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When the Cullens (plus Bella) go to my school

One day, the Cullen teens (plus Bella) wake up to discover that they are now seventh graders. They decide to move to sunny south florida.... *authors note* people have been telling me they dont think the cullens are acting like normal seventh graders. that is because they arent. they are based after me and my friends, on our most immature, high off sugar days.

they are all human, but still have their powers and looks

1. 1.The airplane, part one

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"So why are we moving to Florida again?" asked Rosalie, angrily stuffing her brand new way smaller designer clothing in her Gucci suitcases.

"Because," Carlisle answered calmly, "You have all turned into seventh graders. Even Bella is now a tween. Don’t you think people would wonder about us if we stayed here? And Charlie has no problem with us taking Bella, which is fortunate. He hadn’t the slightest clue of what to do with her."

Rosalie finished packing, and followed her adopted father down the stairs, Emmett trailing behind her, lugging her twelve suitcases. This was considerably harder than it used to be, because while he was still abnormally buff, he was only thirteen.

Emmett had lost muscle mass along with age, when he and the other Cullen teens, and Bella, all woke up one morning five years younger. Carlisle and Esme had immediately decided that the only solution was to move far away from anyone they knew. The common sense solution was south Florida. No one any of them knew lived there, and a couple of months ago Carlisle had gotten a job offer from a hospital down there….

* * *

Five hours later, Bella was playing with the call button on an airplane to Miami. The stewardess was getting very irritated with her. Edward had tried dazzling the grumpy young redhead, but it hadn’t worked, because he was one scrawny twelve-year-old. Unfortunately for Bella, she had actually developed early, and was about six inches taller than Little Eddy. Whenever she kissed him, she looked like a pedophile. This was cracking Jasper up. That did not sit well with Little Eddy, and he tried to punch his brother in the eye. Now, this might have worked if he was the height of a seventeen-year-old. As it was, he was so much shorter than Jasper that he missed and barely got him in the jaw. That set Jasper off all over again. Eventually Alice butt in and made him shut up. She also made Bella stop kissing Edward, because she was getting flirty looks from all the pervy little kids in the surrounding rows. Rosalie was returning the winks, so far the results had about five different phone numbers, a box of cheap chocolate, and one offer of twenty bucks for a kiss, and Emmett was getting seriously annoyed.

The whole losing several years of growth thing was working for Alice, because she was now only slightly smaller than Jasper, and way bigger than Edward. This did not make Edward any happier with his situation. He was mad that he looked like he was only about nine years old, when he was both twelve and seventeen.

* * *

Esme gave Carlisle a worried look when she saw Little Eddy’s attempt at a punch, and said, "honey, do you realize what we’re in for with a bunch of seventh graders? I helped raise all my siblings, and let me tell you, it is not easy!"

"Surely it can’t be all that bad, Esme. I’m sure that this will be different. After all, these children already know what it is to be older, and their attitudes will reflect it," He responded gently.

He was so very wrong....