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first impressions

Oneshot Cullen Challenge Alice writes about how she feels about Edward and Bella's first visit. Honorable Mention

:) Oneshot Cullen Challenge. Edit: :O honorable mention? awesome.

1. meeting bella.

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Dear Diary,

I'm sorry that I haven't written in a long time, but it's been really interesting (and hectic!) the past few days. Edward brought a girl home today! I never thought that I'd be writing those 6 words! Ever! She's a human! Her name is Bella Swan, daughter of Charlie Swan (the police chief!) and I've heard a bunch about her, like about how she's the "New Girl", and Mike Newton has a crush on her. I've also heard that she's a complete klutz. She was friends with that Jessica girl, wasn't she?

I'm pretty sure she was, because the first day that we saw her, she was standing next to Jessica in the cafeteria line.

When we met her, she seemed kinda anxious throughout the whole encounter. I wouldn't know for sure, since I'm not Jasper or anything, but I could tell by her expressions. She didn't really seem to be afraid of what we are though...she was a very nice girl, and I hope that we can become friends! I've never seen Edward have this much interest in a human, nonetheless a female human. But something was different about him today. He seemed to be...more...relaxed (maybe?) with her around. I really hope that they get together.

It's really strange that Bella doesn't fear us! She either doesn't know yet (though I'm sure that Edward would've given her some kind of warning or caution before inviting her into a house full of vampires!) or she is a strange girl who doesn't care about her safety. It's most likely the latter, but I'm having a hard time believing that she doesn't seem uncomfortable, other than the fact that she has to meet new people. Maybe she takes comfort in the fact that we are vegetarian vampires.

He doesn't go around randomly bringing home girls, so I'm pretty sure that we can all tell that he's serious about her.I'm really glad that he's finally meeting a girl, after all of these centuries alone. (Literally). Haha. Yes, I'm laughing to my diary...it's not like anybody can really hear...except Edward.

The day that Edward seemed to pick up an interest in Bella, I automatically knew that she was special. I didn't know that it was possible that anybody could be immune to Edward's mind-reading powers! She's so lucky!

We're definitely going to have to show her how we play baseball! The Cullen way. I wonder when it'll rain.

I had a vision that I haven't really told anybody about, but I'm pretty sure that Edward knows by now. I decided not to tell anybody because it wasn't that important, anyways. I'm pretty sure it was with Bella, and I could sense that she was distressed for some reason. She was sighing and complaining excessively, and I was there, too, and I was happier than usual. That means I was spending money or driving a new car (I have my eye on a new yellow Porsche!).

For some reason, I heard the sound of a cash register somewhere in the background.