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breaking down

Bella and Edward finally tie the knot. What happens when the Voltori are not far beind. Post-Eclipse.


2. Chapter 2

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The next thing I remember, I was in the shiny silver Volvo, racing through the scenery. Towards what I supposed to be the Cullen’s. I turned to meet the gaze of my husband, and to my surprise he was not the one driving. I turned to look at Alice in the driver’s seat.

"Are you feeling ok, Bella?" Alice said with an uneven voice.

"My head just feels a little strange. What happened?"

Edward took my face in his hands and caressed my face "My love, you passed out. Hopefully that is a trait that you don’t take with you when you cross over." He smiled that same smile I love so much.

It came over me like a flood, the memory of what just happened.

I was standing in the reception hall. Alice had the glazed look that we know all too well. The Voltori were coming back to forks. Charlie. Renee'.....

"Don't worry my love; they will not harm your family."

I looked at Edward with a puzzled look. He knew what I was thinking....

"I thought..." I was so very confused at that moment.

"It's become a lot easier to get to your thoughts. I have become more in tuned you." Edward looked at me with more love than I had ever experienced in just a look.

"I bet that makes you happy." I said sarcastically.

"You make me happy, Bella."

He took my face in his granite hands and leaned forward and gave me a kiss on my forehead. To my surprise I felt the butterflies again and the faintness that I was becoming so accustomed to. It was strange. Our kiss at the wedding was the most passionate kiss we had shared, but there was none of the faintness. It all seemed to disappear. It was very awkward that I would start to feel that way again.

I felt the car leave the main highway; I was still quite groggy from fainting so I didn’t even attempt to lean up. I felt the car swerve up the enclosed driveway. I could see the limbs above us, racing by. Then a thought crept into my mind. A thought that seemed to be hidden through the thick haze that covered my senses. I never got the chance to say goodbye.

“Edward, did you tell my parents why we left so fast?” He looked at me with a great amount of grief and sorrow in his eyes.

“I’m sorry my love. I couldn’t risk someone else finding out about us. We run to big of a risk as it is.”

I was instantly furious. How could he take me away without even giving me the chance to say goodbye the ones I love? How could he be so selfish?

“Take me back to the wedding, now Edward.” I had never been so angry at him.

“I’m sorry Bella, everyone has gone.” Alice said with a look of sadness in her eyes. “We have very little time left. The Volutri are on their way as we speak. Your family is in no danger; they have no clue what we really are.”

I felt the car come to a stop. And to my surprise the rest of the Cullen family were waiting on the front step. I found the energy to lift my head off Edwards lap. I was still quite nauseous. I believe this made it much worse. Esme looked at me and turned to Carlisle. They went into the house and closed the door behind them. I thought that to be quite strange since the Cullen family had no reason to keep secrets any longer. I looked at Edward, his face was unreadable. I glanced at Alice; I could tell she was having a vision. Her eyes were glazed over and she had no expression on her angelic face. I hesitated. Edward looked down on me with his beautiful fading topaz eyes.

“What is she seeing Edward? “

“I can’t tell. When she is having visions; her mind is totally closed to me. Just give it a minute. She will come out of it.”

I glanced back to Alice. Her face had not changed. My mind started to wonder. Was I doing to right thing? Was a really ready to give up my life for Edward? Visions flooded my mind of my parents mourning of my “death”. Was it really worth it?

I looked over at my husband. He was the most beautiful person I had ever laid eyes on. His features were sharp; like they could cut even the hardest rock. His eyes, a beautiful topaz color of which was almost unnatural. I knew I was totally and completely in love with him, nothing could change that.

“It has to happen today, doesn’t it?” I was shaking. Edward sensed my fear of it all.

“I’m sorry, Bella. It has to happen today.”

“Can you please take me to my house? I have to see Charlie one more time.”

Edward looked at me and I could tell he was going to tell me that there wasn’t any time. I felt my heart sink to the lowest part in my chest. I saw him glance at Carlisle. Carlisle nodded his head.

“Come on, Bella. We don’t have much time left.”

Edward helped me to the car. As I watched him glide over to the driver side of the silver Volvo, I realized something. I really was ready; I loved him so much that it was the right thing. I made up my mind right there in the passenger seat, I was going to tell Charlie everything.

The ride was quick and silent, as if he knew what I was planning. I couldn’t bear the thought of his anger when I told him what I was going to do.

“Edward. I know you don’t want to expose your family, but I have to tell my father. He can’t think I really died.” His expression was undreadable. He looked at me and smiled.

“I know Bella. Alice had said that you were going to tell your father. The family agrees. It wouldn’t be right not to tell him the truth about everything. Alice said that he’s going to take it amazingly well.” I felt as if a huge weight was lifted from my chest and I could breathe again. I hoped Alice was right. We turned off the main road and made our way up to the house. I could feel the butterflies coming up in my stomach again. We got to the house and Charlie was outside already. It was like he knew we were coming.

“DAD!” I flew out of the Volvo and ran to him as fast as I could. The way he embraced me I could tell he knew more than I thought. He let me go and motioned towards the house. Edward and I followed him. We sat in the living room in silence.

“You are here I tell me something, Bells?” I looked at him with confusion written all over my face.

“Yes, dad. We are.”

“Go ahead, Bella.”

I turned to look at Edward. I could tell in his face that he knew I didn’t know what to say. He bent down and whispered in my ear. “Do you want me to tell him?”

“No. I can do it.”

I looked at Charlie and his face was very calm.

“Dad, there’s something I need to tell you about Edward and his family…”

“I know everything, Bella. I’ve known for a long time now. Even before you came to live with me. There’s not much you can keep secret in a small town.” He smiled at me and motioned for me to come sit by him.

“Edward, do you mind if I have a moment alone with my daughter?”

“Of course, Charlie.” Edward got up and glided out of the room. Thoughts ran through my head at record speed. How could he know? Who told him? The only name that came to me was Billy Black.

“Bella, I know that the Cullen’s are not…normal. They have chosen a very hard road to go down.”

“How did you know?”

“Billy told me everything. The day he came over here with the fish, we had talked before he came here. I asked him to come over here and explain the dangers of their kind.”

I was floored. I felt as if I couldn’t breathe again. He continued.

“I decided to let it runs its course. I thought it would eventually fade just like all first love. I couldn’t imagine you falling in love with a vampire. But I was wrong. I was told everything Bella. I know the Voltori are coming and if you are not changed, they will kill you.”

I stared at him. I could not believe what I was hearing. Charlie knew the whole entire time. Why didn’t Edward ever tell me? A new group of questions were racing through my head.

“Does Edward know?”

“I don’t think he does. I can’t really be sure though. But it doesn’t matter now, does it. What has to be done has to be done, Bella. I know you love him. That’s all that matters.”

“So I guess you don’t know that Edward can read minds?”

“Oh that one. Yes I do know he can read minds. I guess mine is like yours. I know that he has a hard time reading yours. I can see it in his eyes when he’s looking at you.”

Out of all the questions I had to ask; only one of them really mattered to me.

“How do you feel about me…you know…becoming one of them?” the room seemed tense with the question.

“To be honest; I believe if you love him, then it’s ok. I will miss you terribly Bells. I know you have been struggling with your decision about it. I hear you sometimes at night. But I believe you will be fine wherever you are; especially if you’re with Edward. He loves you so much Bella. Just follow your heart.”

I looked up at him and seen the tears starting to pool in his eyes. He grabbed me and hugged me so tight that I thought my breathing would cease at any moment, but I didn’t want to let go. I love my father.

“I guess it has to be done now; With the Voltori coming and all.”

“Yes, Alice said that they will be here in 2 days. That leaves no time for me. I will never forget you dad. I love you.

“I love you to Bella; maybe someday we will meet again. Just promise me something, Bella.”

“I would do anything for you dad, you know that.”

“Please don’t eat me the next time we meet!”

“I’ll do my best! It’s just that I can’t promise anything for Edward; he might not be able to control himself!”

“I’m sure he has SOME self control.”

Edward knocked on the doorway to the living room. I could tell by the look in his eyes that it was time to say goodbye.

“I love you so much daddy; please don’t forget me.” I felt the tears roll down my cheek. He lifted his hands up and wiped the tears from my eyes.

“I could never forget you, Bells.”

I stood up and looked at Edward. To my surprise his facial expression was totally at ease.

“I love you daddy.”

“I love you too Bells. Edward, please take good care of my baby.”