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Midnight Rendevous

Bella’s eyes shot open, heart thundering, fully awake. Why did I wake up... The question went unanswered by her own mind.

This story begins on Edward's first night back from Alaska after meeting Bella.

2. Chapter 2

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Carlisle looked up from his book as Edward stepped up to the door, Come in he thought. Edward entered silently, still lost in thought. He had been deep in thought for a while now, ever since returning home in the early hours of the morning. Carlisle wondered where he had gone after getting back from Alaska, he could only hope Edward hadn’t done anything stupid.

"Um..Carlisle..I wanted to talk to you about something." Edwards lips vibrated softly, he knew Carlisle could understand.

"About the girl." It wasn’t a question, Edward could read thoughts, but sometimes he thought Carlisle could read minds.


"You went to see her last night." Carlisle’s eyebrow raised in amusement, if he could blush Edward was sure he would have.

"Yes, I-I needed to make sure I could handle being near her."

"So you want to know...what?"

"I want to talk to her tomorrow at school. I was horrible the first day, I don’t want to draw attention us, maybe I can apologize."

"What does this have to do with me Edward?"

"If you don’t think I should, I’ll avoid her. I guess you could say I want your blessing in this."

"And do you think you can you handle yourself?"

"I can, I did well last night. I was just thirsty before, I think I’ll be ok now."

"Very well then. Tell Alice your plan, some one will have to keep an eye on you."

"I will...thank you Carlisle."

Edward retreated from Carlisle’s office and down the hall to his room. I can do this. I wont be caught off guard again. There is something different about her, she’s so...interesting. Edward’s thoughts carried him off to the closest thing he had come to sleeping in a over a century. His daze was only broken when Alice came barging in, he had been so lost in his own thoughts he hadn’t heard hers as she’d stood outside the door.

"Edward!" Alice stormed into the room in her own bouncy way and sat on the floor in front of him.

"Sorry Alice, I didn’t hear you."

"Yea yea, so what’s this I hear about you talking to Bella? After what happened last time?!"

"Carlisle got to you first I see." Thrilling. He could have at least let me do it.

"Explain yourself. He said something about you went to see her last night. Have you lost your mind Edward?"

"No Alice. I haven’t. Yes I went to her house last night. No she didn’t see me, she slept the entire time. I want to talk to her tomorrow, I know I scared her Monday, I need to make up for that. I can handle it, Carlisle just wanted you to know incase anything goes wrong. But that doesn’t mean it will."

"Well...I can’t stop you, but please be careful. I can’t watch you all the time, and unlike a certain some one, I can’t always know what your thinking." Alice had gotten up and was bounding out the door. Edward’s thoughts turned back to Bella. Isabella Swan...there was something about her, he just couldn’t figure out what. He knew why the monster in him was attracted to her, but there was so much more than that. Made even more infuriating by the fact that he couldn’t even hear her thoughts. That in itself was completely new to him. He wondered what tomorrow would bring. Biology, he would sit next to her then, hopefully he would be able to keep control this time.


The next day passed as a blur, until lunch that is. Bella was standing there with Jessica on the way to their table. Bella, what are you staring at? Edward had picked up on Jessica’s thoughts, it was the next best thing, as he still couldn’t hear Bella’s. His eyes flashed up to meet her’s, she looked down to block his view with her hair. She was obviously very intimidated, he’d slipped up bad before. He doesn’t look angry does he? Jessica was processing Bella’s words. Edward cringed inwardly, he felt a bit more guilty than before. All the while Alice watched the situation, keeping tabs on his mood. Making sure he didn’t slip up. He knew that was why she had been told his plan in the first place, but frankly, it annoyed him. I don’t think he likes me. Jessica’s silent echo of Bella’s words drifted to him. He didn’t like his chances of making things up to her.

The bell rang for class somewhere in the background, and Alice’s thought’s broke into his own. I hope your ready for this. He nodded inconspicuously toward her, trying to smile as if at some inside joke. He made his way slowly to biology, trying to figure out what he would say to her. Bella was already seated at the lab table they shared when he walked into the room. She didn’t notice as he walked toward her, possibly that was her intent, he could never know, her mind seemed ever silent.

"Hello," He sang. Keeping his tone sweet, non-obtrusive, un-intimidating. Bella glanced up looking stunned that he had spoke to her, or maybe that he was actually back in class. He set down gingerly on the stool next to her, careful to sit as far away as the table allowed. He wouldn’t take any chances. "My name is Edward Cullen, I didn’t have a chance to introduce myself last week. You must be Bella Swan." Bella’s expression changed from surprised to confused as it dawned on her that he was being nice. His guilt twinged again.

"H-how do you know my name?" She stammered.

He laughed, trying to lighted her mood. He didn’t want her to be scared of him.

"Oh, I think everyone knows your name. The whole town’s been waiting for you to arrive."

"No," she countered, "I meant, why did you call me Bella?"

He was confused, "Do you prefer Isabella?"

"No, I like Bella," she said, "But I think Charlie ---- I mean my dad ---- must call me Isabella behind my back ---- that’s what everyone here seems to know my as."

"Oh." She’s still nervous but at least she doesn’t seem scared of me anymore. Somewhere Alice was worrying her head off about Edward’s self control, or possible lack of it in any case. Class began and he continued to try to gain her trust. They did the lab together, for once some one that could keep up with him. She was trying to make up for acting like a babbling idiot earlier he surmised. He found her not only enticing, but incredibly intelligent. According to the thoughts floating around him, everyone seemed to think she was lucky to have him as her partner, but he didn’t think she needed him. I wish I could know what she’s thinking. I wish I could know why I DON’T know what she’s thinking. They talked a while about the snow and why she had decided to move to Forks, she calmed down considerably. He could no longer hear her pulse, that made things easier. The bell eventually rang and he shot out of the classroom. Alice was waiting for him in the hall, her thoughts like battering rams, wanting to know what had happened.

"Chill Alice, at least wait ‘till we get home."

They walked in silence to the car, she was looking daggers at him, too curious for her own good. It almost wanted to make him drive slow on the way home, just to put off the questioning.