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Three years after her sister vanishes, she finally has a vision... Alice Cullen is finally able to slip past Bella's power, and sees her best friend trying to flee from the Volturi. What will she do, and how will her brother react? This goes with chapter 8 in Deceiver. alice

This goes along with Deceiver, chapter 8.

1. Visions...

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I was going through my closet, just like any other day since we moved from Forks. Our new house was even larger, and my closet was huge, as was my bathroom. Jasper had a much bigger study now, and he was in there right now, studying for his new college courses on business law.

“Alice?” a quiet voice asked from my closet. I turned quickly to see Edward standing there, looking at me with a semi-amused face. Ever since Bella vanished, he hadn’t been able to truly smile.

He winced slightly at my thoughts. “I’m sorry Edward, I didn’t mean that. I’m just worried about you. I mean, even if Bella said to wait, maybe we shouldn’t. We should at least find out who captured her.”

Edward looked out the large window in the back of the large room. It was twilight, and the darkening sky seemed to fit his mood just right. “I wish we could do that. But whenever you try to see her, all you can see is blackness.” I saw how that thought tormented him. It hurt me too, making me wonder if my sister was alright.

“Well, maybe we should go searching, try to track her down,” I said, half a smile on my face. He glared at the reminder of the time he tried to track down Victoria. “It’s worth a shot, right? I mean, you couldn't get any—“

There were dark shapes sitting around a small fire. It was all very clear, more so than other visions lately. Another presence entered my mind, observing it all with me.

Three of the figures were sitting up, staring anxiously at another person lying on the lap of a familiar girl. She was looking down in concern at her friend, absentmindedly stroking her hair.

“Why did she black out like that? I mean, is it even possible for her to pass out?” the tallest boy asked. The won shifted the smoke away, and his familiar brown hair and golden eyes were now visible.

“Do you really even need to ask that?” the shorter boy asked skeptically, his eyes raised up. “I mean, think who you’re talking about. She defies all rules.” He leaned out of the shadows, and the trio became recognizable.

“I still don’t understand how Felix could’ve gotten into the shield, or how he managed to teleport with us.” Becka said, worried. She stroked the small girl’s brown hair again.

“I hope she can wake up soon so we can go. I don’t want Demetri to find us,” Aaron said quietly, frowning. “Come on, wake up. You can do it,” he prompted, patting the girls shoulder.

The girl stirred. She trembled slightly, shaking one of her arms as if it brought her pain. I could faintly see the ripped clothes on her shoulder, as if something had tried to bite off her arm. She moaned softly, and turned into the light of the fire, opening her eyes.

It was Bella.

Her eyes were black as night, and the shadows under her eyes were too big for any comfort. She looked like she hadn’t slept in months. Her face was exceptionally pale, though it looked almost the same as it had before she disappeared.

“How long have I been out?” Her voice was slightly weak and mingled with pain and worry, though it seemed different somehow.

“Only about thirty minutes. Your arm was still on only by a thin ligament, it’s amazing you were able to use it still,” Becka said in awe. The others nodded. It was obvious that they were impressed with her stability and endurance.

“Where are we?” she asked, sitting up with the help of Becka. She looked into the fire for a brief moment, and then around at the familiar woods they were hidden in.

“We’re in Forks, near our cottage,” Aaron told her quietly. He was looking at her carefully, scrutinizing her reactions.

Her eyes went wide, and she impulsively jumped up. “We are?” she asked quickly; hope was strong in her voice, as well as some wariness.

The others nodded. “We went to the Cullens house, Bella, and they aren’t there. They must have moved on from here,” Aaron told her gently. She closed her eyes briefly, trying to hide the disappointment on her face. When she opened her eyes, her face was emotionless.

“Yeah, and we’re taking you to KJ before anything else,” Becka said firmly. Bella frowned at her, and she noticed. “Okay, no vampire passes out just because someone bit them. Something’s wrong.”

Bella cursed colorfully under her breath and the two boys raised their eyes at her. “Wow Bella, someone’s a little grumpy today.” She just growled under her breath in response.

“Alright you two, lets go. We can’t stay here to long or the Volturi will be able to track us down really quickly. Don’t forget that Alec is in Montreal right now. He could get here pretty quick,” Aaron warned.

Bella frowned. “It doesn’t matter. They know that this is the first place we would go,” she said indifferently. “I mean, this is the place we’ve hung out the most before we had to leave.”

The others just stared at her blankly, like they were unable to comprehend a word she just said. She shook her head and sighed deeply.

“Andiamo,” she muttered before it all faded away.

I blinked carefully; making sure the vision was over. If there was more to see, I would gladly take it. But like the past three years, all there was to see was blackness. Then I glanced up into Edward’s shocked eyes, feeling the same emotions he was.

“She’s alive,” he breathed finally, melting out of the frozen stance he had been. Suddenly, there was light in his eyes, a light that had been absent for awhile now.

“No, she isn’t,” I disagreed softly. “She’s not alive, but she is a vampire now. And she was changed by the Volturi.”

His eyes went black, and Jasper came running into the room, looking at us both worriedly. “What’s going on?” He sent us tranquil waves, allowing both of us to calm down.

“I had a vision of Bella,” I said happily. “She was in Forks, looking for us. Except she was unconscious somehow, since Felix seemed to have almost ripped her arm out when she was trying to escapee Volterra.”

I said all of this in less than a second. Jasper glanced at Edward, who nodded in confirmation. A sudden wave of happiness swept through the room, before Jasper got a hold of his emotions.

“We have to try and find her again,” Jasper said. “We should go right to Forks.”

I shook his head. “We wouldn’t make it in time. They were planning to leave, since they knew that Demetri would try and track them down. Aaron said that some of the guard was in Canada.”

Edward, who had been quietly listening, suddenly shot his head up. “Damn it Bella,” he half growled, half moaned. Jasper and I looked at him in shock. “Don’t you both see?” he asked in a pained voice. “She planned this all out perfectly. She totally set us up.”

“What do you mean?” Jasper asked, trying to pinpoint where this thought process came from.

He looked at us, a small amount of anger in his eyes. “When we first came back, I asked her if Becka was a vampire, and she said no. And yet, I could always smell vampires around Bella when she came back from seeing Becka or the others. I never could read any of her friend’s thoughts, and none of them went to school except Bella. I heard her chastising them once for getting the teachers to forget the fact that they didn’t finish their credits.”

We both stared at him. “So you’re saying…” I prompted him, glancing at Jasper, who looked just as perplexed as I felt, though that may have contributed to it.

“That Bella was a vampire. That her, Becka, Aaron and Alex all were vampires,” Edward said, heavily frustrated for not seeing this sooner.

“But why wouldn’t she tell us?” Jasper asked.

Edward ignored him and turned to me. “When you came to see Bella after she jumped off that damn cliff, how was she behaving when she first saw you?” he demanded, anger taking over.

I frowned, thinking back. “Well, when she first walked in, she took a deep breath. I could tell she knew one of us was there, from the argument she had with the dog. When she saw me though, she seemed to be in shock, like she was arguing with her senses. Then she became slightly hysterical, and jumped on me. She was a little colder than normal too, and slightly stronger. She never ate either,” I added, comprehension dawning on me.

Edward nodded. “She was a vampire before she jumped off that cliff. She must have gotten the Volturi’s attention when she came with you to Volterra three years ago.”

Jasper gasped. “You said she went because she was blackmailed, right? The Volturi threatened to kill us all if she didn’t go.” Edward and I both nodded. He looked at us gravely. “She just left the Volturi against their wishes.”

Suddenly, I was sucked into a vision of people in black cloaks coming to see us, shouts coming out of nowhere…