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The Scientist


How far will one girl go, to save her prince from his world?

Hope you like it. Please tell me what I should fix or change.

O.k., so I know it had nothing to do with Twilight, Bella, or Edward (Well, I did use his name), but still read it and review. I NEED to know what to fix or change.

6. Guilty Till Told Innocent

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“Dr. Jase it’s been two days already. There’s nothing to do but stare at white walls and white ceilings. It’s driving me insane!” I complained to Dr. Jase once again. I began to play with the hem of my dress. Lorcan gave it to me. It looked just like a French maid costume. I objected to wearing at first, but my clothes were ruined, and I didn’t have anything else to change into. “It’s been three days, actually. The first day, you were unconscious most of the time,” Dr. Jase was putting away newly acquired medical supplies, “Why are you out of bed, again?” “I had to put up my breakfast dishes. You know I can’t sit still. I’m back to full health. Why can’t you discharge me from the hospital?” “That would mean more paper work. I’m already up to my neck in it.” “I could fill it out myself. Please just give me something to do. I’m bored out of my mind!” “Alright. Here. File these by alphabetical order, date, and then by time.” He passed me two three foot stacks of papers to file. I started on my huge work load. Most of them contained meaningless information, such as having a sore throat or headache. One in particular was about Edward. It dated back seven years ago. “Dr. Jase?” “Yes.” “How much do you know about Edward and his siblings?” “You could probably say their whole life story. I was there when every single one of them were born.” “Wait, when they were born? Then you must be…” “Yep. I’m thirty-nine to be exact. Forty soon.” “I thought you were in your early twenties! You look so young!” “Looks can be deceiving, my dear,” Dr. Jase flashed me a gorgeous smile, “Any more questions?” “Can I leave?” “Nice try, but no.” “Pleeeaaase!” “If I let you leave, I’ll loose my secretary. What’s your offer of exchange?” “How about I file one stack of papers. That’ll save you at least tow to three hours of filing to do.” “Hmmm…I guess that will fair enough. But, if you wind up in the hospital before your stitches are ready to come out, you’ll be filing the other stack.” “Fine,” I was definitely not going to end up in this boring pace again. Two and half hours later, I only had three papers left. The very last one caught my interest. It was the papers discharging me from the hospital. “Thanks Dr. Jase,” I jumped up and gave him a hug, then started towards the door. “You’re welcome kid. Remember take it slow, and try to stay away form Prince Edward as much as possible, please.” “I’ll try my best,” I said crossing my fingers behind my back. I slipped out of the hospital door, and into the hallway. The last thing I heard from Dr. Jase was, “Finally, I can get a good nights rest.” I went the opposite way down the hallway this time. The painting of doctors seemed to go on forever. I took a right going into another hallway, then took a left into a small room with a staircase winding upward. I began climbing the stairs. At the top of the stairway was a room filled with what looked like servants. Most of them were either wearing a navy blue dress that was short sleeved that went down to the floor; or a navy blue, butler-type suit. Every now and then, I would see someone wearing a different style and color of clothing. I saw one girl dressed in the exact same, lewd dress as me. She spotted me, and started walking towards me. She was a rather pretty girl, with brown wavy hair and tanned skin. She had an authentic look about her. “Hi, you must be the new girl everyone’s been talking about. I’m Celiena,” the girl introduced herself. “Hi…I’m Sadie.” “Sadie, eh?” she paused for a moment, examining me, “hair awful, too pale, too much cleavage showing, and skirt much too short. I can’t see why Prince would like you at all. There’s nothing special about you.” Great another Ashly in this world. Just when I thought I got rid of one, another one shows up. Great, I’m sure we are going to be best friends. “I’m sorry about how I look. I haven’t been able to fix my hair lately. I know my dress is a little too small, but this is what Lorcan gave me,” I defended myself. Celiena’s response was a slap on the face. “Ow! What was that for?” “Don’t you ever disrespect my master’s name again!” Now I get what Dr. Jase meant about watching what I say. “Come on. Prince is waiting for us,” Celiena grabbed my wrists , dragging out one of the many doors in the room. We walked down a short hallway for a few seconds, then went through another door into a gigantic room. I’ve been here before, a few days ago. It made me remember the hatred between Lorcan and Edward. That was one memory that was not pleasurable to remember. This time, it wasn’t empty. Maids and butlers were scurrying everywhere around me in navy blue clothing. Bowing or curtsying every time they past the center of the room. I looked and studied at what they were bowing to. In the midst of everyone running around sat two people, who were seated at the end of the large room. Both had crowns made of gold and sapphires and diamonds. One, the female’s, looked much heavier and more elegant than the males. I had forgotten Celiena was still holding my wrist. She was curtsying next to me. She glanced up, and realized I hadn’t curtsied. Celiena, then, yanked me down, almost making me fall flat on my face, but I caught myself just in time. Oh no! I was not going to take another visit to Dr. Jase! I quickly straitened back up. This action had not gone unnoticed by the female, the Queen, I suppose. She looked at me questionably, with her grey eyes. They were just like Edward’s left, but not as cold and distant and mischievous as his. The Queen turned back to the people she was previously holding a conversation with, and began ignoring us again. “How rude and disrespectful! Thank God the King didn’t see us. I just can’t see it. I just can’t see why Prince likes you anyway. I’m so much better than you,” Celiena muttered under her breath, just barely loud enough for only me to hear. As we were leaving the room, a boy who looked to be about year younger than me, rushed passed Celiena and I toward the King and Queen. “Your Majesties, Her Royal Highness, Princess Damita is once again nowhere to be found,” the boy said, not even waiting to be close enough for a non-yelling distance. Everyone in the room grew silent. They looked from the boy to the Kind and Queen. The boy was as white as a ghost. Everyone seemed to know what was coming next. The King’s gaze was locked on the boy. His look reminded me of Lorcan’s when he was mad at Edward. Like father, like son. “Do you mean to tell me, that those maids can’t even keep track of a seven year old?” The room was deadly quite. The boy looked like he was facing his death right now. “Y…y…ye…yes Your Majesty.” The boy looked like he was going to pass out any second. “Tell the maids they have exactly one hour to find her, before they have to confront me.” “Y…y…yes Your Majesty,” the boy turned to leave, still looking like he had seen a ghost. “Wait young man,” the Queen commanded the boy. Her voice was kind and full of understanding, “I’m sure the King and you would like to hear my proposition!” “A proposition? Do you not agree with me?” the Kinds said slightly taken aback. “Did I say that?” she asked rhetorically. When no one answered, she continued on, “I believe we have had this same situation before, haven’t we?” Once again, no body bother to answered. “I have come to the conclusion, that it is not our servants fault for out child’s action. Instead, it’s someone who has a much greater influence on her. Do you agree?” This time her question was directed towards the King. “Of course I agree,” the King said calmly, “And if that someone of much greater influence is an older sibling, than that would explain everything,” the King was getting angry again. “That damn Edward!” he hissed, “No matter what I do, I can’t break him of his bad “habit”. I see now, the façade has gone on too long, for its now effecting your generations. “Boy!” he alerted his attention back the boy who looked to have moved a few inches closer to an exit, “Alert Prince Lorcan of this matter.” The boy’s face looked even more horror stricken. I guess delivering bad news to Lorcan isn’t a pretty scene. He left the room swiftly. All eyes went back on the King and Queen. The Queen looked around the room, and not seeing any action, she quickly said, “Why are we just standing here, when there is work to be done, and orders to follow?” Like someone had shocked them all with electricity, everyone in the room went back to what they were doing before the interruption. Celiena pulled me to the edge of the room as fast as she could. Saying something among the lines of: “Let’s go, before you do something to get Prince into trouble.” We climbed one of two grand stair cases in the room. This led us to a whole new section of the castle. We went down many twisting hallways, and up another flight of stairs. “You don’t have to hold onto me. I won’t run off,” I told Celiena. “You better nor, or Prince will get really mad at me,” she mumbled to herself. “Celiena! My Lady is in a panic, and our assistants is requested,” a girl said really fast. She was dressed just like Celiena and I, but surprisingly, her dress, like Celiena’s, wasn’t as tight as mine. Maybe I could talk her into trading with me. “What do I do about her?” Celiena asked with a bothersome voice about having to keep watch over me. “Leave her. We must hurry,” the girl grabbed Celiena’s hand, and they both ran down the hallway. I waited for a couple of minutes, like I was told. For the first time, since I got to this world I felt unwanted and out of place. I crouched down on the ground in the middle of the hallway. I sat in a tuck position, holding my knees to my chest. I wish Edward was right next to me, but I didn’t know where Edward was in this big, gigantic place. I could hear someone coming, but I didn’t bother to look. The footsteps stooped right before they reached me. Whoever it was, didn’t take the time to speak to me, but instead place something to my left. It must have been made of medal, by the sound if made. The mysterious person left, skipping back from which they came from, leaving me all alone once again. I reached out to pick up whatever had been set next to me. It was a diamond necklace with sapphires embedded in it. It looked almost to delegate to touch. In the middle of the necklace was what looked to be family crest. “What are you doing with that?” I looked behind me. There stood Lorcan. I guess I was so caught up at studying the diamond necklace, that I didn’t hear him coming. “I…I…I found it. Right here. Right next to me,” I stood up, only coming half way up his chest. “You found it” I don’t think he believed me. “Well, I was sitting on the ground, and someone, I don’t know who, just place it on the floor, then walked off,” I explained. “That’s highly likeable. You know my wife has been looking everywhere for this. And, it just so happens to turn up right here, in your possession.” “Ye…yes. It’s the truth.” “Do you have any proof? Any witnesses?” “No, but-” “This is considered a crime, when you steal from someone, especially if they’re Royal. For every crime, there is a punishment,” he said with a sly grin on his face. Lorcan had backed me up against one of the side walls. He grabbed both of my wrists in one hand, and pinned them above my head. He held onto the hand that held the necklace tight, making me drop it. He caught it with one finger. “You have the necklace, now let go of me!” “You haven’t received your punishment yet,” he said suggestively. Lorcan brought his head down to mine, kissing me tenderly on the lips. No! Not this again. I began to squirm. “Now, now. Your punishment isn’t over,” he said chuckling, “That was just to remind you I’m not Edward. You don’t tell me what to do. Be a good girl, and complete your punishment willingly.” He leaned in again, this time kissing me more forcefully. His tongue traced my lips, then he opened my mouth and inserted his tongue. I tried to stop him, but he was too strong, and my body wouldn’t respond to anything I told it to do. I wanted to kick and scream, but I couldn’t. My body wanted to stay in this paradise, and never come back to reality. His hand reached up my short skirt, pushing the rest of the dress upward to about mid-chest. His hand climbed up my stomach, and reached under my blood stained bra. It finally found what it was looking for, my breast. His hand began to fondle and play with my left boob. “Mmm!” I wanted to say stop, but that was the only sound I could get out. Lorcan finally pulled back, leaving his taste in my mouth. “That’s…not…your…territory. Get…your hand…off!” I told him panting. “Not my territory? All of you is mine,” he said with a smirk on his face. He bent down even lower, and licked my other boob, since he was still caressing with my left. “Ah!..” Why did I just do that now? He brought his head back up to my height. “Sounds like your enjoying it,” he whispered seductively in my ear. His hand left my boob, and crept down my stomach, towards my lower abdomen. “No…” it came out unconvincingly, and sounded like I wanted him to keep going. Lorcan traced the ling of my underwear. I began to squirm, harder this time. “Stop it…no!” I tried to kick him, but it didn’t work. He blocked it. My dress fell, and covered his large hand. He pulled his hand out from underneath my dress, and didn’t go any farther. Thank God. “I told you to except your punishment willing, but instead, you resented. You’ll soon find out what happens when people don’t do what I tell them to.” Lorcan unpinned me from the wall, keeping my wrist still bound together in one hand. He pulled me closer to him, making my body curve to fit his. His free hand once again went under my dress. It trailed up my back, and stopped at my bra. His fingers lingered there for a moment, before they unhooked my bra. “What are you doing?” “Tell me how you get the straps off,” he muttered in my ear. I didn’t say anything. “Tell me, or I’ll send Edward back the dungeons. This time, making you see how cruel I can be,” he muttered in my ear again. “Edward’s out of the dungeons?” “Yeah,” he whispered softly in my ear, “If you’re a good girl for me, I might tell you where his is. So, tell me how to get the straps off.” “Unhook them, in the back,” I told him weakly. The thought of seeing Edward again made enduring this torture much easier. “Very good.” He unhooked both straps. He brought his hand to the front of my chest, and caught my bra. “Now for your reward. Edward is in his room. Bound there by my father’s orders.” Lorcan let me go, leaving me feeling expose. “I like how that dress looks on you. Especially with no bra on. Your boobs look so much bigger,” he said while his eyes examining me everywhere. “It’s…it’s too short.” I blushed at that comment. Why was I blushing? “Exactly why I like it. It shows off your figure real nicely.” I crossed my arms over my chest, hiding some of my boobs from him. “I would love to stay here with you, but I have to return this to my wife,” he said holding up the necklace. Lorcan began to walk down the hallway, the same direction the two girls went. “Wait where’s Edward’s room?” “Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies.” “Well, can I have my bra back?” “No, I think I’ll keep it. By the way, I knew you were innocent all along. I know exactly who took the necklace this whole time.” My mouth fell open. I let it stay open as I watch him go down the hallway, necklace on one finger, my bra on another.