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The Wedding Ring

The day Bella finally decides to tell the world about thier engagment he reachs in his pocket to get the special ring.....but it's not there. Can Edward find it?

i got this funny idea the other day so i'm writing it down.

1. hide-n-seek

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I slammed the drawers shut and started to look under the bed.

"Where is it" I asked myself under my breath. It had been in my pocket for weeks hoping she would accept it and then when we were in the meadow and she finally did it wasn't there. How could I lose it. I groaned and thrashed around my room. I'd searched the whole place at leat three times but it had to be somewhere.

"WHERE IS IT" I roared.

"Where is what" Emmett was standing in the doorway dressed like a super hero with his hands folded across his chest. He dodged the thing that went flying his way in my desperate search.

"Bella's wedding ring."

"You lost the most important peice of jewlery you will ever give a woman. Good job." he chuckled.

"No I just can't find it"

"Oh, huge difference there"

Jasper walked by and decided to see what was going on.

"Hey guys why are you ripped apart Edward's room?"

"Edward lost bella's wedding ring."

"That was smart."

"Shush!" Edward ushered. Jasper started to help. Only Murphey's lay would have that Alice walked by next.

"What on earth are you doing?"

Edward lost Bella's wedding ring." Jasper and Emmett said at the same time.

"Great tell let's just tell the whole universe."

"I didn't think about it but that's and exellent idea." Emmett said stopping the search.

"Shut up Emmett and help me look." I threw another pillow at him.

"Captain cullen's on the job. Where did you see it last?"

"Well this morning in the pocket of my jeans, and then I changed my jeans before I went out with bella- uh oh Esme must've taken them to wash them. ESME!" I raced down the stairs to the living room where Esme and Carlisle was watching tv. Emmett ran into my back when I stopped suddenly.

"Sorry" I ignored him.

"What honey stop yelling I can hear you just fine."

"Mom did you wash the jeans that were on my bed?"

"Ya they're in the dryer. Why?"

"AAAAHHH no." I darted to the laundry room and threw open the dryer stopping the cycle. I pulled out all the clothes dumping them on the floor while I searched for my jeans and the precious ring. I got the jeans and reached in the pocket.

"It's.....not......there" the words dropped like stones.

"Now i'm going to have to wash those all over again." Esme spoke from behind us. Emmett had just watched the whole time. I whirled around to look at her.

"Looking for this." she held out the ring. It was still perfect and beautiful.

"Yes, thank you mom how did you find it?"

"Oh don't worry I always check the pockets before I put them in wash after Emmett's frog."

"AAAWWW mom that was only the one time."

"You put a frog in your pocket?" I didn't know if I really wanted the answer.

"Ya I found it out hunting it was huge and brown. I named it bob but it died." He actually looked sad about the frog dying. this was holarious I 20 year old man(Well pysically)that still puts pet animals in his pocket. Esme laughed quietly and walked back to Carlisle.

"Oh my gosh Emmett things are NEVER boring with you around."

"Thanks, it's my job." He skipped off down the hall. I quickly put the ring in my pocket and checked every couple of seconds to make sure it was still there. I passed my parents on my way out.

"Did you propose to her son" Carlisle spoke the excitment bubbled through his thoughts and Esme was looking at me also.

"Ya, she said yes." I was still kinda in shock from that but I was still on a mission to give her the ring before I lost it again.

"Oh honey congradulations i'm so proud of you." Esme sqeezed me to death with a hug and Carlisle shook my hand.

"Good job son she's perfect for you." they couldn't see my rush but I was literly jumping up and down trying to get away. Finally they let me go and I hurried to Bella's house before anything else happened.