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A Pebble in the Water Makes a Ripple Effect,Every Action in this World Will Bare a Consequence. Face Down- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus One small change can change everything. Can cause friends to become lovers, lovers to be enemies, even life or death. So what happens when a boy is delayed while trying to save someone? It changes everything.

What if Edward had been delayed on his way to Port Angeles in Twilight, and the only way to save Bella was to change her?

1. Chapter 1- A Slight Change in Events

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I skidded to a stop.

The street was lined on both sides by blank, door less, windowless walls. I could see in the distance, two intersections down, streetlamps, cars, and more pedestrians, but they were all to far away. Because lounging against the western building, midway down the street were the other two men from the group, both watching with excited smiles as I froze dead on the sidewalk. I realized then that I wasn't being followed.

I was being herded.

I paused for only a second, but it felt like a very long time. I turned then and darted to the other side of the road. I had a sinking feeling that it was a wasted attempt. The footsteps behind me were louder now.

“There you are!” The booming voice of the stocky, dark-haired man shattered the intense quiet and made me jump. In the gathering darkness, it seemed like he was looking past me.

“Yeah,” a voice called loudly from behind me, making me jump again as I tried to hurry down the street. “We just took a little detour.”

My steps had to slow now. I was closing the distance between myself and the lounging pair too quickly. I had a good loud scream, and I sucked in air, preparing to use it, but my throat was so dry I wasn't sure how much volume I could manage. With a quick movement I slipped my purse over my head, gripping the strap with one hand, ready to surrender it or use it as a weapon as need demanded

The thickset man shrugged away from the wall as I warily came to a stop, and walked slowly into the street.

“Stay away from me,” I warned in a voice that was supposed to sound strong and fearless. But I was right about the dry throat-- no volume.

“Don't be like that, sugar,” he called, and the raucous laughter started again behind me.
I braced myself, feet apart, trying to remember through my panic what little self-defense I knew. Heel of the hand thrust upward, hopefully breaking the nose or shoving it into the brain. Finger through the eye socket-- try to hook around and pop the eye out. And the standard knee to the groin, of course. That same pessimistic voice in my mind spoke up then, reminding me that I probably wouldn't have a chance against one of them, and there were four. Shut up! I commanded the voice before terror could incapacitate me. I wasn't going out without taking someone with me. I tried to swallow so I could build up a decent scream... (Twilight, ch.8 pg.160-161)

"Edward! Wait!" I heard Alice yell at me as I tore for the car, "What are you doing? When Esme comes back, she's going to be so mad at you if you just leave without telling me where you're going to-- STOP!" She yelled something else at me, but it was drowned out by the squealing of my tires against the asphalt.

How anyone could be such a magnet for trouble was beyond me. First she almost gets hit by some van, now, a few weeks later, she gets lost in some unfamiliar city after dark? Keeping this girl alive was going to be a lot harder than I had previously thought.

Why was I so worried about this girl anyway? I hardly even know her! And yet here I am, rushing out to find her, when really, it isn't any of my business whether she gets lost or not...

I lifted one had off of the steering wheel and pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to calm down. I needed to ask Alice to keep tabs on her when I got back, it would save me a lot of trouble.

I brought my hand back to the wheel and concentrated on finding someone who had walked past her, seen her, anything, really. I had already found a bookshop owner who had noticed her looking through the window, but she hadn't gone in. If I couldn't find someone soon, I'd have to walk around and try to pick out her scent through all of the other smells of Port Angeles.

I picked up on some cops and quickly stomped on the breaks, cursing the luck I was having. I didn't see an alternate route, and I couldn't risk getting out and running, I didn't need anyone to see me.

The car slowed, and I crawled along, just above the speed limit. I passed some police cars, one, two, three... What were they all doing down here?

One of them waved me over, so I grudgingly rolled to a stop.
On closer inspection I realized that the man who had pulled me over was none other than Chief Swan. Great. I rolled down the window of my car.

“Good evening, Chief Swan,” I said politely, arranging my features into a calm facade, “What seems to be the problem?” He was nervous and tensed, not a good sign.

“Good evening to you too. You're one of the Dr. Cullen's boy's aren't you?” I nodded my head, wondering when he was going to get on with it. He seemed to notice my annoyance though, and cleared his throat before continuing. “Well, Mr. Cullen, unfortunately there was a break out at one of the nearby prisons. We're warning everyone headed this way to be on the lookout for them. Are you headed towards Port Angeles?” I almost growled in frustration, this girl was a magnet for trouble!

“I sure am sir, my sister's car broke down and she called me to pick her up. She hates being stuck after dark, and with this new information I'd rather not chat, so if you'll excuse me...” I made a motion to roll up the window.

“Oh, and Mr. Cullen, before you go,” he said quickly, his voice worried, “My daughter Isabella is out at Port Angeles tonight, and with all of this going on, I'd rather she wasn't out late, so if you see her, could you tell her to come home? I'd feel much better if I knew she wasn't out in all of that.”

“I'll be sure to tell her if I see her,” I tensely, “Good evening Chief Swan.” He looked at me oddly, but I didn't respond. I had already rolled up my window and was starting to drive off.

Damn. This wasn't going to be a good night.

I continued to drive the speed limit until I was past where they could hear me, and sped off, pushing how fast I could get my car to go. It seemed as if everyone who had gotten Chief Swan's warning had turned around and gone back home; there wasn't a single car on the road besides mine.

It took about 5 minutes to get to Port Angeles after that, and I soon had to slow down so I could drive up and down the streets without killing pedestrians. The bookstore I had seen Bella pass by was pretty easy to find, I stopped outside it and rolled down my window, trying to catch her scent.

I could tell that she had been there at one point, her smell was still there, but only just. The trail must have been nearly an hour old, it blended and mixed with the stronger, newer trails, making it nearly impossible to find. If her smell hadn't been so potent to me, I doubted I would've been able to find it.

It seemed almost if she had gone south, but I highly doubted that, it was plainly obvious that there wasn't anymore of the main shops down there. Sighing, I got back in my Volvo, slowly driving around the town, my windows down and my head stuck out of the window.

After about ten minutes of this, I gave up searching for her scent. If she had been there her scent was long gone by now. I decided to keep searching for someone who had seen her or something like I had been earlier.

I was quickly getting aggravated, it was almost as if she had vanished, I couldn't find a trace of her anywhere.

I should have known though, that as soon as I thought there was no hope in finding her I would. That's always how it happens in the stories.

I smelled it first, blood. Her blood. It was so strong that I nearly lost it, even though she must have been miles away. I somehow managed to cut off my breathing, but it was an extremely close call.

I ran through the thoughts of the people who were coming from the direction I had smelled her, jumping through their thoughts so fast it was giving me a bit of a headache.

But I saw her finally, through the thoughts of a man quite a bit away. I pulled out almost immediately, though, because what I saw disgusted me to no end. I saw what they were doing to her, heard what they were planning on doing to her... She was screaming, and fighting, and throwing a fit though, but I didn't think she could hold out much longer. She looked like she was about to pass out right there.

Why wasn't anyone trying to help her? Surely someone could hear her!

I obviously wasn't thinking clearly as I stepped out of my car and immediately ran in her direction; there were people out, anyone could see me if they looked hard enough.

I had turned down a street, running faster than normal, when I saw him. He had been standing there, his mouth turned into an annoyed grimace, in the middle of the empty road. His topaz eyes watched as I turned the corner before he ran at me. I ran farther to the left, hoping to be to far away for him to grab me, but it was a futile attempt. As I ran by, his hand struck out grabbed my arm.

"Are you insane?" he growled, I had never really seen Carlisle agitated before, and it worried me; the last time I had seen him like this, it hadn't been good. Had Alice seen something? "Do you want to kill half the town? Why didn't you bring along someone else? That was extremely stupid, Edward. Did you even think about this before you ran off on this adventure of yours?" Ah. Apparently, she had seen I'd go on a murderous rampage through the city. Wonderful.

"Yes, it was stupid." I snarled impatiently, twisting my arm out of his grasp, "Now if all you're going to do is yell, then leave. I've got to do something. Help would be appreciated if you were so obliged, though."

He looked surprised at my tone with him, and I guess I was a bit surprised at myself too, I was usually more respectful to him. Why was I getting so worked up over Isabella Swan anyway? She was just some girl who--

Shut up! Another part of me was screaming, Who cares why you're going insane over her? She's probably dying right now!

That shut me up for a second.

"Look, Carlisle," I muttered, running a hand through my hair, "I appreciate your concern, but can we save the criticizing for later? I've seen her and it's ... and it's not good. I'm going to need your help." I deliberately looked into his thoughts, I had automatically blocked him out before out of habit, but he was shielding his mind from me.

"I'll help, but under one condition." he stated a few seconds later, "You can't be anywhere near her until I say so, no matter how much you want to help." I was a bit insulted with that, but I understood why he said it. I probably wouldn't be much help considering I'd be trying to rip her throat out the entire time...

"That's fine." I said quickly, "I'll go to the car. Do you know where she is?"

"I can faintly smell her." he acknowledged, "She's southeast from here isn't she?" I nodded in agreement, before starting for the car.

"Edward, wait!" he called out after me, "I don't want you paying attention to my thoughts. Block me out as much as you can. If there's something I need to tell you, I'll make sure you hear it." I called out my consent as I ran, darting towards my car.

Running to my car, I figured out later, was completely unnecessary, and a rather stupid action on my part. Not only was adrenaline now coursing through my body, but I now had to wait inside of my tiny car until Carlisle gave me some news; which, not only was annoying, but extremely nerve racking.

While I sat there I, because I'm not very intelligent, decided to come up with every worst-case scenario possible, to prepare myself in case something happened. This did not end up helping me though, as I thought it would have, but instead made the wait even more torturous.

I sat like that for awhile, perhaps 15 minutes, 20 minutes at the most, when I heard him.

"Edward!" he shouted at me, trying to get my attention, "I need to talk to you, meet me where we were before."

He needed to talk to me? That didn't sound in the least bit good.

I got out of the car, being careful not to rip my door off in my haste, before rushing back to the spot where I had talked to him before. When I arrived he still hadn't arrived, but within 5 seconds, I could see the blur that was him quickly approaching the spot where I was standing.

His face was severe, and I could tell I wouldn't be speaking to Carlisle, my father figure and mentor, but rather Dr. Cullen.

I knew it wasn't good with the first words out of his mouth:

"How much do you care about this girl, Edward?" he inquired, his eyes were bleak as they searched mine.

How much did I care about her? How was I supposed to answer that? I wanted to scream, I wasn't sure myself!

"I'm not sure... I mean we're friendly, and she's a rather interesting girl..." I babbled, not sure what exactly he wanted.

"She's going to die."

She's going to die...

She's going to die...

She's going to die...

His words echoed in my head, as I tried to process what he had just told me.

"Excuse me?" I choked, "What was that?"

"She's going to die, Edward, and there's nothing I can do." he looked at me as he said it, his eyes filled with regret.

"Isn't there anything you can do? Anything?" I sputtered, pleading with him. For some reason I'm not exactly sure of yet, the thought of Bella dead was unbearable.

"There is one thing I could do if you really care; but I doubt you'd agree." he said reluctantly, his eyes not meeting mine as he spoke.

"What?" I pleaded, "If it'll help her, then do it!"

"I could turn her." I just stood there in stunned silence.

"Anything but that." I growled.

"But that's the only option left if you really care about this girl!" he insisted, "If you care about her as much as you seem to, perhaps it would be better to bite her! What if she is to you what Esme is to me? Think about how happy you'd end up!"

"I need no one!" I barked back at him, bearing my teeth.

"Then why are you so obsessed with her? If you truly needed no one, did not care at all for this girl, then why were you so concerned with saving her that you put the entire city at risk? Tell me that!"

I didn't respond, because, really, I had no clue. Bella was just, endearing. Everything about her fascinated me.

"Do you want to save this girl or not Edward, time's ticking away." he muttered, staring at me.

Did I need her? What if Carlisle was right? Perhaps Bella was supposed to be for me, what Esme was to Carlisle? Could I waste that chance?

But could I do that to her? Could I damn this girl to a life of eternal night? Would she rather live a sort of half-life, or pass on to heaven, or whatever it was that was after this?

I am essentially an extremely selfish person though; and the pull of the dream of happiness that Carlisle and Esme, Alice and Jasper, and Rosalie and Emmett shared was impossibly strong to resist against...

"Just do it." I growled, resting my face in my palms, "Go. Before I change my mind." I saw him nod before running back to the direction he came from, probably to get her before going home. It'd be safer to do it in a clean environment instead of on the ground...

I sat there for a few minutes before the realization of what I had jut done sunk in.

"What did I just do!" I moaned to myself, "I just traded some innocent girl's soul just for the small chance that she could be my, what, soul mate? Stupid, stupid, stupid!"

But what could I do now? Carlisle was probably almost back to the house by now... I doubted I could catch him.

I honestly didn't care if it was even possible for me to catch him though, and ran as fast as I could in the general direction of the house, not really caring who was watching. Hopefully if someone was watching they'd just think it was their eyes.

I watched as the trees passed by me, though I was running so fast they seemed like a wall of green with the occasional splotch of black. I wasn't really concentrating on them though, I was pushing myself as fast as I could, faster than I had been earlier before Carlisle stopped me; because this time, I knew that she was about to suffer a fate worse than death.

I could vaguely smell her, and stopped breathing. If I could smell her from this distance, I didn't want to be able to smell her at all when I got back to the house.

I saw the familiar sights that told me I was approaching my home, and pushed myself even faster. I could hear Carlisle telling Esme about her, and what he was going to do...

I saw the house and kept running at full speed, tearing down one of the doors, not even bothering to open it.

"Carlisle, DON'T!" I shouted as I ran into his office, but it was too late. I arrived just in time to see his teeth pierce the skin of her neck. She twitched and murmured something unintelligible...

And then the screaming started.