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Heaven and Back

CHOICE SPOILERS! Reading 'Choice' by Edwards Rose is probably a good idea. This story uses the character 'Meg' from it.
It takes place as if Jane had never taken Megan from her parents, but had still wanted revenge. Basically, the title tells it all. Feedback is wanted and appreciated.[:

First chapter! I hope you all like it!

2. One: Newly Found

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Chapter One; Newly Found

Bella’s POV

The fire had not been started yet, Alice had killed Jane…but he was gone. He was ripped apart, and his body parts were not moving. I gathered them in my arms with the help of Carlisle and we carried them into the house. I sat down beside them and just shook. Vampires could not cry, I knew that. The pain was antagonizing. It was unbearable. He was gone for ever and I would never be able to talk to him again. The love of my life. I wished he would not have jumped in front of Jane—that he had just let her come to me and kill me instead. Maybe his body parts would resume and they would come back to life, though. Hope would determine our fates.

Meg’s POV

Mother had carried his body into the house with the help of Gramps. I had been screaming outside—I didn’t know what to do…my powers had failed me, and Jane had gotten to Father. My powers had always been something that didn’t always work, but in a time of such need and such desperation—my powers cost a life. I could do nothing but sit and watch her shake… I just sat there and cried—tears of sadness, tears of anger. I was sad—I could never see Father again…but on the other hand, I was angry with myself and angry with my powers. I was in disbelief; he was actually gone for ever. At least the fire hadn’t been started yet. Maybe he could regain strength and his body could mend itself. I turned towards Mother and laid my head into her arms.

“Mom, do you think he’ll be alright?”

She sighed slowly. “Well, Meg, you know that the fire wasn’t set. Only time can tell.”

“But I don’t want to wait… I want to know now. I want him back. I can’t live without Daddy.”

“Neither can I, sweetie,” she sighed again. “Neither can I.”

Edward’s POV

I sat in a cushioned chair in front of the Almighty Lord. It seemed so surreal; I guess that’s the only way to describe the afterlife. I sighed unhappily; I didn’t want to be dead, I wanted to be home with my family.

“So do you think I can go back?”

He smiled and sighed. “I would like you to, and your family would like you to as well. The only condition is that you let your daughter live until she is at least 18 before she is turned into a vampire. I know I created the mythical creatures, but one was not supposed to be changed before legal adulthood…to make sure they want to live as a human or not. She is already half-vampire, and I understand that, but just let her make up her own mind. Allow her to see what being a human adult is all about.” He smiled graciously, and I bowed my head.

“Thank you so much, Lord. I will remember this for ever. I owe you all of my love and prayers. I shall remain faithful to you for all of eternity.”

He chuckled lightly and said, “I can see that in your future, Mr. Cullen. Have a nice life.”

I smiled and walked out the door, into my old body.