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When the Cullens (plus Bella) go to my school

One day, the Cullen teens (plus Bella) wake up to discover that they are now seventh graders. They decide to move to sunny south florida.... *authors note* people have been telling me they dont think the cullens are acting like normal seventh graders. that is because they arent. they are based after me and my friends, on our most immature, high off sugar days.

they are all human, but still have their powers and looks

2. 2. The airplane, part two

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“EMMETT!!!!!!!!! Don’t even think about throwing that spitball. Have you forgotten that I'm psychic?” Alice yelled angrily across the aisle.

“Emmett, you’re doing it all wrong. You have to not think about it ahead of time, and just do it! Its too late now, though, and what a shame. I think throwing spitballs at Alice would be so fun right now. But you had to go and spoil it!” Little Eddy screamed.

“Jeez, sorry shrimp, if I had known it was that important to you….I would have done it anyways!”

This made Edward so angry, he stood up (having learned his lesson with Jasper) and began furiously raining blows upon Emmett’s body.

“That-” he laughed “tickles! Stop, Ed-” he wheezed “-ward, please stop! You know-“he gasped for air around his chuckles”-I hate being-“ at this point he was writhing in his seat, trying to wiggle away from his tormentor “-tickled!”

Eventually, Little Eddie stopped trying to hurt his brother, and decided to go to sleep. His head first rested on Jaspers arm, but was soon shrugged off. He then went the other direction, but discovered that Emmett was no more eager than Jasper to have his head any closer to them than absolutely necessary. He decided he would go see if he could find Bella.

* * *

Ten minutes earlier…

“Hey, there. What’s your name?” The cute boy who was in the seat next to Bella asked her.

“Um, hi. Bella Swan. What's yours?”

“My name’s Michael Arosta. So, why are you going to Miami?”

“I'm starting a new school. What’s your reason?”

“Oh, I live there. I go to Fade Christian.”

“Well, that is such a coincidence! That’s where I'm gonna be going!” Bella exclaimed

“Seriously? That is so weird!”

“Yeah! And you’re gonna have to show me around. I have to warn you though, I'm not exactly the most graceful person in the world. In fact, I managed to end up in a hospital on my first day of school last year.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. I actually know a bunch of people at school who are pretty clumsy. There’s this one girl, Bethany, who is always falling over things, when she isn’t being violent.” He chuckled.

“Wait, what do you mean violent? Is she a bully or something?” Bella asked worriedly.

“Well, she really only hurts people who deserve it. Like, this one kid, his girlfriend is friends with her, but he always takes her books and hides them in the men’s room and stuff like that. Oh, and she reads for fun. Obsessively. On the last day of the semester, I called her a name from a book we’ve both read and she flipped out. She chased me with a bottle of soda. I was afraid for my life.”

“wow. She sounds kinda scary.”

“She is, but only if you mess with her or her friends. One of them is even scarier than Bethany. But as long as you don’t mess with them, they’re actually pretty nice. Well, most of them. But there are a lot of losers who are seen as the “cool” kids. They’re the delinquents.” Michael told her

“Alright, got it. Don’t mess with Bethany or her friends, and stay away from everyone else.”

“Well, not quite, but yeah, basically. But you can still be friends with her. She’s friends with my ex. Hey, you like to read?”


“you guys will get along great.”

“cool. So hey, will you excuse me? I have to use the restroom.” Bella said, blushing from the lie. She just wanted to check on the others.

“no prob.” He got up, and as she was squeezing past him, she tripped over who knows what, and landed in his lap. She looked up at him, and he at her. Slowly,like in a scene from a movie, they leaned in for a kiss….