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The Scientist


How far will one girl go, to save her prince from his world?

Hope you like it. Please tell me what I should fix or change.

O.k., so I know it had nothing to do with Twilight, Bella, or Edward (Well, I did use his name), but still read it and review. I NEED to know what to fix or change.

5. Sentiments and Innocence

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“Seize them!” the voice commanded that had greeted Edward. I was seized by two guards that were as big as Edward. One grabbed my arms, and pulled them behind my back, making my chest burn even more than if already did. I cried out in pain. Why couldn’t the pain stop for just a little while? “If you dare to hurt her one more time, I will murder you personally,” Edward roared out in rage. The other guard had a sword at my throat, and a gun to my head. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t hesitate to kill me. I turned my head to look at Edward. He had seven guards holding him hostage, opposed to my two. The guard holding the sword to my throat adjusted his sword a little to make me turn to face the owner of the voice that had first spoken. The owner of the voice was only a couple of inches shorter than Edward, but was just as muscular. His looks were also godly gorgeous with brown hair pulled back into a ponytail and grey eyes, but through my eyes, I think Edward looked sexier. “Relieve them of their weapons. Check everywhere,” the guy commanded the guards again. I could hear clank after clank over where Edward standing. I glanced over there, only moving my head slightly. At Edward’s feet was a pile of weapons. I counted two swords, the gun he used earlier tonight, a smaller sword, a knife, another hand gun, and two pocket size knives. The guard that had put a gun to my head and a sword to my throat started searching me, sticking his hands wherever he pleased. “What are you-Don’t touch me there!” I reached down and bit the hand of the guard that was trying to get in my pants. “Ouch! You bitch!” The guard slapped me hard on the face. “Lorcan! Leave her alone! She has nothing to do with it,” Edward yelled at Lorcan. The name Lorcan registered in the back of my mind. He must be Edward’s older brother. That’s why he was so tall, and godly gorgeous. “Very protective, aren’t we?” Lorcan said looking slightly up at Edward. “She’s injured. Her body has already been pushed to its limit today. Please just leave her alone,” Edward pleaded. “Injured? I don’t see any wounds. Unless…” Lorcan walked over to where I was being held captured. I had to look up when he was right in front of me. His cold, grey eyes had a look of eagerness in them. He began unbuttoning Edward’s shirt from my belly button up. Slowly showing the scar and stitches from my surgery a little at a time. “Wait! What are you doing? You don’t need to go that far up.” “Shut up! You will speak when spoken to. Edward may not demand respect, but I’m not Edward, my dear,” he held my chin in his big hand, making me meet his gaze. When he finished unbuttoning my shirt, his eyes locked right onto my chest. “Wow! Those are very nice,” he said. Was every guy in this world a pervert? “Now that you have seen that I’m inured, could you please quit staring at me?” I begged him. “I will stare at you as long as I want, deary,” his eyes finally moving off my chest to my eyes. “Hey Lorcan, I hear your wife coming,” Edward said. Lorcan’s head snapped up quickly. He took a few steps back, and acted like he had been focusing on Edward the whole time. Edward began laughing. “If only your wife knew this side of you,” he said till laughing. Lorcan then punched Edward in the mouth to silence him. There was a crunching noise, but I couldn’t tell if it was Edward’s jaw or Lorcan’s hand. Neither would make a sign of pain. “You call that a punch?” Edward beginning to laugh again, egging Lorcan on. Lorcan grabbed Edward tightly by the throat bringing him down to his eye level. “Look boy, you only have a few more months before you are locked away for good. In a few months, I will personally make sure you don’t see a lick of sun, nor will your damn mouth ever say another fucking word! Got it?” Edward and Lorcan stared at each other for a couple of minutes. They were saying much more in their eyes, than they were out loud. “Send him to dungeon number thirteen. Tell them to do their best. I’ll be down in an hour. “What are you going to do her Lorcan? I swear, If you do anything to her, I’ll beat the living hell out of you!” threatened Edward. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she gets to Dr. Jase safely.” “Before I go, Dere’s, the assassin, body is at the end of Dément Street. If you’re lucky, his body might still be there. Just thought you should know,” Edward said before being hauled off by seven guards to the dungeons. “You two! Go find Dere’s body. I can take care of the girl. She doesn’t seem to be too dangerous. The guards left, leaving Lorcan and I alone. “Now, if you be good and keep quite, I won’t punish Edward too severely,” Lorcan said with a mischievous look on his face. “Why are you punishing Edward? He didn’t do anything.” “He didn’t do anything?” Lorcan actually started laughing during this statement, “You don’t even know the half of it my dear. How should I say this? Edward…is the type of person who thinks no rule or law applies to him. He believes rules are there just for him to break them. “Never once has he done something for the good of this country. Only doing stuff for his own personal gain. Ruining the family’s name, that’s all he’s good for. He carries no honor, no pride, for who he is.” “At least he cares for the third class people, and tries to help them,” I told Lorcan, defending Edward. “Cares for them? You’ve got to be kidding me? Did he say that to you? All he’s doing is using them. The third class people are only good for two things, miners and soldiers.” “Edward wouldn’t do that! He truly cares about them!” “Cut the bullshit. There’s so much that you don’t know. Have you already forgotten that you just got here today? To everyone else, you are nothing but a stranger, a peasant, that’s fallen for my idiotic little brother. Ninety-seven percent of this country’s people will never even say one to me or Edward. Already you’ve spoken a lifetime worth of words,” Lorcan was extremely close to me now. “Have you ever even listened to what Edward wants or thinks? Maybe you-” I was cut off midsentence. Lorcan’s lips were on mine. He opened my mouth, inserting his tongue. His large hands were running down my back. When they reached the small of my back, he pulled me closer to him. How could it be hell, but yet feel so wonderful and ecstatic? When he realized I wasn’t breathing anymore, he pulled his mouth away from mine. “You talk to much, deary,” he whispered in my ear. His voice sounded so dreamlike and sexy. “Th…th…that was my first time…” Lorcan chuckled. “Edward can’t have everything, you know.” Oh. Right. Edward. How was I going to explain this to him? I felt terrible. All my bliss turned to hate. I began hating Lorcan once again. “You just wait till I see Edward again. He’ll definitely-” the pleasure was back, but not as fiery. The kiss was more tender and soft this time. He pulled his lips gently away from mine, and began whispering in my ear. “Like I said, you’ve already spoken a lifetime worth of words,” he said softly, before hitting me in the chest. It wasn’t nearly as hard as the punch to Edward’s mouth, just hard enough to make me pass out form the pain that was already in my chest. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I awoke, once again, with a white-washed, stone wall next to me. It felt as cold as ice, or maybe I was just burning up. I was too tired to keep my eyelids open anymore. I slowly drifted back off to sleep. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was woken up by a voice, no two voices. My eyelids felt too heavy to open them, so I just laid there, listening to the voices’ conversation. “Your hands are icy cold against my stomach, just like your heart,” one voice said. It sounded like a female’s voice. It somehow reminded me of Edward. I guess it was because it sounded like the sweetest music in the world. Like a soft tinkling of a music box melody. “And like always, you’re too cruel,” the other voice said. That sounded like Dr. Jase’s voice. I listened harder to their conversation. “Stop flattering me doctor. You’ll make my hear rate speed up. We wouldn’t want anything to happen, would we?” “You wouldn’t have any side affects. You’re completely healthy, Your Royal Highness.” “I wish it would.” “Tell me Princess, why do you consistently come to me? You have your own doctor where you live.” “You’re the only one I can trust with matters like this. Besides, why would I want someone else touching me?” Dr. Jase chuckled. “Princess, Princess, Princess, I won’t be here forever, you know.” “Of course not. Just for as long as I need you. You won’t tell my mother about this, will you?” “No. You know I can’t disobey an order from you. And, what do I do if the Queen comes and questions me?” “Don’t worry. Leave her to me. I’ve dealt with her for years. Thank you so much Dr. Jase.” “Even in your state, you can still give bone-crushing hugs.” The female voice laughed, “They’re not as bad as Sarane’s. I swear that girl has the strength of two full grown soldiers. Bye.” “Bye, see you next month.” I heard the door close quietly. Who was that? Was someone in the Royal family having an affair with Dr. Jase? I was too tired to think anymore. I fell back asleep in a matter of seconds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Something smelled really wonderful and delicious. My mouth began to water. I wanted whatever it was, and I wanted it now. I sat up, deciding to go get the delicious smelling thing. I nearly passed out from the pain. My head fell back down, landing on the pillow. “Oh good, you’re awake. I was beginning to worry, since the anesthesia should’ve worn off hours ago,” Dr. Jase told me giving me a warm, “I can give you morphine for the pain, if you don’t mind an injection.” “I don’t mind. The chest pain is nothing compared to the hunger pain.” “You must be smelling the food that was brought down here for you. You got lucky. Most of the time patients only eat the servants’ food. Be thankful you have Prince Lorcan looking out for you,” Dr. Jase helped prop me up, so I could eat. He injected the morphine into my vein. “I don’t want it then, if it’s from him. I’d rather eat dirt.” “I take it you didn’t have a pleasurable first meeting with him. You should give him a little more credit. He helped you when you were injured.” “That pervert helped me? Yeah right! It was more like he made the problem worst.” “You need to watch what you say around here. The walls have eyes and ears. You should also be careful about who you say what to. You have no idea if I’m on your side or Lorcan’s. Ignominy is a serious crime, especially if it is someone of Royal blood or power. Always call someone by their proper name and title, and give them the respect they deserve.” “That little lecture of yours was very informative, but I still won’t eat,” I told him stubbornly. “That’s quite alright. I understand. I can either get Lorcan, himself, to come down here and feed you, or you can feed yourself.” “That’s way below the belt,” I glared at him, and then tried to get up to get the food. Dr. Jase pressed me back down onto the bed. “You’re not getting up for a while,” he said bringing me a tray full of food. “Why not?” “You’re on bed rest, until I say so. You caused so much damage to your chest this time, than the original accident. I had to replace over half of your internal stitches, and all of your external ones.” “I didn’t mean to.” “I told you to take it slow and easy, didn’t I? I also should’ve told you to stay away from Prince Edward,” he mumbled the last bit more to himself. My hunger got the better of me; I took a spoonful of mash potatoes. It tasted so good, maybe it was because I was so hungry. If Edward and Lorcan ate this everyday, I would re-injure myself everyday. “There you go. Just think of it as doctor’s order.” I finished eating at a rapid pace. Man, I was starving. Dr. Jase removed the tray from my lap, placing it on the cart it came from. “Has Edward come and seen me yet?” hoping he’d at least seen me once, and would come see me again while I was conscious. “No, I’m afraid not. I haven’t heard any news about him at all.” “Oh,” was all I could manage to say. Edward must still be in the dungeons, having who knows what done to him. “How long have I been in here?” I asked Dr. Jase. That would give me at least how long Edward has been down there. “It’s about seven o’clock right now, so around seventeen hours.” “Seventeen hours!?! I’ve been asleep that long?” “Your body was worn out. Prince Lorcan dropped you off around twelve thirty, and I preformed emergency surgery at one in the morning.” The though of Lorcan touching me, made me shiver. Dr. Jase must have noticed when he said Lorcan’s name. “You should give Prince Lorcan another chance. He’s much more of a gentleman, than Prince Edward. You’ve only seen one side of him. Don’t get me wrong, Prince Edward can be just charming and stunning as his older brother.” Charming and stunning didn’t even begin to describe Edward. I don’t think there is any word or phrase that can describe him. Everything was so…I don’t know, perfect about him. “I guess I could give him one more chance,” I told Dr. Jase, crossing my fingers underneath the sheets. “If you only knew what both of them were really like,” Dr. Jase said while chuckling. Right at that moment, a girl, who looked to be about the same age as me, walked through the hospital’s doors. She was wearing a plain, dark green dress. “Excuse me Dr. Raghnall. Pardon the interruption. I did not know you were currently seeing a patient at the moment,” her voice was a rather quite and shy one. She seemed like the type of girl that was used to being sober, and speaking only when told to. “That’s quite all right. I was only having a mere chat. Please continue.” “Her Majesty, Queen Loreina asks for a word with you.” “Tell Her Majesty, I’ll be there in a few minutes,” Dr. Jase said dismissing the girl. “You are not allowed to get up from this bed. I’ll have one of my nurses be available for when you need some assistants. Try not to do any damage to yourself. You’ll probably fall back to sleep fairly quickly. Your body still needs more rest to recover,” Dr. Jase telling me sternly. “Geez, what does the Queen want with me now? To go as far as sending one of her personal maids. At least she didn’t come down here herself,” he mumbled to himself. With that, Dr. Jase swiftly left the hospital quickly, and I slowly drifted back off to sleep. Dreaming of Edward, of course.