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No Matter What They Say...

A new vegetarian vampire, Demetri, comes to town to stay with the Cullens. This causes problems with the werewolves…although Leah doesn’t seem to mind.

Okay, so I was just sitting at my computer at home, trying to think of a story to write, when I start thinking of all the werewolf/imprinting stories that I’ve read so far. Then I thought, why is it always the boys that get to imprint? What about Leah? She’s been through a hard time, right? Well, here’s Leah and her imprinting story. Hope you like it! His nickname is Demi, in case anyone wants to know.

3. The Meeting

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Leah’s POV

It had been one week since I had seen Conrad, and I was slowly going nuts. If the rest of the pack wondered what was wrong with me, they didn’t do it around me, and they didn’t ask me about anything. Like my strange balance problems that occurred every once in a while. Or why I didn’t constantly harp at them anymore. They didn’t even ask why I was in such a forlorn mood, which hurt. Even my brother had abandoned me.

I didn’t explain my balance problems to anyone. How could I? Could I trust any of them with the information that I had? That I’d imprinted on a vampire, and that he’d left me the next day? I couldn’t be sure what they would do. Would they want me to kill him, or get close to him and get whatever information I could out of him before they killed him?

I wouldn’t let that happen! Just thinking of Conrad lying still, colder than he was normally, of seeing him burn in a smoky fire and seeing my pack, my family, dance around his burning embers, caused me to be physically ill.

Every time I closed my eyes, I saw Conrad, his beautiful smile and topaz eyes. I wondered if they had turned black yet, if he had hunted recently. The thought didn’t repulse me. He only killed animals to eat, and isn’t that what the pack did, what I did? They were so hypocritical.

The meeting was tomorrow, and Sam told me that if I didn’t calm down, I wouldn’t be going. I needed to go there. If I could enlist the help of the Cullens, then they might be able to find my Conrad for me. This turned out to be a constant source of worry for me. Would they help me? If they did, could they find him? Would he want me? Would Sam even let me go to the meeting?

I reigned in my worrisome thoughts. No matter what happened, I would make this work. No matter what.

Ever since I’d come back, I had avoided phasing for as long as possible. The others would immediately be able to see Conrad’s face, and I didn’t want that to happen. I told myself it was because I didn’t want them t know which vampire to kill, but that was only partly true. The real reason shamed me. It was because I didn’t want anyone to see Conrad’s face. I was jealous, with no reasonable reason. They couldn’t have them. It was impossible for any of them to imprint on him, unless they were gay. Which none of them were.

Everything reminded me of Conrad. Every little smile I saw, every fire, every couple holding each other. It no longer hurt me to see Sam and Emily. I didn’t even hate Sam anymore. How could I, when I now knew what he had gone through, what he had felt for Emily? No one could resist such a call.

There was only one thing I found funny anymore, and that was Sam’s constant reaction to my new wardrobe. He didn’t like it. At all. My little brother, Seth, didn’t, either. It made him think that other guys were staring at me, and then he would start to change in a fury. That was the only reason Sam allowed me to wear these clothes, besides the fact that he didn’t want to dictate me because of what he said to me before. He still felt bad about that, and it pleased me. It might help me with Conrad later. The other reason, though, was because it was teaching Seth to control his temper. He got a little better each day, so that now he only shook a little when he caught someone staring at my legs or chest. Maybe I hadn’t completely lost my little brother. How could I lose his completely, when he was still protective of me, his older sister?

The clothes I wore now were designed to show my body off to its best advantage. I wanted to impress Conrad in case he ever came by. My new wardrobe was mostly made up of short skirts, high heels, halter tops, and turtleneck cashmere sweaters. I know, I know. Turtlenecks? But they looked great on me, and they felt good, too. I only wore shorts and a loose shirt whenever I was going to change or go on patrol. There was no way that I was going to lug around my sweaters and skirts. The only other reason why I could have such an elaborate wardrobe was because I never really lose my temper, so I don’t ever have to replace anything. You have to really work to get me to lose it, and then, most of the time, I can control it. The guys think it is because I am a female. I think it is because I was born that way.

Today I was wearing a white tube top and a worn-out looking skirt with white wedges. They looked awesome-especially the white wedges. They were, like, two inches high.

I was nervous. Tomorrow I was determined to make a good impression on the Cullens, so I had a nice outfit all set out that would show off my heritage. In certain ways, at least. The back consisted of two strings that tied in the back. The pants were a darker brown that the shirt and had a wave design on both pockets that twisted back on itself and then continued on. The shirt was plain, except for a few sparkles that made it look gorgeous. It tied together at the back of my neck and gave me a wolfish appearance. I’d decided to wear dark brown wedge shoes that matched the pants and looked like sandals.

Right now Seth and I were at home, neither of us had the watch tonight. I’d just gotten out of the shower, so I had my hair wrapped up in a towel on top of my heat and my favorite pajamas-boy’s underwear designed for guys and a tight tank top. They were really comfortable. I was glad that the meeting was tomorrow, because the clear nail polish that I was using on my toes really stank.

When I was done painting my nails, I stood up and stretched like a cat that had just woken up from its nap. I needed to go to sleep, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to concentrate tomorrow.

As I crawled into bed, my thoughts surrounded Conrad. I saw him whenever I closed my eyes, and I ever dreamed of him. Soon, Conrad, soon, I promised myself silently. And with that, I fell asleep. I woke up to Seth shaking me awake.

“Get ready, Lee,” he murmured. “We have to go soon.”

I yawned. “What time is it?” I whispered quietly.

He had to think about that for a moment. He was probably counting all the minutes that had passed since he last checked his clock. Seth was like that. “It’s around 10:30. I figured you might want some extra time to get ready.”

I smiled. The meeting was at 12:00 today. Seth was so thoughtful. “Thank, bro,” I said.

Seth beamed before shuffling back to his room. To go to sleep, probably. I rolled my eyes. Men.

I dressed quickly. It wasn’t the dressing that I had a problem with, it was the makeup and the hair. I decided no makeup for the day. Who needed it, anyway? It would ruin the effect I was going for. I decided on slightly waving hair, figuring it would look good.

For some reason, I could keep my hair as long as I liked, and it didn’t affect my hair as a wolf. It always stayed the same length, which was a good thing, because there was no way I was shaving my hair off.

By the time I was done rearranging my hair, it was about 11:25. Time to go.

We were meeting the Cullens at the boundary line in the woods, a place where we could all get to fairly quick and no humans could approach without us knowing.

Seth had gone ahead of me, and when he saw what I was wearing, he raised one of his eyebrows. The action reminded me of Conrad and why I was going. I smiled uncertainly and walked over to join him.

Now that I was there, I could see the others looking at me, too. Or, at least, the ones that had not imprinted. They wouldn’t consider me for a long-term relationship, I knew, but for a short tumble. It didn’t really offend me. I was one of the only ones they could do it with, and they couldn’t stay celibate until they imprinted. They might never, and then they would have gone years and years without for no reason.

I gave the ones that looked at me a glare, as did Seth. It still startled me to see him stick up for me.

When Sam got there, he gave the signal to go, and we all started running. It was only a few miles out, and I was pretty sure I could make it that far in my heels.

It was at the half-way point that I started tripping on roots and holes in the ground, like a human. I was disgusted with myself.

I tripped again, and was startled when I felt Seth catch me and swing me up in his arms while still running full speed. I looked at him curiously, but he kept his gaze directed forward, probably embarrassed by this simple act of courtesy.

Just before we reached the meeting point, Seth set me down on my feet with a lopsided grin. Damn. I saw Conrad in that grin, too.

The Cullens weren’t there, of course. Sam had insisted on leaving early enough that we would get there at least five minutes early. Five minutes of torture.

I sat alone, off to the side of the clearing but close enough to Jared that I would know exactly when the Cullens got here. Jared had eyes like binoculars, he would see them coming from a mile off. I grinned at the thought.


I woke up with a jerk when I felt Jared stiffen beside me. Yes. I would have to place myself strategically close to the Cullens, but not close enough to arouse suspicion. They would be able to hear me wherever I was.

Dr. Cullen entered first, with Jasper close behind. After that, they entered one at a time, with Alice next and Edward after her. I didn’t see who else entered, I was too busy focusing on Edward.

Edward, I whispered in my mind. If you can hear me, please look at me.

He looked at me. Yes! This might be easier than I thought.

I need you and your family’s help. This isn’t a trick, and none of the pack can know. Do you think that you and your family can help me find a certain vampire? If you can, bring your hands together. If you can’t, swing them both at the same time, and if you don’t know, run your hand through your hair.

He ran his hand through his hair.

I was afraid of that, I whispered. Okay, I need you to find a vampire named Conrad. I don’t know his last name, but I can picture him for you.

I did, and Edward looked surprised, his eyes widening. He grinned suddenly, though I didn’t know why. He motioned to a vampire at the end of the line, and my heart stopped beating for a moment.