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More Than Anything

The wedding, the honeymoon, the change... Will it all go as planned? Surely... Then again, maybe not. Please review. Rated Adult for chapter 2. Enjoy! ~Hana~


1. The Wedding

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It’s been almost half a year since I last saw Jacob. Which sucks. I was really hoping to talk to him before I married his enemy. But here I am, on my wedding day, and I have yet to speak to him. I called his house last night, but Billy said he wasn’t home. That would mean that Jacob has been missing for five and a half months. He said he hasn’t seen him since he left to go to the beach with Leah months ago; Sam says he disappeared. I know Sam was lying, because as long as Jacob is in wolf form, Sam will always be able to contact him. Do they honestly think I’m that stupid? Seriously! “Bella? Are you ready?” came Alice ’s voice from the doorway. I turned around. Alice was wearing one of the bride’s maid’s dresses she helped me pick out. Her dress was a little bit different, though, because she was the Maid of Honor. It was the same royal blue color as the others, but with little inconspicuous differences in the embroidery that she insisted on. Her reasoning was, Come on! I’m special. I should have a special dress. Then she gave me a cute little puppy face that I couldn’t say no to. “Not in the slightest,” I responded.. She came through the door and gasped. I turned around to face her, fiddling with my dress. “Is it too much?” I turned back to the full-length mirror in front of me. It really was too much. My hair was pinned up on the top of my head, falling slightly to frame my face in gentle curls. My lips were painted a flattering shade of pink. To top my already constant blush, Alice had brushed my cheeks with a pink blush; in case you suddenly get sick and get as pale as us, Alice had said with a smile. The dress was exactly how I had envisioned it in my Anne of Green Gables fantasies. It was white—of course—but with royal blue lace around the top, around the rim of the sleeves, and at the bottom hem. It had a beautiful white train in the back. It had long sleeves, which hung off my shoulders in an old-timey fashion. I had on a sapphire necklace that fell right on my collar bone that Rosalie had picked out for me. My thin lace veil was pinned into my up-do. Falling on my back and swaying in every breeze. “Oh, no! Edward’s going to hate me in—“ She cut me off, “Shut up, Bells! He loves you. And he’s going to love you in the dress. You look absolutely gorgeous. Don’t worry.” “Don’t lie, Alice .” “I most certainly am not lying! Anyway, Edward’s getting impatient. Do you need any help?” “No… I think I’m almost ready,” I said in a shaky voice. I reached out with quivering fingers to take hold of the bouquet Alice was holding out to me. Of course, the flower of our wedding was Freesia. Edward absolutely adores those flowers. He says it’s what I smell like to him, which I must admit is no insult; those flowers smell spectacular. She held the door open for me as I exited the room, flowers in hand. In the lobby of the church where our wedding was held, Charlie, Rosalie, Angela, Emmett, Jasper, Ben, and Phil’s niece—the flower girl—were waiting. My mom said she didn’t want to be in the wedding, so she was in the chapel sitting with Phil. Alice cleared her throat to signal our entrance and all eyes turned toward me. “Let’s get this show on the road!” she exclaimed, and everyone lined up. The first couple to enter the chapel was Angela and Ben. The next couple was Rosalie and Emmett. And then Alice and Jasper. At last, the flower girl entered, sprinkling little blue flower petals along the aisle. Charlie and I followed shortly behind, stepping to the rhythm of the wedding march. As we walked into the church, I heard gasps from everywhere. I was suddenly more self conscious than I was earlier. That was, until I saw Edward standing by the altar. He looked so beautiful. He was wearing the traditional black tux. The boutonnière was a Freesia flower dyed royal blue. He was so perfect. That’s when I noticed that his jaw was hanging wide open. That made me feel a little better. It always does. Charlie and I reached the front of the room, and he handed me off to Edward with a tear in his eye. He said, “You look beautiful,” and walked off. I handed my bouquet to Alice and took Edward’s outstretched hands. “He was lying,” Edward said with complete honesty. I was stunned and hurt to hear him say that. It really was too much. He really did hate me… “You look beyond beautiful. Words can’t even begin to remotely describe how you look right now,” he continued with a smile. I let out a silent sigh of relief. “Thanks. You look pretty dazzling, yourself,” I replied in nervous breathlessness. We just gazed into each other’s eyes as the time came for us to recite our vows. We decided to break tradition and write our own. He, of course, went first. “Isabella Marie Swan, my only, my soul, on this our wedding day, I take your hand in matrimony. I have loved you since I first saw you in the cafeteria so very long ago,” he began in perfect articulation. “It took me a while to realize I wasn’t dreaming, that someone so beautiful was really real. And when you agreed to marry me, my heart nearly flew away…” I heard his family snicker at the bit about the heart. He smiled too. “I don’t deserve to have you here with me after everything I’ve done to you. You deserve much better than me…” Sam Uley cleared his throat in the back row as if to say duh. “And I still have trouble believing that I get to be with you for all of eternity. But here we stand. After everything.. And now it’s finally dawning on me that you are mine. And I am yours forever. I love you,” he finished. I was starting to tear up, and I could hear my mom trying to stifle a cry. I looked to Charlie, and he nodded approvingly. And then it was my turn… Well, here goes everything. “Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, my destiny, my everything, on this our wedding day, I give you my hand in matrimony. I have been in love with you since the first time I laid my eyes on you. I could hardly believe that someone so perfect for me could really exist. That first day we went to the meadow—our meadow—I just couldn’t believe you were real. And when you kissed me that first time, I was sure my heart would stop…” I could see him wince slightly at that, and I squeezed his hand gently. “When you proposed, I was a little unsure of what my family would think, me getting married at such a young age. But despite everything, here we are. Even my parents agree that I have made the right choice; that you and I were meant to be together. I am yours forever. I love you.” Tears were silently streaming down my face. He brushed the tears from my cheek with the back of his hand, and looked at me with such undeniable love in his golden eyes. The Justice of the Peace said, “I now pronounce you husband and wife.” He turned to Edward and said the line I had been waiting for, “You may now kiss the bride.” Edward took me into his arms and whispered, “Forget ‘til death do us part,’ I am yours even in death.” And then he kissed me with such passion that I forgot how to breathe. I heard my mom let out a surprised gasp and start crying. Alice, Esme, and even Rosalie were all sobbing tearlessly. Everyone in the church cheered. Before I knew it, I was crying. Not tears of regret, but tears of joy. I was married.. And to Edward, nonetheless! I was Isabella Marie Cullen. Nothing else mattered at that moment. The wedding reception was strictly traditional. Edward and I cut the cake, and we sat at a table with my family and his. He and his family ate the food to fool the human guests. My dad, of course, took advantage of tradition. He made quite a toast. “I propose a toast,” he announced. All eyes fell on him, and silence swept over the room. “I toast that this marriage be far more fruitful than that of Bella’s mother and me. Edward, if you don’t take good care of my baby girl, I swear I’ll shoot you,” he finished up with a sly grin. Everyone, taking it as a joke, laughed. But Edward and I both saw the serious threat behind his eyes. Carlisle felt like making the next toast. He and Esme stood together. “Bella, we are so happy to have you in our family. From the first time Edward brought you home, we knew you would become part of our family eventually. Edward was never as happy as when he was with you. Alice knew you would be her sister, and so she treated you as such.. We all love you, and we thank you for making our Edward so happy. Welcome to the family, Bella Cullen.” I could feel the honesty in Carlisle’s speech. It was enough to make me cry. I was really part of their family—our family. I was a Cullen. And soon I would be just like them. But all too soon, it came to an end. Edward and I offered to stay behind to help clean up, but Alice insisted we go on to our honeymoon destination.