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When the Cullens (plus Bella) go to my school

One day, the Cullen teens (plus Bella) wake up to discover that they are now seventh graders. They decide to move to sunny south florida.... *authors note* people have been telling me they dont think the cullens are acting like normal seventh graders. that is because they arent. they are based after me and my friends, on our most immature, high off sugar days.

they are all human, but still have their powers and looks

3. 3. Elves and Leprechauns!

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After Edward had walked in on Bella's kiss with Michael, he had decided that if she was having feelings like this for another guy, then it wasn't worth it. He had already gone through a similar situation with Jacob Black. When he gave the two his blessing, Bella looked shocked, and Michael was just standing there, dazed and confused by this recent turn of events. After all, when he had decided to kiss a cute girl, he hadn't realized that he was signing on to have some Tiny Tim tell him it was alright to practically marry the girl. Poor guy.

Now, several hours later, in the Miami airport, Michael and Bella said goodbye. He walked over to join his family, and waved one last goodbye.

Bella sighed, and said to Alice, "I can't wait until school starts. I've only been to two schools, the one in Arizona, and Forks High School. And to redo seventh grade is a chance I never would have dreamed of! Oh, this is going to be so much fun!"

With that, she skipped off to see if she could help Emmett with Rosalie's extravagantly packed suitcases.

"This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me! Seventh grade was miserable, and I know It will be again, because I'm the same size I was last time!" Little Eddy fumed.

"Don’t worry Edward, I'll make sure Emmett protects the wittle baby, cuz the wittle bitty baby cant pwotect himself" Rosalie mocked.

"Shut your pie-hole!"

"Make me!"

"I will!"

And they were off, Rosalie running for her life, with a surprisingly fast Edward right behind her, holding a nasty old sock of Emmett's (wait, where'd that come from?)

Threatening to gag her with it.

Esme looked on, then glanced at Carlisle, telling him "'Their attitudes will reflect it' huh. Well, I'd hate to see what they would be doing if they were acting like seventh graders" she chuckled.

Carlisle was watching his children dash around the airport, unable to believe that he could have been so wrong.

'That'll teach him' thought Esme smugly.

"Emmett! Get your butt over here and help meeee!" Rosalie's voice was heard as she and Edward flew by, in human-speed blur.

"Think I should help her?" Emmett asked Jasper.

"Nah, let her suffer. I mean, look at these bags! She deserves it."

"Good point. I can't! my hands are a bit full at the moment! Maybe if you packed less stuff, I'd be able to!" he called out, as the blonde hair whipped past him once again.

A few minutes later, Carlisle asked a somewhat out of breathe Rosalie what she had done with her brother.

"Umm, I kinda sorta might have shoved him in the trash can by the diaper thingy in the bathroom. He can't get out because I used the dirty sock to tie his feet and hands together. It was really easy because he's such a leprechaun."

"A leprechaun?" asked Alice wryly, watching Carlisle go to rescue Edward.

"Well, he's short and ugly, and his hair is an orangish color, just like a leprechaun."

At this, Emmett and Jasper started laughing.

"Don't you be laughing, elf boy"

Jasper abruptly fell silent at those words.

"What did you call my sometimes husband?" asked Alice, leaning closer to Rosalie.

"An elf. He resembles an elf. One of the ones from that book Eragon."

"That movie sucked eggs!" said Emmett.

"Which is why smart people read books." Spat Alice.

"You calling my sometimes husband dumb?!?" screamed Rosalie.

"You called mine an elf!!!" Alice shrieked right back.

"Catfight!" called Emmett.

"Shutup Emmett!" the girls said in unison, glaring at him.

"Sorry!" he said, shrinking away from their vicious stares.

"Well, pixie chick, you and your dixie elf should go shpoo yourselves!" Rosalie told the glowering girl in front of her.

"Shpoo ourselves? What does that even mean?" asked Alice, confused.

"It’s a cross between a shitzu and poodle, with a little bit of shoe in there."

"Yeah, well your such an Urgal-furgaler!"

"ms. Oogle-berdoogle crandiflypants!"


"lollygagging stuffle buffle!"

It continued like that for the ten minutes it took for Carlisle to dazzle his way into the ladies room to get Edward.

When they got back, poor Carlisle had to enlist the help of the very buff "dumb" Emmett, and Jasper "dixie elf" to tear the scratching, kicking, hissing, biting and spitting girls apart as airport security looked on in shock. They had tried to separate the two tweens, with only cuts and bruises for their efforts.

"I leave for ten minutes, and this is what happens?" Carlisle yelled at the heavily panting Rosalie and Alice.

"She called Jasper a dixie elf!"

"Yeah, well she called Emmett dumb!"

"You started it!"

"No, you did!"

They leapt up from where Carlisle had sat them and ran at each other. Fortunately, before they could hurt themselves anymore, Jasper and Emmett grabbed their respective sometimes-wives. They continued making noises reminiscent of the sounds cats make when mating. Emmett commented to Jasper on this, with a nudge.

"Hey, you're right!" Little Eddy had appeared out of nowhere, scaring the crap outta them. They each jumped about ten feet in the air, causing the girls around them to wonder who the cute guys were. Little Eddy heard this, and huffed; once, they would have included him in this thought, but not anymore! He was too scrawny and young looking.

"Jeez, Edward, warn a guy when you sneak up on them!" Emmett cried.

"Well, Emmett, if I did that, it wouldn't be called sneaking, would it?" Little Eddy replied.

"Ha, I guess Alice was right about you after all, Emmett!" Jasper snorted.

"Yeah, well I guess that means Rose was right about you too, dairy elf!"

"Its "dixie elf", and you just proved me right!"

"shut up"

"you shut up!"

"Boys, boys, I just went through this with the girls! Stop fighting, I don't think security is too happy with us as it is, and they don’t need any more reasons to kick us out! We have to leave anyway. Emmett, get Rosalie's bags" Carlisle commanded.

"We're going to our new home now, and next week you start your new school"