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Visions of Betrayal

My entry for the Cullen oneshot challenge. When Alice chooses to ignore her visions, you know something's up. She knows Bella is coming over to meet the family. She knows Edward will be on gaurd... But she can't help the visions that betray Jasper... Even the best vampires fall off the wagon once in a while... Is Jasper any different?


1. Chapter 1

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Visions of Betrayal

There are two figures standing alone. At first they are hazy, but as the seconds tick by, the images become more pronounced. The years spent on stamina have been able to keep the visions lasting long enough, but not quite able to focus them fast enough.

Suddenly, the image snaps and you can see every color, every texture, every emotion on the couple’s faces. You see your brother and his friend... the one he’s interested in. Every detail is pronounced as you watch the seen unfold for the fifth time.

Edward holds her hand reassuringly, whispering to her comforts. The girl, Bella, seems to be nervous as she smothers out the creases in her blouse, a royal blue color to match Edward’s preference on her. But that is old news... this, this is happening now. Bella will definitely come, you can see that now as some strong emotion flashes in her eyes as she looks at Edward. He smiles back, though the tension, you can well define, is brewing just under the surface. You smile at the thought: Bella in a house full of vampires. And that’s when it hits you... Jasper. Thoughts, images, flashes ricochet
off the boundary of your mind, all of them concerning what might happen.

In this momentary pause, you loose the vision slightly, but regain it after concentrating hard. You see Edward, the gentleman that he is, open the door to our house. Bella sucks in a breath and steps inside. The atmosphere, you notice, seems to have a slight charge as everyone takes in Bella and vice versa. Everyone is watching, waiting. Out of the corner of your vision, you barley see Emmett and Rose. They are quarreling viciously, but that’s not where your attention needs to be.

In a brief second, maybe less, Jasper introduces himself to Bella. She smiles hesitantly as you hold your breath. You know it will happen, even though you have tried, and failed, to make yourself believe in other wise.

A growl erupts out of Jasper as he takes her small frame and crushes his lips to her neck. Edward slams into him, snarlingand pushing him off.And though you want to look away... you cannot. The images flash before your eyes. They are unimaginably grotesque. And in that one moment, before the vision starts to fade and slip, you bare witness to the final act... the one you have missed in previous visions.

You see Jasper tear Edward apart. You see him kill Bella.

I broke away, crying softly. I had tried, ever since I saw Edward introducing Bella to the family, to see any other way, any other possibility that Jasper would not have cause for his actions. There was just no other way, and I knew it was my fault, mainly.

Edward and Bella would be arriving shortly and Jasper had nowhere to go. I could of warned him beforehand to leave, but I didn’t. I couldn’t. I... I wouldn’t. He had been coming along so well and he really had been putting in all the effort... It just didn’t seem right. But of course it was idiotic to assume that everything would of gone smoothly, even with Jazz and his emotion controlling.

But that’s beside the point. Point was, that Jasper would loose control and kill my brother and his mate. He would drain Bella dry. And I would watch, horrified.

"Alice." The call was more soothing than anything.

Jasper had found me, all shriveled and tiny. He knew what I was feeling, as did I. And of course, that meant he knew what my vision was about. He knew. Period.

He took my petite hand in his broad one and clutched it close. He bent down and looked me in the eye.

Jasper did not stutter once as he said, "I will not loose control."

I opened my mouth to protest, but he quieted me.

"I can withstand her sent; I’ve been familiarized with it, courtesy of Edward, of course. I’ve just hunted and I don’t need to breathe to live. I can manage, Alice. My mind is set. I am determined."

Curiosity must of taken over my features as I saw the truth of his words in his eyes. Maybe... well, just maybe...

A car pulled into the drive way. I heard the unmistakable roar of Bella’s ancient engine, as told by Edward. They had arrived.

Jasper helped me up, which turned out to be one graceful movement. I leaned into him, staring into his bright golden eyes. They were calm and collected. Jasper knew what to do, I had to give him that.

Edward and Bella stood outside for a few minutes, preparing. Big surprise there. The front door creaked open and I heard Bella step inside the house, her sent immediately washing through me. Interesting... She smelled... absolutely mouth-watering, not that I would admit to that, anyway.

Jazz placed his hand on the small of my back and together, we headed to the top of the grand staircase.

As I looked down below, I saw Esme and Carlisle greeting Bella. Edward, protective as ever, stood right behind her, looking very ridged.

"It’s nice to see you again, Dr. Cullen." Ah, she was very courteous.

"Please, call me Carlisle," He responded.

With a sudden burst of courage, I suppose, Bella grinned and did so. She seemed pleasant enough... I surmise I could get to know her.

Just then, Edward asked for Jazz and I. As Jasper sent a wave of enthusiasm toward me, I danced down the staircase and came to stop right in front of Bella. I greeted her and figured a quick peck on the check would be proper enough, even if it meant the shocked expressions of Esme and Carlisle. Bella seemed surprised at the gesture, but smiled afterward. Edward, on the other hand, seemed utterly staggered. He barely kept his expression in check, for Bella’s sake at least. I smiled inwardly at this. It was always fun messing with him.

After a momentary pause, I waited for Jazz to make a move. Despite his best efforts, everyone became tense, including myself. I started to panic... What if my vision came true? What if he-

I felt the presence of calm surround me. I welcomed it in, letting it nourish my system. There was nothing I could do now... It was up to Jasper. It was up to my husband.

He straitened up and spoke clearly.

"Hello, Bella." She looked at ease.

I’m very sure it all seemed awkward to her, although she didn’t show it.

"Hello, Jasper." She smiled shyly at him, and then at the rest of us.

Bella commented on our house, though I wasn’t really paying attention. My mind was with Jasper, as he was holding up and keeping his distance. I presume Edward really got to him on his girl. Jazz must of felt my wary gaze on him, for he looked my way and smiled encouragingly. He was proud of himself. And, I realized, he could really pull this off.

As Edward pulled Bella along to his grand piano, the rest of the family decided to leave. I imagined some space for the couple was appropriate... That, and I wanted some time with Jasper.

He was amazing. He withstood it despite every warning signal that went off in my head. Jasper took in her sent and controlled himself... Jasper prevailed despite my visions. And how I loved him so.

As Jazz and I raced up to our room, we laughed at the audacity of the moment. I was simply giddy with excitement. Just then, Jasper flipped me onto the couch, a fairly rough maneuver with a fair look that screamed ‘leer’. I tuned my full body to Jasper and enticed him seductively... He deserved a reward...

Jasper had overcome his bloodlust, well momentarily at least, but all the same: Bella and Edward had survived. She had met most of the family and she lived... Edward should be proud of his brave girl... Very proud.