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A Pebble in the Water Makes a Ripple Effect,Every Action in this World Will Bare a Consequence. Face Down- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus One small change can change everything. Can cause friends to become lovers, lovers to be enemies, even life or death. So what happens when a boy is delayed while trying to save someone? It changes everything.

What if Edward had been delayed on his way to Port Angeles in Twilight, and the only way to save Bella was to change her?

2. Chapter 2: Awakening

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Chapter Two- Awakening

I was still waiting for the pain to end.

I had been waiting for the pain to end for what seemed like years, and yet, it continued. I assumed I must be in hell.

I tried to think thorough the agony, trying to find something that I could have done to have me deserve to go here... I hadn't murdered anyone, hadn't stolen... I didn't go to church, but I wasn't a bad person... I guess I must have done something wrong that I was forgetting...

I could vaguely here two people talking in the background, I remembered they had been arguing sometime before, and someone touching my hand. I assumed the gesture was supposed to be comforting, but really, it just made it worse. I tried to move my hand out of reach of the person, and it took me several minutes before I broke the grip.

"Is it almost over?" I could barely tell what he was saying, but his voice sounded vaguely familiar, "It's been almost three days by now." The other person in the room took a few minutes before answering.

"I believe so. She can probably hear us right now, but I doubt she's paying us any attention." I can here you and I wish you would stop talking! I wanted to yell at them, Stop this pain! Can't you do anything?

"Bella?" the other one was saying, "Bella, can you hear me?" They seemed genuinely concerned, so I pushed myself to make my mouth be able to function correctly.

"Hurts." Was all I managed to get out. It hurt to talk too, and it came out in a garbled whisper. My throat was raw, like I hadn't had anything to drink in forever...

"It's okay Bella," the other person was saying, "It's almost over. Almost done." I tried to respond, but gave up after a few tries, it hurt too much. I decided to just wait and see if he was right.

After a few hours, (Or had it been minutes? I couldn't tell.) I could tell that he was right, the pain was lessening. It was weird though, it didn't lessen like you would expect it too, it just getting slowly better and better until there was no pain at all. No, this was different. One minute it would feel like your hand was being stabbed with thousands of tiny white-hot knives, and then they'd suddenly get worse, and then it'd be gone. Completely. It was an extremely odd sensation, like you couldn't feel your hand anymore.

Of course, I wasn't going to complain. As long as it stopped I didn't care how it did it.

And then slowly, one by one, the rest of my body went completely numb until all that was left was my chest.

And all of a sudden the room was extremely quiet, the other two had stopped their whispering, and I could hear my heart...

It was beating rather erratically as the pain in my chest intensified, like it was trying too put something at bay, but was slowly loosing the battle...





And then there was silence, and my chest went numb. Of course, the fact that my heart had stopped beating caused me to panic- you really weren't supposed to survive after it stopped.

"My heart!" I coughed out, surprised, and immediately reached up to cover my ears; my voice had been so loud! I could hear the footsteps of someone walking towards where I was. They were obviously trying to be quiet, but it wasn't working very well.

"Bella?" one whispered, "Can you open your eyes for me please? We need to talk to you." I didn't necessarily want to, I was afraid of what I'd see...

"Please, Bella?" the other one whispered, "We need you to open your eyes." I decided to give in, I doubted there was really that much to be afraid of in hell after what I'd just been through.

I slowly cracked one eye open, and I could tell the light was off. It was still light in the room though, and it hurt my eyes a little. The two figures that had been talking to me were standing in front of where I was though I couldn't really she them that well, my eyes were a bit blurry.

I blinked a few times, and tried to sit up, though my mind was a bit foggy and it took me a while to remember how to do that. By the time I had sat up, my vision had cleared, and I could see the two figures in front of me.

"'dward? D'r. Cull'n? Whatchu' doing 'n here?" I slurred, trying to string words together. I noticed my voice sounded a little off, but brushed it off. Edward just looked away from me, while his father gave me a small smile.

"Were here to talk to you." he said kindly, "Something has happened, and you need to be fully informed." 'Something has happened'? That didn't sound good at all, even to my muddled brain.

"S'mthin' happened?" I asked warily, trying to fight my way out of the fog, "What?" Edward looked like he wanted to leave the room, but his father scowled at him.

"Well," he started off uncertainly, "What do you remember of the other night, at Port Angeles?" Oh. I tried to repress the memories trying to bury me.

"Everything." I somehow managed to whisper, "Until I fell unconscious." I looked away from them, and stared at the golden carpet covering the floor.

"Why am I here to tell her this?" I heard Edward grumble lowly to Dr. Cullen, "We should have Esme or Rosalie doing this, not me." He scowled at Edward before turning back to me.

"Well, Edward and I..." he started but trailed off uncertainly, thinking. "Bella," he asked, giving up on his former approach, "Edward mentioned that you were guessing what you thought he was. Do you have anymore ideas?" I blushed, and hesitated in answering.

"Maybe-- Maybe one." I mumbled, trying not to look either of them in the eye.

"Could I hear it possibly?" he questioned. Edward didn't make a noise, he remained silent and stared into the corner. I felt the blush rise up higher on my cheeks.

"It's really embarrassing." I said quietly, shaking my head, "You really don't want to hear it."

"Please?" he asked, "I'm curious."

"Well, er, last Saturday at the beach, I ran into an old family friend -- Jacob Black," I started, embarrassed, "His dad and Charlie have been friends since I was born." He looked slightly confused, and so I continued. "His dad is one of the Quileute elders." I watched him carefully. His confused expression froze in place. "We went for a walk --" I edited all my scheming out of the story "-- and he was telling me some old legends -- trying to scare me, I think. He told me one..." I hesitated.

"Go on," he probed.

"About vampires." I realized I was whispering. I couldn't look at either of their faces now.

"And you immediately thought of Edward?" Still calm.

"No. He ... mentioned your family." He didn't respond. I was suddenly worried about protecting Jacob.

"He just thought it was a silly superstition, " I said quickly. "He didn't expect me to think anything of it" It didn't seem like enough; I had to confess. "It was my fault, I forced him to tell me."


"Lauren said something about him--" I gestured to Edward, "-- trying to provoke me. And an older boy from the tribe said your family didn't come to the reservation, only it sounded like he meant something different. So I got Jacob alone and I tricked it out of him," I admitted, hanging my head. I saw Dr. Cullen only nodded, thankfully he didn't ask how I tried to trick it out of him.

"What did you do then?" he added after a moment.

"I did some research on the internet."

"And did that convince you?" His voice was quiet.

"No. Nothing fit. Most of it was kind of silly. And then..." I stopped


"I decided it didn't matter." I whispered, staring at the floor again.

"It didn't matter?" Edward said, and his tone made me look up at him-- I had finally broken through his carefully composed mask. His face was incredulous, with just a hint of the anger I had feared.

"No," I said softly. "It doesn't matter to me what you are."

A hard, mocking edge entered his voice. "You didn't care that I was a monster? That I'm not human?


He was silent, staring at me again, his face bleak and cold, before he quickly turned on his heal and left the room.

"He's angry." I sighed to Dr. Cullen. " I shouldn't have said anything."

"No," he said, and his tone was apologetic, "I think he'd rather know what you're thinking." I nodded, and looked up at him.

"Was I right?" I said quietly, staring at him, "Are you vampires?" He smiled slightly.

"You're not going to scream if I say yes, are you?" he said, slightly amused. This took me aback. It had all seemed so silly at the time, but to find out I was right...

"So why are you telling me this now?" I whispered to him, "Surely it's better if no one knows?" At this he looked remorseful, and it frightened me.

"Well, Bella," he said and his voice was full of regret, "Edward, he had noticed that you weren't with your friends--" I wondered how exactly Edward had noticed I wasn't with Jess and Angela, but I didn't interrupt. "-- and he was worried you'd get lost, so he ran out to find you. He hadn't taken any of us with him, and none of us knew what he was doing. Alice, Edward's sister, was worried and so she called me. She told me that she saw him head off in the direction of Port Angeles. I followed him out there and stopped him before he could do something stupid, and I convinced him to wait in his car while I went to find you. When I found you, you weren't doing very good. You were going to die, Bella." I paused, contemplating what he had just said.

"But I am dead, right? I mean my heart stopped beating..." I stared down at my hands, "I mean I'm talking and everything, but-- Oh." I said, shocked, "Oh-- Oh no!" I looked at my hands, and I realized they didn't look like my hands. They were an extremely pale color, and they were... Perfect. The nails the perfect length, not the chewed on stubs they had been the last I had looked at them. They were small and feminine, the fingers long...

"I--I'm a... A vampire, aren't I?" I said incredulously, "You bit me!" He hung his head, ashamed.

"I did, for reasons I'm not sure it's my place to tell." he looked up, and his voice was full of sorrow.

"But what about Charlie? What about Renee?" I said worried, "What am I going to tell them? They're going to freak if I tell them this!" And with this, he looked even more sorry for me.

"You can't visit Charlie. Or any humans for that matter." he said, "At least, not for a few years. It would be too dangerous for them."

I just sat there, trying to comprehend what he had just told me.

"Bella?" he said, worried, "Bella, are you okay?" I didn't speak, just gently shook my head no, and turned around and buried my head in the couch I was laying on.

He seemed to understand, and didn't say anything as he turned and left the room.

I was a-- a-- vampire. I could hardly believe it; it just sounded too ridiculous for it to be true. And not only was I now a vampire, I couldn't see Charlie, or Renee, or anyone, because I might kill them.

And poor Charlie would probably blame it on himself for some stupid reason, and Renee would probably blame it on him too...

And so I sat there like that, trying to comprehend what had just happened, for an hour probably, maybe two, before I heard the door open again.

I tried to ignore them, hoping that if I didn't acknowledge them they'd go away.

"Bella?" one of them whispered, a woman this time, "Bella, dear, can we come in?" I didn't answer. I heard the door squeak a little bit more and some footsteps as whoever it was walked in.

"Come on Rose," she whispered, "You know better than me what she's going through." I heard a sigh as another pair of footsteps walked into the room.

"Come on Bella. Stop moping for a second and talk to us." the other one sighed. I snorted, and turned around to face them.

They were both women, both... beautiful. One I recognised as Edward's sister, Rosalie, I think her name was; but the other I hadn't seen before, I assumed this was Edward's mother.

"Hello," Edward's mother said smiling slightly, "it's nice to finally see you. Edward hasn't let anyone besides Carlisle and himself inside here for the last three days. My name is Esme, and this," she gestured to Rosalie on her right, "is Rosalie. I assume you've seen each other at school before?" I nodded, and watched as they sat down on the floor.

"I know you probably don't want to talk much about what happened before all of this, or your family, so we're here to answer your questions about... well... everything else." Esme said, "Well, and to introduce ourselves, and get to know you better."

"Okay," I said nervously, sitting up on the couch I had been laying on.

"Have you seen yourself yet?" Rosalie said suddenly, and startled me a bit.

"No," I said slowly, "Is there a reaso--" Oh yeah. Vampires are supposed to be beautiful. "I don't know if I want to. I'd rather I pretend this hasn't happened." Rosalie frowned at this.

"But it has happened, Bella." she said, "You can't pretend it hasn't. It isn't going to change anything. Besides," she smiled, "The beauty is the only good thing about this." Esme scowled at her.

"One of the good things about this." Esme said scoldingly. Rosalie rolled her eyes and grabbed my arm to make me stand up.

"We'll go to my room, it's got the biggest mirror." She looked me over, "And I think you're about my size. You need to change." She dragged me out of the room and into the hallway. We walked down the hall to the first door. She opened the door and took me to a door on the left.

"Were you planning on doing this without me?" said a voice scolded from behind me, "You know how much I love makeovers."

"Sorry, Alice." Rosalie said sarcastically, "I wasn't planning on a makeover. I was just going to have her change into some decent clothing." I turned around to see Alice behind me, as she looked at my clothing.

"Fine. Makeover tomorrow though." she said, frowning. I scowled at her as Rosalie pushed me into the closet.

I was amazed as I looked around me. This room was more of a second bedroom than a closet in size. There was several rows of clothes all coordinated by color. Some of them looked brand new, others old fashioned. I stood there looking around me as Alice and Rosalie conversed behind me.

"Lets see, simple or fancy?" Alice whispered. Rosalie seemed to think it over.

"Simple. She's not going anywhere, why bother?" she said back, "Color? I was thinking a sort of blue-ish. You?" I felt Alice's eye's on me.

"Yes, blue would be good. I'll look for tops and shoes, and you do bottoms and accessories?"

"Sure." Rosalie said before turning and running over to the rows of pants and skirts. Alice headed over towards the shirts.

I didn't exactly know what to think, this had been one of the oddest days I've ever had. First, I wake up from being felt like I was being stabbed by thousands of knives, then I get told I'm a vampire and never get to see my friends or family again, and now I have to play dress up with Edward's sisters?

I watched as they ran around the room, Alice was carrying a stack of shirts that was slowly getting enormous; while Rosalie was comparing 3 pairs of jeans, and glancing over at me every few seconds. After a few minutes of searching Alice dumped the pile at my feet.

"Try them on. I'm going to look for shoes." she said quickly as she turned to the rows of footwear. I reached down and picked up one of the shirts she had dropped by me.

"Er, Alice?" I said, hoping I got her name right.

"Hmm?" She responded, distracted. She was probably finding five pairs of shoes for me to try on.

"I don't think these are going to fit me." I said embarrassed, "I wear around one or two sizes bigger than this."

"Just try them on." she said from across the room. "They might be a bit tight, but I'll order you some clothes soon." I rolled my eyes.

"Where do you want me to change?" I said sighed, looking around the room. I didn't see any place I could change.

"Right there." Rosalie said, "The bathroom's in the other room, so you can just change in here." I sighed and turned around as I tried on the first shirt.

"Would you like me to model them for you?" I said to them sarcastically.

"Yes, actually." Rosalie replied, "It'd be easier to pick out the rest of the outfit if we had an idea of what looked good on you."

And so it went on like this for around an hour; me trying on the ever growing pile of clothes Alice and Rosalie were giving me. Every so often they would take a piece of clothing aside and lay it on a chair, but mostly they just shook their heads and Rosalie put them back on the racks.

"Okay." Alice said happily, "I think I've gotten it down to these two, Rose? Which one do you think?" She scrutinized each outfit before pointing at the one on the left.

"That one would probably look best." she said finally, before shoving it in my hands, "Now change into that. Then we'll show you how you look." She said it like it was some sort of prize. I wanted to tell her that I really didn't care what I looked like, I was having one of the worst days of my life, but I doubted it would change anything.

I scowled at her as I changed into the outfit they'd picked out. It wasn't fancy, like they had said, I was mostly going to be moping today, who's going to see me? It was just a pair of jeans, (Although they could probably be considered fancy anyway, they had probably cost around 200) And an extremely soft blue tee shirt. There were of course a lot of accessories to make up for it's plainness, earrings and necklaces, and other things. Alice had also picked out a pair of heels that looked extremely dangerous, but I didn't even bother objecting. From what I could tell, Alice wouldn't care if I thought that they looked dangerous as long as it completed the outfit.

"Ah, there." Alice chirped, spinning me around, "Now cover your eyes, I want it to be a surprise." I closed my eyes, knowing if I didn't she'd probably just cover my eyes anyway.

"Okay, now open!" she said dramatically. I hesitated, if I did look like a vampire, it'd seem much more definite. Right now it just seemed like some terrible, and extremely odd, dream.

"What's taking you so long? Don't you want to see yourself?" I shook my head.

"But we worked so hard on this outfit for you, Bella, you don't want all of our hard work to be put to waste do you?" Aw. That's not fair. How'd she know I was a huge pushover? I sighed and slowly opened my eyes.

The person in front of me, really, didn't look like Bella Swan that much at all. She had brown hair, but unlike mine, hers had a more reddish tinge in it. It was also about two inches longer than mine, hanging to her waist. She also seemed more adult. Like, 20 perhaps, instead of 17. She was much more curvy, and also unlike me, she actually had a chest. Her features were more aligned, sharp, yet soft all at the same time. But the biggest difference was her eyes. Hers weren't the brown of mine, or even the topaz of the other vampire's eyes. They were... Red. Blood red.

I felt a bit nauseous.

"Ugh." I groaned, "I feel sick." Both Alice and Rosalie looked bewildered.

"What?" Alice said, confused, "Why would you feel sick? You look fantastic!" Rosalie stood there for a second before a recognition flashed across her face.

"Oh." Rosalie giggled, "Remember what Edward said, Alice? Bella feels nauseous at the sight of blood." Comprehension dawned across Alice's face.

"Your eyes?" she asked me, "Don't worry. That'll go away in a few months." She giggled too, "Though I'm not sure how you're going to get around the whole 'sick at the sight of blood' thing. Being a vampire, that's kind of a problem."

"Shut up." I grumbled, "I'll just have to have something different then. There's no way I'm getting anywhere near anything bleeding." Alice and Rosalie shared a look.

"Let's go continue this back in the other room. It'd be more comfortable than the hard floor inside my closet." Rosalie said, striding out the door. Alice danced behind her, waiting at the door to make sure I was coming. I trailed behind them as we walked back to the room at the end of the hall.

We sat down on the soft carpet that covered the floor of the room. Alice had left, saying something about having to talk to Carlisle, after she spaced out for a few seconds after sitting down. Esme had returned, softly sitting besides Rosalie, and we had been sitting there for a few seconds, no one really knowing where to start.

"So." I said softly, cutting through the silence, "I'm actually a vampire." Esme nodded her head.

"And there a lot of thing's you're going to have to get adjusted too." she said, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, "There are many differences between vampires and humans. For instance, you now have extremely sensitive hearing, and eyesight, which you might have noticed. We're also very strong, you could pick up a car now, without straining yourself too much."

"But there's other not so good things, too." Rosalie said, crossing her arms across her chest, "You can't eat anything, and if you do, you have to cough it back up." I made a face at that, but she continued, "You are also going to be trying to slaughter any human that gets anywhere near you, for about a year." I sat there for a second, trying to consume everything they had just told me.

"Okay," I said, pausing, "So I can't eat anything else? Not even, er, a rare steak or something?" Esme frowned.

"Not really. You'd just have to cough it back up. It'd taste terrible anyway." she said slowly. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair.

"She gets nauseous at the sight of blood." Rosalie whispered to Esme, who had looked confused.

"Oh." Esme said, kindly, "Well it's okay, dear. I used to get sick at the sight of blood, but it goes away when you're hunting." I must of looked confused at this, so she continued. "You see, when we hunt, we sort of... give ourselves to our senses. The human part of you may detest blood, but the vampire part doesn't, so it won't bother you. Does that make any sense?"

"I guess so." I said, "So the blood won't bother me when I'm... hunting?"

"Nope." Rosalie replied, "It might not bother you at all, actually. Your senses are so strong when you're first turned that you probably won't have any problem with blood." I felt slightly relived with this revelation, and also slightly repulsed with the fact that I'd actually have to drink the stuff. I repressed a shudder.

"So, is there anything else I should know?" I said, running my hand through my hair again.

"No, I don't think so. Anything else Carlisle can tell you." Esme stated as she and Rosalie stood up, "If you want, you could come downstairs and meet the family. I'm sure they all would like to meet you." I didn't exactly want to go anywhere outside of this room, but what else was I going to do? Sit around and mope?

"Sure," I sighed as I stood up, "I don't really have anything else to do anyway." Esme smiled at me before she and Rosalie turned and walked out of the room. I followed behind them, being sure I didn't touch anything. I didn't want to accidently brake anything.

We walked downstairs, and I followed them into what looked like their living room. One of them, I believe his name was Emmett, was sitting in front of a television playing some sort of video game. Alice was sitting on the couch curled up next to another guy, who I'm pretty sure was named Jasper, while he read a book. Dr. Cullen wasn't in the room, but I could tell he was close because I could... smell him? Is that what it was?

Alice and Jasper looked up as we entered the room, Alice scooting over so we could sit on the couch. Rosalie nudged me towards them, and we both sat down. Esme had gone somewhere, I assumed she went to get her husband.

We sat there for a few moments, the only sounds made were that of Emmett's video game, before Esme came back in, Carlisle trailing behind her. Emmet didn't seem to notice, he just continued with his game. I could tell Rosalie was starting to get irritated.

"Emmet, we're having a meeting." she hissed at him, momentarily breaking his concentration. From what I could make out of Emmett's mumbled cursing, she had nearly caused him to lose a life.

"But Rose," he whined, "I'm almost done, can't you wait until I'm done with this level?"

"Get over here." she snarled. I watched as Emmett sighed, and slowly got up to turn off the game. He then sat down on the floor in front of Rosalie.

"Er, so Esme wanted us to introduce ourselves to Bella," Dr. Cullen said as he gestured to me, "Because if she agrees, she'll probably be staying with us for a while." He smiled at me before continuing, "I'm Carlisle, and this is Esme, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, and Emmet." He said, motioning to each person in turn. It took me a second before I realized who was missing.

"Er, Dr. C--" I stopped before correcting myself, "Carlisle, where's Edward?" He frowned a bit before responding.

"I actually don't know." he said, "Alice, do you have any idea where he's run off to this time?" I watched as Alice squinted her eyes in concentration.

"He's run off to Canada." she sighed, "I'm not exactly sure why though, I think he's just running." Carlisle nodded.

"Anyway," he continued, "I wanted to discuss a few things with you. First off, I would like you to know that you don't have to stay with our coven. You are free to roam if you want to, but we would be delighted if you stay. If you do stay though, we have one main rule. We do not feed off of humans here, unlike most of our kind. We tend to feed off of animals." I nodded, none of this really a surprise for me.

"So if I stayed with your... coven, was it? I'd just live with you guys?" I said, uncertainly. Esme nodded.

"Yes, we'd find a room for you to stay in, and then you would just live with us." she said, smiling slightly.

"So would you like to stay, or roam?" Carlisle asked me, I stared at him like he was slightly crazy.

"I don't find the idea of roaming on my own that appealing, actually." I said as I made a face, "I'd probably get myself in trouble as soon as I left here. I would love to stay with your family." Esme looked extremely happy at this, and the other's seemed to be mildly happy as well.

"Well then," Emmett said, standing up and wrapping me in a bear hug, "Welcome to the family, sister."

Yes, I thought to myself as I returned Emmett's hug, I think I might end up liking it here after all.