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Cullen One-Shot Challenge Five drabbles of 100 words exactly, detailing Carlisle's response to the very first moment Bella is in his home. Each describes a sensory experience and underlies the difference between this human girl and the family she is now a part of.

I kind of like it, but I'll be very surprised if it wins. I had to edit a LOT to get it to 100 words per drabble. Carlisle/Bella, but only if you squint extremely hard.

1. First Impressions

Rating 5/5   Word Count 509   Review this Chapter


You feel it the minute she sets foot in your dead house. There is none here normally. Love, life even (though the definition must be stretched to suit your family), light, but no warmth. The twined and cherished hearts do not beat as hers does. You love each other, it is true. No human romance can be compared to what you and your one love share. You know it inherently and deeply. And yet there is one thing you can never capture. When you hold her in your arms, you will never feel the effortless warmth that radiates now.



You hear it instantly. The pounding music is a ringing drumbeat in your ears, steady and slow and strong. You know similar sounds, of course- you encounter life every day in your work. Yet never before has it pierced the still and silent air of your home. In some ways, this is a gift, redoubling the peace of your place. In others, it’s a curse, a reminder that in order to share this sweet existence together, you are forever to be denied humanity. The gentle rhythm sings in your ears, compounding your feelings, fascination and envy, steadily chiming on.



From the time that you smell it, it makes her a temptation. You are schooled in resistance- she is not endangered by you. But it does heighten a certain consciousness. You must remain careful around her so as to prevent yourself from slipping in control, because even after all these years, you are still tempted. Even though you have never killed, you must be careful (because you don’t intend to start now). Her blood is sweeter than most, as your poor son knows well (though his reaction seems stronger than just the smell allows). You will not be weak.



You resolve at once. You will never taste the sweetness of it. But you, as always, imagine how it would be. Though you have only occasionally had human blood, and even then no more than tastes, you have always dealt with temptation in this way, pretending you will follow it. The blood is thick and warm. It tastes floral, light, and so sweet. But even in your idle daydream, you do not kill her. You have never killed, and you never will (especially not her, you won’t do that to your son). Sweetness is no fair price for murder.



It’s the final temptation, and the first thing you notice about her appearance. That delectable blood swarms so easily beneath her pallor. Although every member of your family is pale, even paler than her, all the shame in the world cannot provoke a flush. She doesn’t even seem to need a reason. She is nervous (you can tell from her heartbeat), but you wouldn’t think that would make her blush. You can see why Edward is so taken with her- it is a beautiful affectation. But more than that, it is human. Everything she does reinforces the impossible. Life.