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Teach Her

Claire's father's perspective on the day of his death. A glimpse into the twisted psychosis of a villain who will haunt his innocent victim years after his life ends. A one-shot in the series For Her.

This is a bribe chapter for reviewers. I posted it cause i'm too lazy to email it to all of them. REVIEW!

1. Claire

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I sat alone on the couch. Claire would be home soon, but until then, I could keep myself occupied. The television blared. I smiled at it. I needed to be all ready.

Claire would learn over time. She still remembered… him. Quil. The monster who thought he could take what was mine.

And Claire was mine.

I couldn’t teach him, couldn’t show him how wrong he was to stake his ridiculous claim on her, his sick ‘imprinting.’ So I would teach Claire instead. I would break her.

So far, it had been too easy.

I grinned, and that’s when I heard the door clatter to the floor, followed by a most unwelcome voice.

“You. Over here.”

I stood, leaving my entertainments for another hour. I had to deal with the intruder first. My glare met his. “What are you doing in my house?” Looking for my girl, no doubt. Well, you can’t have her, and you can’t stay here. Get out, go away.

“You hurt her. You took her away from me so you could hit her. You hurt her.”

So he didn’t know. She hadn’t told him… good. She had learned part of her lesson, though his ignorance meant he didn’t know how I had proved just whose Claire was. I would have to remind him. “She’s not yours.”

“She was meant for me!” Meant? How? The disturbing compulsion of your freakish species?

“She’s mine. My daughter.” And she will never be yours.

“She’s no one’s possession, you monster. She’s a person. You have no right to hurt her. Neither do I—Not that I ever would, ever could! I know what she’s worth… MONSTER.”

I smiled. He called me a monster? At least I was human. He wasn’t even that. And he wanted her… it revolted me. But I had shown him who had the right to have her, to touch her. And it wasn’t him.

“You think it’s funny I’m calling you a monster. One of us in this room turns into a big wolf on occasion. The other one hurts innocent children. I think I know who the monster is.”

“No. That’s not why I’m smiling.”

“Why then?”


“You’re evil?”

I considered this. By the general definition, it might be true. But I knew why I did what I had to do. “Perhaps. But mostly because there’s nothing you can do. You see, I have her. Until she’s eighteen. And besides that… do you really think an unemployed kid can stop me from getting what I want?”

“You can’t stop me if you’re dead. Which, believe you me, I am more than capable of facilitating, right here, right now. But I don’t think I will. I think I’d rather not subject Claire to that. What you will do is never, ever, come after her. Contact her, talk to her, look at her, think about her, or God forbid touch her. If you do, I will kill you. As slowly as I can. Is that understood?”

I laughed. Like he could stop me! I had all the power… and the money. He had nothing. “I understand. You are in for trouble, boy. I will take everything you own.” And I will still own her when I am finished. How could he not understand this?

Clearly, he did not. “You think money is going to stop me? Money? There is always more money. Claire is a person. Not something that can be bought and sold. I will not let you hurt her. No matter what you do.”

He spoke of her pain like he could still prevent it, like I hadn’t already succeeded, already taken her from him forever. “Ah, but I have. Fine. Take her. I wish you luck. Because you’ll need it… I’ve heard it can be very traumatizing for a child.”

“What, being abused by the evilest creep alive?”

“Yes. Besides, I’ve succeeded anyway. I had my chance with her… she’s getting a bit old anyway.” I smiled here. He needed to know what I had done, how I had triumphed over him.

For a moment, he didn’t understand. I gestured a bit at the television to aid the imbecile’s comprehension. Could he not put the pieces together? Finally, he did.

“You… hurt… Claire…”

I smiled at him, grinned. He knew now. He understood. The pain on his face was so satisfying.

“I’m going to hurt you. You do realize that’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? I’m going to kill you. You hurt Claire.”

And I smiled.

Suddenly the boy burst larger and larger, expanding, changing. He became brown and huge and covered and fur and sharp talons… a wolf.

I screamed.



Was this my reward for success?