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Short one-shot fanfic attempt. Edward and Bella talk about her request.

This is my first fanic. Ever. I'd really appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks!

1. Chapter 1

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He was standing in front of the window when she came home. He heard her, but he was too distracted to move. The water from his shower had long since dried on his cold body, and he did not move as he tried to convince himself that he could do what she asked of him. He could. He would. He tensed slightly as he discovered his new determination.

She walked lightly up the stairs and entered his room, soon to be their room. He was facing the window, a damp towel slung low on his hips, arms crossed against his chest. She stared at his graceful back, the need to breathe having escaped her. She did not say anything. He knew she was there, she knew this. She wasn’t quiet enough to sneak up on him…yet. He slowly raised his hands and pressed them against the glass, lowering his head, deep in thought. The movement shook her out of her trance, and she went to stand next to him, her bare feet padding across the floor softly.

He sighed and turned his face toward her, smiling softly. Her breath caught in her throat momentarily, she’d never seen anything so beautiful in her life. He kept finding ways to redefine that for her. He spoke so softly, she could barely hear. “I hope you understand what you’re asking of me.”

“Yes,” she breathed. “But I understand if you don’t want to. I’ll survive.” She turned to look out the window with him, her heart deflating a little. She only wanted three things from him, and of these she was sure. One, she wanted his love. She was pretty sure she had that, even though at times she wasn’t sure why. Two, she wanted to be his forever. That would be taken care of after the wedding, he promised. That was his condition, that she be his bride. Third, she wanted her human experience. He said he was afraid he’d hurt her. She understood, but he’d come so far in his control with her. All she wanted was an attempt. Sometimes his reluctance made her think he didn’t want her. He did, right? He told her he did.

He laughed lightly, without humor. “Damn right you’ll survive if we don’t. That’s the point. You mean everything to me, you know that.” Calm down, he thought. He pushed away from the glass and turned his body to face her. “I’m just so afraid of hurting you.”

“I trust you.” She put her hand on his shoulder, trailing it lightly down his bare arm. She was trying hard to keep her eyes on his face. It took all she had to keep her eyes from raking over her almost naked fiancé. He smiled, taking her hand as it reached the end of his arm. He brought it to his face and kissed her palm, pressing her fingers against his cheek. He closed his eyes for only a second before moving her hand to rest on the back of his neck. He wrapped his other arm around her waist and pulled her against him.

He leaned in to kiss her, stopping close enough that as he spoke, his lips moved against hers, sending chills down her spine. “I guess that’s all I can ask for.”

He kissed her then, his hands moving to hold the sides of her face gently. She wound her fingers in his hair, sighing gently. He coaxed her lips open, slipping his tongue past them, tasting her. He raised his head, breaking their kiss. “Love, as much as I want this, we should probably stop now.”

“As much as you want this? You’re the one who keeps trying to talk me out of it.” She dropped her hands to her sides and looked away. She was starting to turn away when he caught her arm.

He quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and grabbed her legs, lifting behind the knees, wrapping her legs around his waist. She gasped. He carried her to the edge of the bed he’d bought for her, and set her down, standing between her legs, hovering over her. He trailed soft kisses down her neck, following the line of her v-neck shirt. His hands slipped under the hem of her shirt, teasing her stomach. Her breathing quickened, and her heart sped up. His mouth trailed lower, kissing her exposed skin until he stopped at the top of her jeans. His hands traced her hips and ran down her thighs as his mouth left her, straightening his back, towering above her. He had a wicked smile on his lips.

“I never said I didn’t want you, Bella. Those words will never cross my mind or my lips. When I said we should stop, it was because we agreed to wait until you are my wife. Which is tomorrow, if I remember correctly.” She smiled, nodding slightly. Her skin was flushed pink from his unexpected, but welcome assault.

“I…um…okay?” She was having trouble forming sentences at the moment. He smiled at her before pressing a soft kiss on her lips. He untangled himself from her limbs and sauntered toward the bathroom. Let that teach her a lesson. Thinking that she doesn’t tempt me? She’ll find out soon enough. He laughed out loud as he dropped his towel to the floor and got dressed. Tomorrow, he thought. Tomorrow.