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Midnight Rendevous

Bella’s eyes shot open, heart thundering, fully awake. Why did I wake up... The question went unanswered by her own mind.

This story begins on Edward's first night back from Alaska after meeting Bella.

1. Chapter 1

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Bella shuddered in her sleep, rolling onto her side and diving deeper under the covers. A breeze caressed her sleeping face in the darkness of her quiet room. It was past midnight, that time of night where ghost stories are told and people almost believe in vampires.

Bella’s eyes shot open, heart thundering, fully awake. Why did I wake up... The question went unanswered by her own mind. I must be losing it she thought. It must have just been a nightmare. Something caught her attention, a distant sound, a faint presence, as if some one had just left the room. Charlie... She thought. No, this doesn’t feel right. Something moved in the corner of her eye that caught, and held, her attention. Her eyes flickered to the window, the curtains rustled as if disturbed by a light breeze. There are no breezes inside, she reminded herself. Her entire body was tense and terrified, as though somebody was watching, but her mind...her mind was calm. Her senses heightened by her adrenaline pumped body, her mind racing through logical possibilities. Sitting up in her bed now, Bella shivered, again with the breeze she thought as the curtains stirred again. I know I closed my window...it was raining when I went to sleep. The thought left her momentarily puzzled. She’d already appraised her room throughly, looking for signs of an intruder, there were none...except the window.

Silently as she could manage Bella crept out of bed and to the window, warily glancing about outside for any sign of movement. Nothing. Only the leaves of the nearby trees rustled softly in the light breeze. Still, she felt as if some one was watching her. She shivered involuntarily at the thought, but with out any fresh proof she found her heart slowing to a normal pace, and her breathing relaxed. One more glance through the window, and Bella made her way slowly back to her bed. She didn’t feel threatened really, only wary. She had made sure to close and lock her window this time.

Edward sighed, unnecessarily, in relief. Blending into the trees just outside her window, he had escaped just in time, she hadn’t seen him. He had felt her stir very close to wakefulness moments earlier and had escaped her room with just enough time to close the window and drift back into the trees. He had belatedly realized that he hadn’t managed to shut the window all the way, there was a breeze and he was sure she would notice the gap, he hadn’t been wrong. It was horribly difficult to stay hidden in the trees, her scent wafting up to him on the gentle wind. He didn’t think he would hurt her, he had fed well, but her smell was so delicious, so alluring. He wasn’t entirely sure he could resist his instincts just yet. So he drifted farther back into the branches as she walked up to the window, shutting it with a snap. He felt a slightly guilty upon seeing the expression on her face and wished once again he could read her thoughts like all the rest of them. She was scared, but not quite terrified, yet calm. Calm? The realization struck him all at once. How could she be calm? It seemed as if she was searching for him, and for a moment as her eyes rested on the spot where he hovered, invisible, he thought she had found him. It was an irrational fear, he knew he couldn’t be seen, but his breath quickened anyway, a reflexive response. If she saw him now, he didn’t know what he would do.

The moments passed slowly, even for him, until she finally walked away. His stone heart felt like it could beat once more, and he realized this must be what it felt to be breathless. That had been too close, he could never be that vulnerable again. Not for his own sake, but for risk of exposing his family. Bella had not yet returned to the window and Edward’s sensitive ears picked up the gentle rhythm of her breathing. She’s so different from the rest, why can’t I hear her? I must find out.