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Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com! Violet just figures out that she has a "gift" that most vampires would love to get their hands on. She is determined to shake the vampires off her tail. So she runs away and leaves her younger sister at the orphanage so she won't endanger her life too. But what happens when her path crosses with a boy named Jacob Black?


3. Chapter 3: Flash back

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The memory that started all of this came flooding back to me, it was about one month ago today.

I was at my bus stop; I only had one more week of school left. I sat alone on the ground humming my favorite Regina Specter song. There was about five girls and guys that went to my bus stop, but I didn’t really talk to them.

A boy I had never seen before, he looked like he was in my grade, approached me. He stood several feet away from me his hair was in his eyes and he had the most snowy white skin I had ever seen. He made a motion to fallow him. Even with his hair in his eyes I could tell that he was stunning.

I got up immediately and started to approach him, I heard the girls giggle behind me as they noticed the gorgeous boy.

He led me to one of the back alleys of my neighborhood. There was a little light bulb that went off in my head I could feel danger coming near.

Before I could react to my little light bulb, he pushed me roughly against the wall, and then leaned in almost as if he were going to kiss my neck. I was so stunned I didn't know what to do.

I felt his ice cold lips on my neck, I shiver rippled through me. Then there was a sharp pain where his lips were. Realization hit me, he was drinking my blood. I tried to resist but he had an iron grip. Then what felt like fire, pooled into my blood stream.

A piercing scream filled the alley; I realized that it was my own scream. He lifted his head, he had scorching red eyes, and he covered my mouth with to much force.

My head banged into the wall with a crack, I felt blood ooze off of my head. He had the most ravines look in his eyes.

The throbbing pain in my head was nothing compared to the fire burning in my veins. The fire was spreading through my body but as it did so the pain began to dim until there was no more fire.

The boy was still drinking from my blood, but stopped cold. He spit out the remaining blood in his mouth as if in distaste. His cheeks seemed to get a little color in them, his eyes locked with mine he seemed as confused as I was.

I gasped, I realized that his eyes were no longer the shocking red color any more, his eyes were green!

He let go of me then backed away, his confused expression turned to one that looked like he just figures something out. Then he opened his mouth to speak.

“Ah, I guess you are the descendent of Elizabeth Sparks.”

How did he know my mom’s name?

“Violet?! We heard some one scream!” I heard worry in one of the girls at my bus stop’s voice, she sounded like she was just around the corner.

Violet Sparks?” I heard him murmur to himself, barely audible.

He gave me an accomplished smile, I noticed that the red was creeping back into his eyes, and then he was gone with blinding speed.