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Jaspers POV on seeing bella for the first time. ONE SHOT CULLEN CHALLENGE.

i tried to dig into his mind for this so i hope you like it.

1. Jasper POV

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Edward had been tense for days. Wondering if he should bring her home. Although we all encouraged him. I didn't know if it was the best idea. She knew our secret and that made me uncomfortable. As much as I wanted to trust Edward's word I didn't know if we could trust her yet.

"She's coming, she's coming" Alice hollered from across our room.

"Who's coming?"

"Bella she'll be here tomorrow with Edward. Yay"


"What honey" before she could answer Emmerr burst through the door.

"I won the bet, oh yeah, that'll be two hundred dollars" I sighed and pulled out my wallet. I heard Alice laughing from across the room. I handed him the two hundred dollar bills and sighed again.

"You know I almost bad about taking your money like this but I remembered that you were the one who started this bet." he laughed and walked out waving the money in the air.

"Ya, ya, i'll get you next time."

"Good luck" he yelled down the hall.

-the next day-

"I know you can do this" Alice told me for the thousanth time. I was trying stay calm but it was hard her blood smelt so good. No I had to behave.

"Can you help with that" I challeged her and lifed her up so I could kiss her. She natually wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back. It calmed me down immediately she was so good at doing that. I set her back down when we heard the front door close and our "parents" greeting Bella.

"Ready" she held my hands.

"Lets go" she half dragged me down the stairs but I coulnd't help being curious about her also.

When we got down Alice kissed her on the cheek and commented on her smell. I laughed when Esme scolded Edward for showing off. Bella didn't seem worried at all about being in a house full of vampires

"Hello Bella"

"Hello Japer" she greeted me back and I smiled Encouragingly. She blushed and looked away. So much emotion was in the air. Bella's nervousness, Edward's hope that we like her, Rosalie's hatred, Emmett longing to be here, Carlise's fatherly love and pride that Edward found a girl, Esme's curiosity, Alice's excitment that filled the room, and then there was my restaint not to kill her. I calmed the room and myself. We all left as Edward started to play for her. The music filled the house. that kid had talent.

She nice and unafraid, I liked that in her. She was who I would want Edward to have for the rest of his life. He seemed so happy and thats all that mattered. It was his choice, and she had my approval. Plus Alice could drag her shopping instead of me all the time. As much as I loved that woman she loved to shop way to much and I was always the one who got dragged along and carred the bags and boxes like a bell-hop. Poor bella. Hopefully she liked shopping.

"Feel like baseball?" Alice asked walking to the door with a dangerous smile. Damn I love that woman! I told myself as I followed her out.