north contains the wealthiest people. The oil owners, mine owners, and some of my cousins and distant relatives live there. “The city of Florence is no different. Since it sits in the middle of the country, it’s more diverse than the rest of the towns or provinces. The castle lies in the north. Middle class people live in the east and south, and third class people live in the west side of town.” “Wow, you really know your facts,” I said amazed. “Not really. It’s more like common knowledge. From the time one grows up, to the time one dies, one is taught their social class, the people in their class, and the role they will play in that class. “That’s one reason Lorcan and I don’t get along. He says I don’t know my place in this world.” “Why?” “Because, most of my real friends live in this part of town. Lorcan and along with the rest of my family don’t approve of the people I hang out with. They don’t approve of them because they don’t have money, class, or come from a proper lineage. Most of them have been abandon because they weren’t one of the stronger children in the family,” he said in a sober tone. “That’s not right though. They shouldn’t be just thrown out on the streets. They should at least have a chance.” “Well, if you are child number six out of eight, and there’s only enough food for four kids. What do you do?” “I see your point.” We turned onto a dirt road, from a cobbled stone road. There was a light lit every few yards. Around us were sticks, mud puddles, and old, rotten pieces of wood sticking up out of the ground here and there. Rocks were arranged into patterns such as lines or circles. “You can put me down. I can walk,” I told Edward, sliding down off his back. He helped me off gently making sure my feet were firmly planted on the ground, before drawing up to his full height again. “It seems the kids had a free day today, by the looks of the front yard,” he said. “Kids?” I asked, but my question was answered when I saw a building with a sign that read: Children Of The Night Orphanage “This place is the city’s local orphanage. It’s the oldest and the biggest in the whole country. Oh good, they’re out, as usual,” he said looking at a window with two candles in it. “Follow me,” Edward told me, as he led me around to the side of the building. We faced a wooden door without a knob. Edward knocked on the door twice and said: “All that I know in my life, I have learned on the streets.” The door opened slowly, revealing a pitched black room. I held onto Edward’s hand scared of whatever was in there. Edward went inside with me on heels. “Oy! Prince Kaiser! What took ya?” said a boy with untidy dark brown hair and dark, tan skin. He was sitting on the floor in a circle with a few others. There was a candle that was almost burned out, and a stack of cards in the middle of them, along with various objects. I guess they were in the middle of a game, since they all had cards in their hands. “The guards have been keeping a tighter watch on me, but they are still ten years too early to catch me,” Edward told him. “Who’s the girl?” one of the boys asked. “Her name is Sadie,” Edward told everyone, “Sadie, this Maurice,” indicated to the boy that had first spoken, “Minnie,” pointing to the girl to the left of Maurice. She had a bandana over her left eye with a couple of cards poking out from the top, “That’s her sister Leena,” pointing to the girl laying on a bed behind Minnie. She was quite scrawny. She looked to be about seven or eight, “To Minnie’s left is Jordan,” he indicated to the boy that had asked who I was. He was the biggest of them all. If he would’ve stood up, he probably would have been only a few inches shorter than Edward. He was also just as big as Edward, but not as muscular, “Next to Jordan is Cliff, and his twin Catheen,” they looked almost exactly a like, except Catheen’s hair was longer, and up in a pony tail, “In Catheen’s lap is one of their little sisters. Her name is Kenny.” “One of their little sisters?” I asked him. “Yep. There’s nine of us here,” said Cliff, “Me, Catheen, Lion, Annie, Matthias, George, Kaylor, Kenny, and Gray. There’s also my two older sisters and three older brothers, Jayson, Milly, Brack, Lana, and Appleton. They’re old enough to live on their own, but yet too poor to adopt us.” “Wow,” was all I could say. That was fourteen kids. How does one have fourteen children, I would like to know. “Next to Catheen is Lion and Annie, and next to them is Matthias,” Matthias seemed to be falling asleep, showing his cards to everyone, “After Matthias is Barlinda, and then Amilia. That’s about sums it up.” Edward said, finishing the introductions. “Prince Edward, you can come sit by me,” said the girl named Amilia, “There’s enough room.” “Thank you,” he said politely taking me by the hand, and pulled me along to where he was going to sit. “You’re just in time Prince. We were fixing to stat the last hand,” said Minnie taking the deck of cards and shuffling them. She dealt two cards to everyone. “You do know how to play poker, right?” she asked. “Yeah, but I’m not that great,” I told her. Everyone picked up their hand. Maurice was trying to glance at everyone else’s cards. Minnie was putting her cards in her bandana, where only Leena could see them. Jordan had a look of deep disgust on his face. Cliff and Catheen were trying to secretly look at each other’s cards. Lion and Annie kept switching cards, and then switching back. Matthias was dozing off to sleep again, showing everyone his cards. Barlinda had a rather confused look on her face, and Amilia kept glancing at me, then Edward, and then back at her own cards. I looked to my left at Edward. He had a slight smirk on his face. At least someone got a good hand. I looked down at my cards, a two and a five. Damn, what a crappy hand. “Alrighty mate. You’re up Jordan,” Minnie announced after everyone had finished their final arrangements. “Here Cliff, take the blanket for tonight. I fold,” Jordan said throwing his cards down. “Sweet. I score another object. Soon, I’ll be sleeping like a king. Now all I need is a pillow, Catheen,” Cliff hinted. “As soon as this game is over, I’ll be sleeping like a king, Cliff. I’ll have your pillow and your blanket. Your turn Lion and quite swapping cards with Annie. The game has already started. Why don’t you and Annie team up? Make it easier on yourselves,” Catheen said. “I don’t like teaming up with Lion. He cheats,” Annie told Catheen. “Never mind,” Catheen said frustrated with the whole point of the conversation. “Me and Annie fold,” Lion said. “Who said we were working together?” Annie asked. “I already know all your cards, and you were going to fold anyway.” “How do you know? Even if I was going to fold, who gave you the right to say it for me?” “Both of ya’ll shut up!” Catheen said sternly, “Could you please act like eleven and twelve year olds?” “Matthias I guess folds too. Seeing how his cards are being drooled on. So, Barlinda your up,” said Annie giggling at the thought of Matthias falling asleep. “I’m out. I’m going to follow Matthias’s lead, and hit the sacks too,” Barlinda said getting up, and exiting through a door to another part of the building. “How about the girl whoever beats Prince Edward, gets to kiss him, that’ll be my bet for everyone,” Amilia suggested. Her voice was one of those was just gets on your last nerve. Everyone looked at Amilia and Edward. “I know it’s rather bold, and I’m sorry for speaking my thoughts out loud, Your Royal Highness,” Amilia said ashamed for saying it. “Whoa! Wait! Why is it Prince Kaiser? Why not me everyone once in a while?” asked Maurice. “We all know His Royal Highness has never lost a poker game yet. I believe he has beaten you exactly three hundred twenty-six no three hundred twenty-seven times now,” Minnie calculated in her head. “Actually seven times we’ve come to a tie,” Maurice mumbled. “Now that we’ve finished discussing how many times I’ve won and tied with Maurice, I’ll accept the proposition of the kiss,” he quickly glanced down at me. God, his eyes were the best thing God had ever made. In the violet eye, I could see all the sweet, innocence in him, and in his grey eye, I could see all the mischief in him. Just like heaven and hell. Like an angel and a demon at the same time. “’Kay. Your turn Sadie,” said Minnie. “Um…” I was confused on what to do. I was sure I was going to quit this round, but the thought of winning overpowered my past intensions. The thought of another kiss from Edward, and revisiting the paradise I felt earlier today was too tempting. “Don’t fold,” Edward whispered in my ear. His warm, minty breath on my ear made my heart skip a few beats, and made my body almost melt. “I’m good,” I told everyone that was left, “Maurice what are you going to do?” “Hmmm…Prince, did you bring me any cigarettes this time?” Maurice asked Edward. “Sure did,” Edward said taking out a pack of unopened cigarettes, along with a pair of worn shoes, and placing them towards the center of the circle, “I made a bargain with one of the guards. Here Minnie, take the shoes. They’re for Leena. A really old maid just died. I swiped them before another maid could.” “Thanks Your Royal Highness,” said Minnie, taking the shoes, and looking at them like God had just given her a mound of gold. “Well, that’s made up my decision. Minnie flip the top card over,” Maurice said, eyeing the cigarettes. Minnie flipped the top card over, a six of spades. At least is was of the same suit as my cards. “Well that’s the first card. Anyone quitting the race now?” Minnie asked. No one left. We all waited patiently, some more than others, for the next card. It was a three, and it was of the same suit as the six. “We all good?” asked Minnie. No one responded. Once again, we waited for the next card. She flipped it over slowly. Luck was on my side completely. It was a four of spades. I wanted smile so badly, but I didn’t want to give away my position. I looked at everyone’s faces. Some disappointed, some angry. Others had a face of glee. I looked over at Edward. His face was in total shock, and he wasn’t starring at me, but at my cards. He looked back at his cards, and back at mine. Then at the cards Minnie had flipped over, then back at mine again. “Everyone turn your cards over,” Minnie said. “Ha! Yes! I’m going to be sleeping like a king tonight. I get your blanket and your pillow. In your face Cliff!” said Catheen, jumping up and down. She forgot that Kenny was in her lap, sleeping. Kenny woke up, and started crying because she hit her head on the ground. Catheen suddenly stopped, and had her full attention on Kenny. Sweet dreams!” at that Catheen took her leave through a door carrying Kenny and Cliff’s pillow and blanket, along with Jordan’s blanket in her arms. “I guess I better head of to dreamland,” said Cliff, climbing into a bed with a smaller body already in it in a corner of the room. I guess it was one of his little brothers. I looked at both of their hands. Catheen had a pair of jacks, and Cliff had a pair of sevens. “I lost!” Amilia said, and stormed off to a bed that was two bed away from where she was sitting. Her companion was already fast asleep. “Don’t mind her,” Minnie said, “she gets like that over a curtain issue.” “So, Prince Kaiser, why the look of surprise on you face?” but his questioned was answered as soon as he looked down at mine and Edward’s cards. “Holy shit!” Maurice said out loud. His face went from complete shock to a huge smirk. “Well it seems like His Royal Highness finally got his ass whooped, and by a girl,” Minnie stated. I finally glanced over at Edward’s cards. All he had was a pair of aces. I flat out beat him with a flush. “How did this happen?” he asked more to himself, than to the rest of us. “Congrats! I’ve never seen Prince Kaiser face like that in my life!” Maurice congratulated me with a pat on the back. “Today had been a strange day,” said a voice. I guess it came from Leena, since everyone in the room that was awake went totally quite, and was looking at her. “That’s twice today she’s spoken,” Minnie said in a quiet, astonished voice. “Today had been a very strange day, indeed. Your cards, Minnie, have told me everything. You should’ve dropped out on the first round of the last hand. Now, I can see that this country’s future has been lost to the fate of the future King,” that was the last anyone could make out of Leena, for she started talking in a different language, one that I’ve never heard. Minnie started talking back to her in the strange language. Then they both suddenly stopped and looked at me. “The Sisters are back,” said a short, little boy in a high, squeaky voice. The boy vanished out the door in which he came from, sending everyone into a panic. Maurice started saying many swear words at once, while cleaning up the rest of the poker game. Minnie had started talking to her sister in the strange language again, but faster this time. Edward helped me up off my feet. We raced towards the door where we had entered. Around us, everyone else was trying to act like they had been asleep this whole time. Before I went through the door, the last thing I heard was Leena saying, “Kaiser, take the Dément route.” , which made Minnie go hysterical, and she started saying stuff like we’re doomed, and the world is ending, in between fragments of the weird language she was speaking. “What was that about?” I asked Edward when we had gotten outside. We were walking down the dirt path that led to the orphanage. “You mean about Leena speaking, or the Sisters?” he asked. “Both, I guess.” “The Sisters are the people who run the orphanage. I’ve been told their bite is worse than their bark. There’s three head Sisters, Sister Fay, Sister Jane, and Sister Margarita. I’ve met them quite a few times. Let’s just say they’re not exactly friendly. They’re polite to me, though, being who I am. They go out drinking once a month, preferably on a full moon, so they can find their way back with not much difficulty. “They don’t like the fact that I come to the orphanage. They say I give false hope to the kids there. They say I make the kids seem like they have a chance, when they don’t.” “But, do they have a chance?” “Some do. The lucky ones. Take Cliff and Catheen for example. There are nine of them in there. At best three maybe four will have a life outside those walls. Look at their older siblings. The only reason the two older brothers survived is because they joined the army. Their older sisters, one is working as a maid for a Lord, the other one is working for me. Who knows where the last one is.” “I get what you mean,” I was thinking how many of the kids I met today will actually live somewhat of a life, when they get older. We walked in silence for a few minutes. We were taking a different path now. This one was not leading to the old church. The path was much creepier, than the other. It felt like people were watching us, but I couldn’t see them. “Why was everyone shocked when Leena spoke?” I asked him. “Leena…doesn’t speak much. Ever. The last time I remember hearing her speak English was two years ago when Lorcan became an adult. I rather not say what happened at that incident. “So, when she does speak, it’s a big deal, but most of the time you can’t understand her. Well, Minnie does.” “Why?” “Leena sort of has a gift.” “A gift?” “Yeah. She tends to see things that normal people don’t. For example, take tonight. When she said she could see this country’s future in the cards, she wasn’t kidding. Her predictions are almost one hundred percent accurate.” “Like a seer?” “I guess you could say that.” “You still haven’t told me why Leena doesn’t speak much,” I reminded him. “There was incident a few years ago, when Leena and Minnie were still with the gypsies. Leena made a prediction, just like she did tonight. Except, another gypsy heard it, besides Minnie. That gypsy began to fear Leena for it. Then, one night, all the gypsies that were traveling with Leena and Minnie, attacked them. Although Minnie lost her left eye, and Leena had post-trauma shock, they were lucking to escape. Gypsies are people you never want to pick a fight with.” “Minnie and Leena were gypsies?” I asked shocked by that bit of information. “Yep. That was the strange language you head tonight. The language of the gypsies.” So, Leena is still in post-trauma shock, and that’s why she won’t speak?” “Pretty much. Minnie once told me, even as a little kid, she never said much anyway.” We came to a three way intersection. We took the road that said Dément Street. I thought the last road was creepy, but this one took the cake. “Stay close. You meet all kinds of people down this road at this time of night,” Edward told me. I grabbed a hold of his hand. We past shop after shop after shop. At what looked to be a closed down market, there was a man holding a stack of papers, and sitting on a pile of worn shoes. He kept muttering, “No news is good news. No news is good news. No news is good news.” over and over to himself. Further down, on the other side of the street, was a woman pushing an empty baby carriage. Her clothes were in rags, and she had a filthy looking diaper bag with more rags for clothing hanging out of it. She was singing: “Rock-a-bye baby, in the tree tops When the wind blows, the cradle will rock When the bow breaks, the cradle will fall And down will come baby, cradle and all.” We, then, past an all night café, which look more like a bar really. Through the window, I could see an older looking man sitting at a table all by himself. He had a candle lit right next to his drink. He suddenly looked up. I stopped, mesmerized by his eyes. They were the color of jade. I couldn’t move anymore. I was drawn to his eyes, but I didn’t know why. I took a step closer, shortening the distance between me and the glass, shortening the distance between the man and I. “Come on,” Edward said, trying to pull me along gently. I wouldn’t budge. I was too captivated by the man’s eyes. Edward looked to see what I was starring at. Edward then, almost dragged me away from the man’s gaze. From the corner of my eye, I saw the man stand up, and exit the café. He began to follow us. “Edward, he’s following us,” I said panicking. “Don’t look at him,” he told me. “I can’t help it. His eyes are…so…pretty.” Edward suddenly stopped, and spun me around. He forced me to look up into his eyes. God, why was he so gorgeous and perfect? His grey and violet eyes pierced right through me, making me forget all about the jade color eyes. “That man is an assassin. He kills for the fun of it. If given the chance, he will kill you,” Edward said to me sternly, “Come on. Let’s go, quickly.” We started running. I looked behind me. The gap between the man and us had gotten shorter. “Edward!” I said panicking. “Just shut up and run,” he commanded picking up the pace. I tried to keep up with him, but my chest wouldn’t allow it. I stumbled, tripping over I don’t know what. Maybe my own two feet, who knows? My mind could only think about the man that was less than five feet from me. I tried to get up, but I only managed to trip and fall again. “Hello love,” said the man. He had a very strange accent. An accent that made me more drawn to him, “It’s quite rude to stare, my lovely.” An evil smile spread across his face. There was a murderous intent in his eyes. He closed the gap between us, even more. He started to draw out one of his three swords. When he had unsheathed his sword completely, I heard a gun being cocked to my right. I glanced over my right shoulder, all the while, keeping the man in my line of sight. Edward had a gun pointing at the man’s chest. “Lucky girl. Lucky girl. You are very lucky my love,” the man said chuckling, “It’s not everyday a girl gets to have a prince save her. But yet, aren’t princes suppose to be gallant and epicurean? Not licentious or a lecher, right Prince Edward? Surely you’re not the tramp of the town?” The man’s sword was at my throat. “You wouldn’t mind if I took just one girl from you, Prince?” The man was fixing to strike, but Edward was quicker. He shot the man directly in the heart. I saw two bullet wounds, but I only heard one gunshot. So, how could that be? Edward couldn’t be that skilled with a gun. Could he? “I expected nothing less from you, since you are the lea-” the man couldn’t finish the statement before he collapsed on top of me. “Edward, could you help me?” I asked him in an shocked voice. I couldn’t lift the man’s body off me. Edward lifted the body with ease, and helped me back to my feet. “How did-why was-and then-” all my words were getting mixed together from shock. “Shhh,” Edward soothed me, “You’re all covered in blood. Here take this.” He pulled off his shirt, and handed it to me. Oh. My. God! I’ve never seen a sexier chest ever in my life. It was like I was dreaming. I’ve never seen anyone with better abs. Why couldn’t I have great abs like that? I took his shirt half consciously, still starring at him. I didn’t come back to my senses, until I realized he was taking off my shirt. “What’re you doing” I asked pulling down my shirt. “Well, seeing you won’t quit starring at my chest, I thought I’d be helpful, and help you with changing shirts.” “I can do it myself, and why would I change in front of you?” “Doesn’t matter where you change, I’ve already seen all of the top half of you. Someone had to help Dr. Jase undress you. Besides, you’ll probably pop a stitch, if you haven’t already done so.” Great. Two guys have already seen me half naked, and one of them was standing right in front of me, wanting to see more. I tried to take off my shirt, but it hurt too much. I think I did pop a stitch, maybe a few. “Fine, but I’m turning around.” I said, holding my arms up the best I could, without collapsing from too much pain. He lifted up my shirt slowly, snickering the whole time. As soon as my shirt was off, he let out a whistle. “Shut up! It’s only my back by the way.” “Actually, I have a bird’s eye view of everything. Being tall does have its advantages,” he said still snickering. I let out a gasp, and quickly covered my chest. How dare he. “If you do that, I won’t be able to put my shirt on you, unless you want to go up to the castle like that. Doesn’t bother me.” “I’ll do this one myself,” I told him. I quickly put his shirt on which my chest burn. Yep, I had probably popped a few stitches. His shirt was huge. It was about twice as big as me. It went down to my knees. “Now that you all done, we need to get out of here, before one of the people we saw earlier on the streets come, and ask us to have tea with them,” Edward said taking my hand. “Wait one sec.,” I told him. I stood up on my tip toes, so I could reach his neck. “What are you doing?" he asked trying to push me away. “Giving you a kiss. Actually, more like a hickie,” I told him giggling. “What!?!” “Well, I did beat you at poker. According to you, I get to kiss you, but since you saw me half naked twice today, I decided to give you a hickie,” I said still giggling. “You know, that’s a crime in this country.” Edward said still mad about what I had done. “You know, looking at girl half naked is sexual harassment.” “Come on, before one of our friends show up,” he said taking me by the hand. We began walking down the street again. We reached the end of it, which led into a path surrounded by trees that made an archway over it. “Edward?” “Hm?” “How come there were two bullet wounds and only one gunshot when you shot that man?” I asked him. “I guess you can say I’m very skilled with guns.” “But, no matter how skilled you are that is basically impossible to do.” “That’s where you’re wrong. That’s not the first time I’ve killed someone like that,” he responded, avoiding my eye. “What do you mean?” “Let’s just say I’m in the military,” he was still avoiding eye contact with me. “What rank are you?” “That, my dear, is another story for another day,” he said. Right in front of us, stood a huge, black wall. “Um…” I said dumbfounded. “Yes, we’re going to have to climb it,” Edward said before I could even ask my question. “If you lift me up, I could probably jump up to the top,” I told him. “And, you can do that easily?” “Yep. I’m the cheerleading co-captain at school. I’m also the number one flyer, too.” “Cheerleader? Flyer?” he looked extremely clueless. “Never mind. Just lift me up.” He lifted me gracefully, much more gracefully than anyone had ever lifted me before. He lifted me about ten feet in the air. Even with my arms outstretched the best they could; I still couldn’t reach the top. Luckily, I was only a few feet from the top. I jumped, landing a front handspring on the top of the wall. Ouch! That wasn’t smart. I looked down at my chest, and I could see a few drops of blood on Edward’s shirt. “I’m good,” I yelled down to him. “Alright. Watch out.” I moved over a little, making sure he had enough room. I was wondering how exactly he was going to get up here. My question was answered all too quickly, for he took out one of his swords, and stuck it five feet above the ground into the wall. He took a few steps back, then jumped onto his sword, then jumped in the air. At the last minute, he grabbed his sword, and stuck it into the wall again. He was hanging onto the handle of the sword. Edward, then, swung from his sword, and landed on the wall right next to me. Again, at the last minute, he pulled out his sword from the wall. He sheathed it mid-air before landing. “You put me to shame,” I said with an astonished look on my face, “Is there anything you’re not good at?” “Yeah, but I’ll get back to you when I remember it.” “How sharp are those?” I pointed at his swords. “Sharp enough to cut through any bone or steel when needed to.” “When would you need to cut through bone?” “Like I told you, I’m in the military. By the way, we can’t stay here and chat forever.” “Right. How tall is the wall?” I asked him. “Twenty feet.” “And how do we get down?” I looked down. The ground seemed so far away. “Like this,” he jumped down, landing gently on his feet. “Now, jump.” “Now?” I asked him starting to panic. Of course I had jumped from high places before, but I always had at least four people to catch me. “Now!” I jumped, landing gracefully in his arms. I didn’t realize how tired I was, until then. I closed my eyes for just a second. Edward put me on his back, and I rested my head against it. We headed towards the castle. From what I could see, we were in the middle of a huge garden. I could see some of the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. “You should keep quite till we get safely inside the castle,” Edward told me. “Why?” “I don’t want the dogs to hear us.” “Dogs?” “Yeah, the guard dogs. They’re not too friendly with people. Too late.” I could hear dogs barking coming towards us. When they came into view, my eyes about fell out. They were extremely huge. They had to be at least four feet tall from their shoulders down. “These are dogs!?!” I about had a panic attack. As soon as they got close enough to jump on us, they stopped barking, and acted like they wanted to play. Sorry Anna. Sorry Lola. Can’t play today girls,” he said petting both of them on the head. “What are they?” I asked them. “They are Kampfhunds. They’re native here. Bred and born attack dogs. If you think they’re big, wait until you see their husbands. They are at least a foot taller than them. We don’t have to worry about these two, only if their husbands show up, then we have trouble.” The rest of the way back to the castle was quite peaceful. We walked for at least thirty minutes, before we came upon a massive, double-door entrance. I slid off Edward’s back, and waited for him to open the huge door. Once he opened all the complicated locks, he took me by the hand, and led me inside. We walked into a big, candle-lit room. “That’s strange. The lights in the great hall should be off by now,” Edward muttered. “Welcome back Edward. Did you have a fun night?”