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Blood and Cold

The past haunts you and it's so hard to escape. Entry to the Oneshot Cullen Challenge. Rosalie's POV.


1. Chapter 1

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A small dimpled baby, all smiles and play. He could barely sit up strait and clung to me for balance constantly. His mother picked him up, cradling him to her chest, cooing to him only like a mother could. He clapped and his curly hair bobbed as he wobbled his head in glee.

Then it was dark; the streetlamps already lit. I stumbled down the street, the poor and lonely sheltered in the alley ways I passed by. Drunks came into view with my fiancée in tow.

Here’s my Rose.

Because I didn’t know any better.

Show him what you look like Rose.

I’ll never be able to show myself again.

I’d have to learn some patience first.

You’ll never have the time.

Light snowflakes. Blood. Cold.

“Rose! Rose!”

The scene disintegrated before me with the last touch of cold, hard hands. I opened my eyes to my room, the light shining too brightly for what I just remembered. Everything seemed light compared to the dark, April streets of my past.

I was curled in a ball, my golden hair creating a wall around my face. I hurt as if I could still fell the bruises and broken bones. I squeezed my eyes shut, nothing but memories hurting me. Because no human hand or weapon could hurt the indestructible.

“Rose…” When I finally opened my eyes I saw Emmet at the door, a small frown marring his face. He knew what it meant when I was like that, in the fetal position, no trace of kindness, compassion or anything but regret on my face. He took a stride in, but I but I turned away when Royce’s putrid, red face popping into my mind once again.

But Emmet sat down anyway and wrapped his arm around me. His touch automatically relaxed me, but the thoughts never left my head.

Those men got a taste of my revenge, but it was tainted. Because they could go to the place I never could. Even if their final moments were in fear, they at least were able to die without eternal pain.

“You shouldn’t be thinking of those things,” Emmet murmured into my hair. I didn’t answer, but nodded my head in agreement. What was done was none. I was a vampire and would always be. It was time to accept what was real and what wasn’t. But I
couldn’t. I didn’t think I ever could. I would always partly live in what could have been.

“I’m thirsty,” I announced, tired of my pondering, and wiggled my way out of Emmet’s arms. The burning in the back of my throat drove me to the front door while Emmet tagged beside me. But he stopped me with his muscular arm before I made it outside.

He smiled apologetically before taking a large breath. “I wanted to tell you something. Alice had a vision; Edward is bringing Bella over today,” he explained. I could feel my face turn rigid and the anger explode in me. Emmet took a step back and put his hands up in defense. “Okay, we don’t have to be there,” he muttered. He glanced at me with the corner of his eyes before sliding out the door. I let out a ragged breath and followed him with my shoulders sagging.

I couldn’t face Bella at that moment. Especially not after my trip down memory lane. She had everything I wanted. Everything I craved. And she was going to throw it all away like it was trash just so she could risk being around vicious vampires. No…I couldn’t be there. I had enough basking in painful memories for the day.

Anyway, Edward would have plenty of support. And no one would want grumpy, shallow Rosalie there in the first place. I swallowed the urge to scream before running off into the forest.

I dodged trees and low branches. Hopped over logs. Felt the wind blow my hair back behind it like a wedding veil. I closed my eyes and relied on instincts alone. The pounding of my feet that barely touched the ground was my only contact with the real world as I drifted away from everything I wanted to leave behind. I was free of thought and didn’t even hear Emmet running beside me.

* * *

The blood wasn’t sweet that day. As my teeth sunk into the deer and the blood spilled around me, I hated myself all the more. I was a monster; a filthy and blood covered monster that starred in children’s nightmares. Little Rosalie that wanted to live in a neat house with many children would have neither.

I looked up at Emmet and saw him smiling down at me. I couldn’t smile back.

“You’re beautiful,” he muttered. I looked away, trying not to remember. I tried not to think of what I would trade my beauty for. “You know that I will love you forever, right?” he asked, taking my hands in his and pulling me up. He hugged me to him and I embraced him back with all my strength, even if it all the strength I could muster up was only about half of his.

“Forever is a very long time,” I muttered.

“And I would gladly love you for all of it.”

I smiled and wished that tears would leak from my eyes or that I could show my gratitude in some way.

He kept one of his hands wrapped around mine as we made our way back to the house. As I saw the white mansion loom closer, the dread started to well in me. What if I had to socialize with her-the human that would eagerly throw herself into our world? I gripped Emmet’s hand even tighter and he tightened his hold on mine, too. I had to force my steps as I walked up the porch stairs.

Alice came bounding up to us all too soon, a large smile plastered on her face. I could immediately tell it would mean bad news for me.

She hopped in front of us, looking all too eager. “Baseball today?” she wondered. “There’s going to be a storm.”

I instantly opened my mouth to decline, but then I saw the excitement on Emmet’s face. I hesitated for a moment, then sighed in resignation. Alice squealed before running towards what I imagined was Edward’s room.

I groaned, leaning into Emmet. He patted my head before kissing my cheek.

“It will be fine,” he assured me. “Just try to have a good time.” I narrowed my eyes but nodded my head. I owed Emmet that much, at least.

* * *

When we left for the game, I could only think of how lucky Bella was: she able to go home to say goodbye to her father when I never had that chance-even though we both had two completely different situations. Bella was only going to be gone for a few hours, not forever. She had everything I wanted and she was risking her life by being around us. She was stupid. Unthankful. Intolerable. I hated her.

I was surprised at how forceful the emotion was. But, it was true. I hated her. She made everything more complicated. What if Edward killed her? Then we would have to go into hiding. Why did we always have to hide?

Why did we always have to pretend to be something we weren’t? Just like my human self, I had to put on an act.

I was so tired of acting…