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A Picture of Perfection

Bella is seeing Edward playing her lullaby in her mind's eye after he leaves and attemps to capture it in paint.


1. Chapter 1

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A Picture of Perfection

His dark silhouette was hazy

In the dim light of the stage.

On the piano, she had left a daisy.

His fingers flitted across

The ivory and the onyx –

She tried to follow, but at a loss.

He flicked his long fringe, it swayed,

Framing his face, an exquisite sadness

In its every edge and line that stayed

Till the end of the piece, every ounce

As melancholy as Chopin’s Nocturne; its

Languid melody put her in a trance.

As she painted him she longed to be

In this picture of perfection.

She belonged by his side, the daisy

In her yellow hair, her finger

Would brush his; the warmth would linger.

But she knew that place had been taken.

She filled the patch of blank canvas

Beside him with rich colours,

Masking her gloom that seeped from the brush

Into this picture of perfection,

Framed in the forgotten galleries

Of time and distant memories.