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A New Life

This is a story talking about Bella's wedding, last human demand, and tranformation!


2. Chapter 2:Final Goodbyes

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Now that the wedding was finally at bay, Edward and I could focus on more inportant matters. To start, i had to say goodbye to Charlie. This was the day i had been dreading and i was at a loss for words. I didn't know how long it would be before i could see him again. After all, the tranformation and after effects varried among people. This would be my last chance to say anything that needed to be said.

As Charlie headed for the door, he pulled me aside.

"Well Bells, I know your worried about college, but dont' be. I have confidence in you. Promise you'll write me."

"Of course," I replied. Of course I wasn't actully going off to college (unless Edward got his way), that was just the cover up. What was I suppose to say? Hey dad, me and Edward are running off to Alaska to live our lives as vampires. No big deal, right? i don't think so.

"I love you Bella. I can't begin to tell you how glad i am you came to live with me the past two years. Take care of yourself." he looked at me and smiled. I felt so bad for lying to him but I had to.

"I'll be fine, don't worry." I quietly said. "I'll call you as soon as we get settled in." and with that Edward and I walked out to the car and got inside. There was no need for goodbyes to the Cullens, for they would be near by.

* * *

Edward sped down the road, obviously in some kind of rush. No words were said,but none really needed to be. He held my hand and i could see the smile hidden behind his eyes. It was late, and we wouldn't arrive until morning, so i saw no fault in sleeping. Edward and I would have plenty of time to "celebrate" our marriage tomorrow. With that i drifted into sleep, thinking of...as you could have guessed...Edward.


I woke up in a bed. Obviously. But this bed was special, because not only was it my bed it was Edward and my bed. That made it much more special. My eyes slowly opened and I squinted to the light coming through the window. I turned over in an attempt to go back to sleep when I saw Edward's beautiful face, and trust me, that woke me up.

"Goodmorning, love." he spoke in his soft velvety voice. His body was verticle to mine.

"Goodmorning," I managed to mumble. He pulled me into his grasp and stroked my hair.

"So, Mrs. Cullen, any special plans for the day?"

"Umm...none that I know of." I simply replied. But of course we both knew what was in mind.

"Well, in that case..." he rolled my body over onto his and pulled his lips to mine. This kiss was gentle but at the same time very open and passionate. He hitched my leg up onto his hip and moved his hand up my side until his hands were knotted in my hair.