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His Love

ONESHOT CULLEN CHALLENGE How did Esme feel when her future daughter-in-law was introduced to her? How did she feel about what the others said? And what conversations were going on when they left Bella and Edward to play the piano? So many questions. And they're all answered here.

I worked really hard on writing this story for the challenge, so please be nice people!

1. Chapter 1

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There is tension in the house, and everyone can feel it. Edward is bringing a girl, a human girl, to our house. For me, I think this is exactly what he needs-love. He definately loves her. I hardly see him anymore because he is almost always with her. I am only slightly worried for him; I trust he will not hurt her. I guess I am proud of him, in a way, for finding someone. I don't know who she is, but I love her already.

He's already spoken to Alice and Jasper about her. That if they can't take it...to leave. I personally don't think it will be a problem. He just wants them to know it's okay.

I'm a bit worried about what this will do to Rosalie, because of her past. Emmett and I are the only ones she confides in about her desires, and her dreams. She hasn't taken kindly to Edward and the girl latel, but I have faith she'll come around. She and Emmett aren't coming anyway.

I heard voices outside the door. They're here. Carlisle stood next to me, one hand placed lightly on my shoulder. I give him a smile, then smile bigger as they come through the door. Be careful, I warned myself, You don't want to scare her.

My insides squirm when I realize they are holding hands. I take Bella Swan in; her beauty, her paleness, her scared expression. I kept a guarded face as Edward said, "Carlisle, Esme. This is Bella." She looked at us timidly, waiting for us. Carlisle made the first move forward. He raised his hand cautiously and Bella took it. I smiled slightly as she greeted him as 'Doctor Cullen.' What a polite girl.

I then stepped forward slowly. She did not look afraid anymore. I shook her hand gently. It was very strange to touch something so warm. "It's very nice to know you," I said warmly, truthfully. Immediately, I thought of Bella as my daughter. Edward wouldn't like it if she became.....part of the family, but I loved this girl. And if he truly did, she'll become one of us. And I'm not betting against Alice.

"Thank you. I'm glad to meet you too," she said, her voice confident and sincere. She looked happy, and almost in awe at us-at out lives. She was such a good soul.

"Where are Alice and Jasper?" Edward asked, no strain or irritation in his voice. I knew how hard this must be for him. He knew it was dangerous, her being here. I beamed as I watched his arm move around her waist.

No one answered, as Alice called, "Hey Edward," sprinted down the stairs, kissed Bella on her cheek. I gave her a look. I was feeling more than cautious now. Anxiously I turned to dear Bella, seeing how she took this. She looked startled, but almost pleasently so. Like she was almost surprised we acccepted her. Edward stiffened, and I gave him a reassuring smile.

"You do smell nice," Alice commented. I groaned inwardly at her openness. The blood rushed to Bella's cheeks.

An awkward silence passed, and then ease and clam spread through the room. I didn't have to turm around to know it was Jasper. One eyebrow rose on Edward's face. Jasper kept his distance, politely saying, "Hello Bella."

"Hello Jasper," Bella said, giving him a small smile. "It's nice to meet you all-you have a beautiful home," she said sincerely and politely.

"Thank you. We're so glad you came," I said, beaming. She was so brave. I don't think a human had ever come to our house. I was so proud of her-and Edward-for coming here and just being with us.

I noticed her gazing at the piano behind me. "Do you play?" I asked. It didn't matter to me, but maybe it would encourage Edward to play. The new song he wrote is beautiful.

"Not at all," she said, smiling. "Is it yours?"

"No." I laughed. " Edward didn't tell you he was musical?"

"No. I shoud have known," she said accusingly, narrowing her eyes at a suddenlt innocent Edward. I raised my eyebrows. "Edward can do everything, right?" She explained. Jasper chuckled. Edward.., I thought, giving him a reproving look.

"I hope you haven't been showing off-it's rude," I scolded. The last thing I wanted was for Bella to feel insignificant.

"Just a bit." He laughed. I softened my expression a little, giving him my most loving and maternal look.

"He's being too modest, actually," Bella said, a little defensively.

"Well, play for her," I said. I hadn't heard him play in a few days.

"You just said showing off was rude," he protested.

"There are exceptions to every rule," I countered.

"I'd like to hear you play," Bella piped up, a funny smile on her face.

"It's settled then." I pushed him toward the piano, Edward dragging Bella behind him. He gave Bella a long, tired look, and began to play. It was my favorite. I sighed as the familiar music washed over me. I chuckled as Bella's mouth dropped open in astonishment.

"Do you like it?" He asked her, winking.

"You wrote this?" She gasped.

I glanced at Carlisle, motioning that we should leave the room. Alice and Jasper followed them into the next room.

"Yes!" Alice exclaimed as we walked in. "She loves him! She loves him! And he loves her!" She sang.

"Yes," I agreed," And we're letting you off the hook for that briliiant little comment you made back there." She grinned, unabashed.

"How do feel about Bella, Jasper?" Carlisle asked him.

"I like her. I wish Edward hadn't told me to back off; she's not sure if I approve. She's really not that scared of us at all," he responded.

"She's very polite," I added, " I wonder what she thinks of Rosalie and Emmet."

"She's probably just worried they don't like her. I think she likes them fine," Alice said.

"Should she be worried about the visitors?" Carlisle asked. Ah, yes. The visitors. I was worried about them too. I'm not sure other vampires would take kindly to a human hanging around with us.

"No. But guess what? There's gonna be a big storm tonight! I'm thinking it's game time! Yeah!" Alice said cheerfully, giving Jasper a playful nudge. I gave a half-hearted smile. The games had a lot of fighting, which I hated.

"Cool. But will Bella come? Cause we really need Edward to play," Jasper said.

"Yes," Alice said, "And she's going to love it! Let's go ask them now!"

"No, don't disturb them!" I said, stopping Alice from moving toward the door. The music was gone and they weren't in that room anymore. Edward was probably giving her a tour of the house.

"Fine. They get forty-five minutes. Come on Jazz, let's find Rose and Emmett. I have a pretty good idea where they are," Alice said, leading Jasper out of the room.

"Well, that went well," Carlisle said, pulling me into a hug.

"Yes. I'm so happy I could cry. I love seeing Edward like this. It's like he found the missing piece," I agreed.

"He has. Yesterday he was telling me he was going to take her to some meadow. And what he was planning to do. They're very serious about eachother. I'm proud of this-this strength he has around her. I don't even think I could imagine what he's going through-the smell," Carlisle said, thinking hard.

Whatever way Edward's newfound love turned out, it would certainly change him forever. I didn't know what lie ahead, but I knew without a doubt that their love would last forever, no matter what obstacles or challenges it faced.