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Heaven and Back

CHOICE SPOILERS! Reading 'Choice' by Edwards Rose is probably a good idea. This story uses the character 'Meg' from it.
It takes place as if Jane had never taken Megan from her parents, but had still wanted revenge. Basically, the title tells it all. Feedback is wanted and appreciated.[:

First chapter! I hope you all like it!

1. Preface: The Beginning

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Preface; The Beginning
Edward’s POV

I looked up and saw the white light pass by my face. There were faded images of people all around… people of different ages… and even a few animals. I wondered where I was and how I got here. Where was Bella, Alice…Jasper and Esme? I was with them only a few seconds before I started gliding through the air. The only other thing that felt like this was running, and I had been crouching before Jane’s hateful eyes in my last memory. All around me was a blue-padded tunnel. I couldn’t tell what it was, but all of a sudden, I saw a fork ahead of me. One led up, and one down. I realized that I died. But how did this happen? Vampires were supposed to just die…not got to heaven or hell, exactly. Edward, gain composure... maybe you can go back to Earth and see what happened.
Jane floated by and she started veering away from me, going down. I realized that I was floating upward…it was white up there and everything looked nice. Heaven? But I was a killer; eternally damned.
I tried to swim backwards, but realized that the tunnel was leading where I was going. I decided to stop floating, and just let it lead me. As the tunnel stopped rising, I saw a glistening figure in front of a simple, dark-wood door. I began to slow down and realized I had legs, so I stood on the little platform in front of the door.
“Ah, Edward Cullen,” it said.
“Yes?” I asked, wondering who this figure was.
“Well, I am God’s right hand man… or angel, I guess.” He laughed quietly and then gained composure. “I am Saint Matthew.”
“Hello, Matthew. What am I doing here?”
“Well, first of all, you are dead. Second, this is Heaven. And third, you have done more good than bad, so you’re coming here to live in the rest of eternity.”
I looked around in disbelief. I was never going back to Earth again… never seeing Bella or Alice, Esme or Carlisle, Jasper or Emmett, not even Rosalie… and worst of all, I was never again going to see Meg—my beautiful daughter. “I suppose I cannot go back down to Earth… not even for a visit.”
Matthew just stared at me, and frowned. “No. You cannot. Although, if you talk to God Almighty, he may let you return to Earth and live again. I mean, you really have done a lot of good in your life.”
I frowned and sighed. “Alright, when can I talk to the Lord?”
“Whenever you’re ready,” said Matthew shortly.
“I’m ready now, if that’s alright with you.”
He stepped aside and knocked on the door twice. It opened and he gestured for me to enter. “When you enter, ask for Saint Peter. He will take you to Him and explain what will happen in the next few hours. If the Lord allows, you will be on your way back down to Earth within about four hours or so.”
I smiled, hopeful to what was about to happen, and I glided through the door, searching for someone to ask where this Saint Peter was.