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Three years after her sister vanishes, she finally has a vision... Alice Cullen is finally able to slip past Bella's power, and sees her best friend trying to flee from the Volturi. What will she do, and how will her brother react? This goes with chapter 8 in Deceiver. alice

This goes along with Deceiver, chapter 8.

2. Confirmation

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“I just can’t see them!” I yelled in frustration. I could feel that Bella was there, but she was blocking me for some reason. I could finally understand Edward’s frustrations on not being able to read her thoughts.

Edward gave me a small smile, though it was tinted with worry. A few hours ago I had finally seen Bella for the first time in three years, and she wasn’t in the best shape. She was a vampire, and was somehow unconscious. And all Edward could do was worry.

“Of course I’m worried,” Edward answered my thoughts, exasperated. “How would you feel if that was Jasper?” he practically groaned. I felt a calming wave come from a shelf in the back of the library on the top floor of our new house, and silently sent another wave of gratitude to Jasper.

“I’m sorry Edward,” I said quietly. “I’m worried too. I just need you to stay focused, alright?”

We were sitting in the library, researching the different ways we could try and get away from the Volturi, and find Bella. It wasn’t going to well, and everyone knew that.

Edward looked up at my thoughts angrily, but before he could say anything, I was sucked into another vision, bringing him along with me. I went very still, dimly aware of Jasper calling my name…

A bright northern forest glowed in the bright sunlight coming down on it. The scent of freshwater spraying on sand was very prominent. Pines, oaks, maples…all existed together in perfect harmony.

Four teenagers stood together in a darker part of the forest, glaring darkly at a small shape in the middle of their group. He wore a black cloak, and looked triumphant with the group he found.

“I don’t expect it to only be a taste,” Becka shot at the seemingly young figure, though he was older than all the vampires in the group combined.

“Well, depending on how you behave, you might not even get to live long enough for your ‘freedom’ to end. So you may be right,” Alec taunted, looking gloatingly at Bella, as if she was the best prize of them all.

She growled at him, raising her hand quickly and violently. Without her even touching him, Alec went flying back into a tree, knocking it over and getting lost in a pile of haphazard branches. She looked at him smugly.

“I don’t care how much Aro wants you back as his little trophy to show off, you’re not going to go back to Volterra,” he snarled, his voice low and menacing.

Bella seemed to blow it off, raising her eyes. “Is that actually a threat? I really would enjoy watching you try to follow it out.” She flicked her wrist quickly again, and he went flying back. She raised my hand, and brought her fingers together without them actually touching. A small golden ring glinted in the scarce light, as well as multiple scars from vampire bites.

Somehow, Alec was now floating in midair, his form held up by invisible cords much like a marionette. He was spitting out profanities at Bella, which only seemed to amuse her.

She shook her head lightly, as if to scold. “Language, language Alec,” she said severely, shaking her hand slightly, sending him up and down easily without lying a hand on him, her will alone maneuvering him in the air.

Becka grinned, and Bella motioned to Alex who walked forward with a grin. She lowered Alec down, still holding him in a small force field. “So Alec, were you planning on telling Aro that you just happened to see us? We would appreciate it if you didn’t,” Alex said, as if he were talking about something like a surprise party.

“Like I could even give a damn on what you—“ he started violently, and Bella shook him again angrily, allot desperately. It was obvious that something in his tone scared her, though she tried to hide it.

“Oh, has Bella found the Cullens yet?” Alec asked innocently. He didn’t bother to wait for an answer, and ignored the flash of anger in Bella’s eyes at my family was mentioned. “Did they kick you out, angry that you betrayed them by coming to Italy? I would do that if I were them.”

Pain seemed to flash through Bella’s eyes, almost crippling her indifferent demeanor. It was obvious that those were her very fears, the ones she had to face everyday, and Alec knew.

“Shut up you little—“ Aaron began angrily, seeing the pain begin to flash in her eyes at the mention of her fears. Alec cut him off quickly.

“Why don’t you just come back to Italy? After you’re punished for running away, I’m sure Aro wouldn’t try and destroy the Cullens. He’ll only do that if you don’t come back. He already has Demetri searching for them. It shouldn’t be long now until they’re all just ashes in a—“

Before he could reveal anymore, fury took over the pain in Bella’s expression. Her eyes were black as pitch, glaring. She squeezed her fingers almost into a fist, cutting off his air supply. She seemed to be fighting her desire to squeeze him until he fell apart. Her hand began to shake, and she glanced up once, looking right into the spot where the vision was being viewed from, as if aware that someone was watching her.

Becka noticed her struggle. “Tell me one good reason why I shouldn’t pull her back right now and stop her from letting you explode,” Becka said in a black whisper.

Alec’s eyes were wide, popping from the pressure. “I…could call…Demetri off…for long enough for you…to go to your precious…Cullens,” he gasped, trying to get enough air to talk, though he didn’t need any to breath. Bella released her hand just a tiny bit, looking at him in quiet disgust.

“Do it,” she commanded in a voice darker than death.

I gasped, pulling out of the vision. Edward was already standing up, and staring out the window. Jasper was by my side, holding my hand and stroking my short hair. I could hear the others downstairs, discussing what to do if the Volturi came.

I thought about everything that I saw. “She really did leave for us. She went through a hell worse than ours,” I said weakly. Edward stiffened, and hung his head.

“Did you see all the scars on her arms? She looks almost as bad as Jasper did,” he whispered, pain threaded in his voice. “She didn’t go through hell—she went through a hell one thousand times worse than ours.”

Jasper tried to send calming waves to Edward, but he shook it off. “Edward, it isn’t your fault. She knew what she was doing when she left,” Jasper said reassuringly.

Edward’s teeth clenched together. “I know.”

I tried to think of something to cheer him up. “Well, she totally beat up Alec without even touching him,” I laughed. Jasper looked bewildered, but Edward only shrugged. My voice softened. “And she was wearing your ring still, right where you put it on her finger.”

He sighed, and the tension partially left his body. He turned to face us. “I noticed,” he said with a small smile. That thought seemed to comfort him slightly, before he grimaced again. “Why would she think we would reject her after all this? She should know better!” he moaned.

“Well Edward,” I said, happiness creping into my voice. He and Jasper looked confused at my sudden mood swing. I blocked my thoughts and grinned mischievously. “That vision is happening in about two hours.”


My grin widened. “I know exactly where it is.”