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A New Life

This is a story talking about Bella's wedding, last human demand, and tranformation!


1. Chapter 1

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Today was the day. Wow. That was all i was capable of thinking. My mind had never before been so lost, confused and unable to comprehend anything. I looked down at myself into the mirror. Alice really had overdone herself this time. I spun around to get a better view of the dress and it was so beautiful. This dress was certainly not worthy of my scrawny figure. The creme gown made even my pale skin look dark and the frills around the bottom made me feel elegant.

"So this is really happening," I said to absolutely no one in particular. I let out a long sigh.

All the sudden i heard the door creak open and i spun around too fast for my clumsy body. I tripped over thin air and stumbled to the ground. It was Alice.

"Ouch," I stammered.

"Bella! Your wedding is in 30 minutes and you've just about killed yourself! Whatam i going to do with you?"She laughed to herself as she helped me up.

"Sorry." I managed to say. "I guess I'm just a little nervous."

A little? That was an understatement. I would've fought off an army of newborns over my own wedding.

"Don't worry. Everything is going to be amazing." She stated in her usual optomistic voice.

I hope so i thought to myself.

Time seemed to drag slowly by as Alice finished doing my hair and makeup. When all to soon, it was time. The wedding was nothing to big. We were just having a small ceremony at Edward's home with few guests. Alice walked me down the stairs and to the door that led into my wedding but as soon as my fingures hit the door...

"Bella," an all to familiar voice called to me.

I spun around to find my once best friend Jacob Black.

"Oh, hey Jake." I said softly.

"I know I'm not exactly wanted here, but i had to come, just to say a final goodbye and let you know im still here if you change your mind."

"Thanks Jake," and I walked over to hug him. "I'm sorry it has to be like this. I'll always love you." And with that said i turned away. He understood my choice and there was nothing more to be said.

I took a deep breathe and opened up the door.

"Love you too," i heard him mumble as i began to walk inside.

I looked down the long aisle. There at the end he stood. As beautiful as he had always and would always be. He never ceased to amaze me. I momentarily stopped breathing and my heart skipped a beat as Charlie walked up from behind and took my arm.

"I'm so happy for you Bells." he spoke. A tear rolled down his cheak but it was out of happiness.

I turned to him speachless and smiled. "Thanks Dad."

We began to walk down the aisle. I looked out to see who was here. I saw Jessica, Angela, Mike and of course Renee, my loving mother. I turned my attention back to my wedding. Before i realized what had happened, i was standing before Edward. His gaze froze me dead in my tracks. He had never looked so happy his whole life.

"Bella..." he spoke.

I stared at him wondering if i had done something wrong.

"You look so beautiful."

With that said, I sighed with relief. A smile broke on my face and the pastor began to speak. I barely heard a word he said. I was far to lost in Edward's beautiful golden eyes. We said our vows and after all the I do's the words i had wantd to hear were finally spocken.

"I now pronounce you man and wife," the man spoke. "You may kiss the bride."

Edward pulled me into his grasp and his lips met mine in a soft but passionate kiss.

We broke apart all too soon but i was satisfied. It was done and I was officially Edward's. That was enough for me. We sat down with our family and friends and had an amazing dinner which was of course set up by Alice. After a few hours -which flew by- the guests began to leave and Edward and I were left alone with the Cullens and my parents.

Edward and I had prepared for this moment. Most of my things had already been packed and taken to our new home. I was ready to begin my new life. Well almost ready at least....There were still some things that had to be done.