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And they came

When Bella is ready for her wedding, Alice has a vision, they were hoping to change her after, but will the cullens have to change Bella before her wedding? read to find out......

Please dont read this if you have not read Eclipse!!! Dont want to ruin it for you!!! hehehe

1. Telling Charlie

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I sat in the front seat of the shiny silver Volvo, twirling Elizabeth Masons ring on my finger, it was time to tell Charlie. I wondered how he would take it, would he be angry? All of these thoughts lingered in my brain, I was so glad Edward could not read my thoughts. Edward jumped in the drivers seat, giving me that crooked smile that I adore, his eyes were brighter than ever! He leaned over and gave me a loving kiss on the lips. My hand was entwined in his as we started on our way to Charlie’s house. I watched as the speed dial went over 130 mph and all of the sudden, Edward was pulling me out of the car and running to Charlie’s front door!

“I love you.” I said before Charlie opened the door.

“Not as much as I love you.” He answered, kissing the top of my head.

Right at the time I was going to say something, Charlie opened the door. “Gosh,” I thought “He always beats me!!!”

“Hey Bells!” Charlie bellowed, “What are you two up to?”

“Charlie,” I said, “Can we talk?”

“Sure,” He answered curiously, “Come in.”

I skipped to the couches, Edward by my side. He easily pulled me onto his lap. I was so afraid what my dad would say, what he would do! I hope he didn’t have a gun with him!

“It will be fine!” Edward said, reading the look in my eyes.

“Hopefully!” I said in a shaking voice.

“So what is up?” Charlie asked.

“Dad,” I quivered, “Edward and I are getting married!”

Right then, Charlie turned as white as flour and passed out! He must have been pretty surprised! I was surprised! Usually I was the one passed out on the floor! At the same time, I was happy it wasn’t me! I looked back at Edward and I could tell he was going to explode in laughter, which he did. After Edward got serious I made him call Carlisle. He told Carlisle we had a slight problem over at Charlie’s, then he started laughing again!

Carlisle came and helped Charlie out of unconsciousness.

Edwards POV

After Charlie woke, I told him I was sorry about how fast Bella broke the news to him. I walked out of the house with Bella in my arms. We both jumped in the Volvo, well, Bella kind of tripped but I helped her.

“Edward, I don’t think that went very well.” Bella whispered.

“He will get over it, Love.” I said, trying to comfort her.

We made it to my house, just to sit and talk to the whole family, just like a get together night.

“I have to use the bathroom,” Bella whispered in my ear, “Ill be back in a second.”

As she started up the stairs, she caught her foot on one of the steps and tumbled down onto the floor. Emmet was at the scene in a second!

“Hahahahahaha!” He laughed, “ Your such a klutz Bella!”

“Shutup!” She cried.

“Come with me Bella,” Alice said, giving an evil glare to Emmett, “ Lets go plan the wedding.

Bella’s POV

I looked back at Emmet, he had just shrugged off the glare. When I looked back to see Alice, she wasn’t there.

“Hurry up, Bella!” She called.

I slowly went up the stairs, watching every step I took so I wouldn’t trip again. Thank goodness, I made it to the top! Alice picked me up and sprung to her room.

“Gosh, Bella!” Alice cried, “You are way to slow!!!”

“Sorry!” I blushed.

“Okay,” She said, “About the wedding, we already have you dress, and what about bridesmaid dresses? Which one do you like the best?”

Alice held out a page full of dresses.

“That one,” I pointed to a sleeved dress that was a light lilac purple and a hint of blush baby blue tinted in with it, “its perfect.”

“I thought exactly the same!” Alice boomed. “What about the maid of honor?” Alice asked, pointing to herself with a wide grin on her face.

She held out another page of dresses.

“Which one do you like?” I asked.

“That one.” She said, pointing out a white dress with small black flowers on it.

“Then that one,” I breathed, “Will be your dress.”

Alice squealed and gave me a huge hug. “I’m so excited!” she wailed, “So what about flowers, for the bouquet?”

“I like lilacs and apple blossoms.” I answered.

“Great!!!” Alice replied.

“So are we done for now?” I asked, hopeful.

“Yah, I guess.” She answered.

I ran down the stairs, tripping on the last step and falling into Edwards arms. “You really need to learn how to move your feet correctly, Love.” He sweetly whispered.

“Sorry.” I could feel my cheeks turn bright crimson.

Edward picked me up and sat on the couch, me in his lap. Alice had come downstairs and sat in Jaspers lap. That’s when she had a vision.