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No Matter What They Say...

A new vegetarian vampire, Demetri, comes to town to stay with the Cullens. This causes problems with the werewolves…although Leah doesn’t seem to mind.

Okay, so I was just sitting at my computer at home, trying to think of a story to write, when I start thinking of all the werewolf/imprinting stories that I’ve read so far. Then I thought, why is it always the boys that get to imprint? What about Leah? She’s been through a hard time, right? Well, here’s Leah and her imprinting story. Hope you like it! His nickname is Demi, in case anyone wants to know.

5. Keeping Her

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Leah’s POV

As I walked into the house, I distantly heard Bella and Edward murmuring sweet nothings to each other. They hardly made any sense, probably because I was still reeling from the shock of Carlisle calling this my home. It sounded right. Home. I could get used to that.

The inside of the house was beautiful, and one side was entirely glass. I wondered how they changed with the sides like that. Maybe they all had rooms away from the glass. Off to the west, there was a beautiful piano. I used to love playing the piano. Before Sam had broken up with me, I’d played racy show tunes, lullabies, anything that went with my present mood of pure rapture. After he broke up with me to woo Emily, though, I’d started playing things like Bach and Mozart. I didn’t feel like playing anything happy, because I wasn’t, then why should anyone else be? That actually only applied to Sam, but I’d had to make everyone else miserable, too. Otherwise they might get suspicious. I was overjoyed that I could play all those beautiful songs again.

Esme caught me looking at it. “Do you play, Leah?”

I flushed. “Kind of. I’d stopped for a while, but I can play again.”

She looked confused, but appeared to accept that answer. Edward looked at me with understanding, moving his face away from Bella for a moment. He knew what I was thinking, how much it had hurt me. I was beginning to think all of the Cullens could feel or somehow know what I was thinking when I caught Jasper’s expression. I’d forgotten he could feel how you were feeling. He must have been facing some serious hurt at the moment, because he looked totally overwhelmed. It was lucky for him that the pain had dulled some, or he might have had a heart attack. Never mind. That’s impossible. He doesn’t have a heart.

Conrad looked at Jasper and Edward and put his arm around me. I leaned into him. If only I could stay like this forever.

The Cullens appeared shocked when they saw how familiar Conrad and I were together. We really didn’t know each other, but that didn’t seem to matter. It was like we were drawn to each other, in a way.

Emmett didn’t even bat an eye when he saw us together. He only had eyes for the TV, which he turned on to football.

Jasper and Edward followed Emmett as if in a trance, their eyes glued to the TV. Even Conrad and Carlisle stared at the TV as if nothing could pry them away. Esme, Rosalie, Alice, and Bella all seemed to be used to it, turning to me with welcoming smiles.

Esme was the one to break the awkward silence that I could feel coming on. “I’m sorry, dear, but we don’t have any more rooms. You can share with Carlisle and me, though.”

Carlisle sent her a pained expression, and I looked at Esme guiltily. “No, really, Esme. I can just sleep outside.”

She looked appalled, as did Alice and Bella.

Conrad, his eyes still focused on the TV, said in a commanding voice, “She can stay in my room. I don’t need to sleep, so she can have the bed.”

Alice beamed. “I knew it would all work out! Now, we just need to get you some clothes for your stay. I would ask you if you want to have your clothes brought over, but a girl can never have too many clothes, and this is the perfect opportunity to get more.”

I was incredulous, but Bella appeared to be in good humor suddenly. She noticed my expression and enlightened me as to what she was thinking. “I won’t have to be Alice’s Barbie Doll anymore. She can dress you up and do your makeup instead of mine. She does so love to get new victims.”

Smiling, a look on her face that absolutely chilled me in its happiness, Alice said ominously, “Don’t worry, Bella. I’ll still get to do you, too. I haven’t forgotten about you.”

Bella looked scared as she ran to Edward and jumped in his lap.

“Edward can’t save you, Bella,” Alice said, still grinning. “Nothing can.”

Edward wrapped his arms around Bella reassuringly and glared at Alice accusingly. “You’re making me miss the game, Alice.”

Alice pouted. “If you don’t watch it, Edward, you’ll be my next Ken doll, instead of Jasper.”

Edward looked back at the TV quickly, concentrating on the game again. Jasper just looked at Alice in horror, his eyes scared. I didn’t blame him. I was getting pretty scared, too.

Esme, who had made a run for the kitchen when Alice started talking about makeup, walked back to me with a smile on her perfect face. “Would you like me to show you to your room, Leah?”

I nodded shyly. Being shy was new to me. Strange. I was going to have to get used to it here, though.

Walking after her quickly, I studies to house some more. The house really was beautiful, but what surprised me the most about it was that there was a large cross hanging in the center of the hallway.

Esme led me to the third door on the left side of the hallway. “This is Conrad’s room,” she explained. “You should get a lot of privacy, because he rarely ever comes in here. Or, at least for the past week he hasn’t. Been out looking for something, I suppose…Would you like something to drink?”

The abrupt change in topics startled me. “No, thanks, though. I’m not really all that thirsty.” Esme looked disappointed. It probably wasn’t often that she got to serve someone real food. I quickly changed my answer, just to make her happy. It surprised me that I would even take her feelings into account.

“Sure. Some Kool-Aid would be nice.” I decided on something that she could make.

Beaming, Esme led me into Conrad’s room, my room. “You wait right here, dear, while I get that Kool-Aid.” I nodded complacently, and lied down on the bed when she left, staring up at the ceiling. His room was nice, just the way I had imagined it.

The walls were pure white, almost sparkling, and the floor was black with gold specks. His bed was to the side of the room, in the northwest corner, and there was a CD case with a large stereo and speakers across from the bed. There was a 1024X768 Sony Silver Plasma TV on the southwest side of the room, aligned of that, if scooted towards the bed, it would end up in the center part. I loved it all.

A few minutes later, Esme appeared with a cup of red Kool-Aid, wild cherry, I assumed, and handed it to me excitedly. I tasted the red goop pensively, but gave a smile to Esme, who seemed about to explode with happiness. I swallowed it all just for her, and after she left the room with an “I’ll be back later to see how you’re adjusting, dear,” I gulped in deep breaths of air and struggled not to gag.

I walked back over to the bed and sat down, just to jump back up again when Alice peeked in through the door. “Hey,” she said quietly.

I followed her lead, murmuring my own hi back as quietly as possible.

“We have to be quiet,” she explained, her voice hushed. “Conrad wouldn’t like having me talk to you. The silly man seems to think that I scare you.” I gaped.

“I came in here for a few things, and chief among them was to tell you thank you for being nice to Esme about her Kool-Aid. We are all grateful. She has such tender feelings, you know.” No, I didn’t know, but I guess now I did. “I also came in here to tell you that everything is going to work out for you, in the end.” She frowned. “There are some really big problems, though, but you get over them. Do shut your mouth, Leah, I don’t need to see your teeth to know that they’re sharp and white, I can quite take your word for it.”

I closed my mouth and gulped. “I thought you can’t see werewolves.” It was an accusation.

“Well, yes. But, for some reason, I seem to be able to see you. Strange, I know, but quite handy. Remember, it will all work out.” With those last nuggets of wisdom, Alice left and closed the door behind herself.

I fell back on the bed and burst into hysterical laughter. Dang, but that little vampire was the strangest thing. Annoying, funny, exasperating, moody, unpredictable…all rolled into one tiny little package. Amazing.

Conrad entered the room them, looking concerned. The game must be over, then. I listened in carefully, and heard the game still going on. That was surprising.

Sitting on the bed with me, Conrad grabbed my hand before I could move away. As if I would, as if I could move away from him. Impossible.

He started stroking my hand, his hand circling my palm and causing me to shiver. You would think, because of my extreme heat, that he would be amazingly cold. Instead, he seemed to be even hotter than me, even though that was impossible.

“Did you enjoy the game?” I asked, trying to keep my tone annoyed and my scowl in place. It was so hard, it would have been more natural to ogle, to smile dazedly. I was pretty sure, when his hand moved up to my arms, stroking up and down and making goosebumps rise, that I would have followed stupidly behind even if he had said, “I taking you into the fiery depths of hell.” I would have even if I had been sane at the moment.

“Immensely,” he replied. It took me a second to realize that he was replying to my question.

“Oh,” was my brilliant reply. “So who won?”

“The Chicago Bears. The Seattle Seahawks lost 13-26.” And just like that, he started reciting everything that had happened in the game. I was sure that, by the time he was done, I could have picked that game out by announcements alone.

He finished explaining the game to me around 10:00 at night, and I was tired enough by then that I could have slept through a tornado.

Esme called up from below us, “Go to bed, Leah, Bella. You both need to get some sleep.”

Even if I hadn’t been over half-dead at the time, I would have listened to her. There was an underlining command in her voice, and it was clear that from now on I had a bedtime, right along with Bella.

I barely registered that Conrad had laid me down under the blankets until I saw him start to leave the room.

“Wait,” I called out. “Stay with me, please.”

Conrad hesitated just before the door, then nodded and lied down on top of the blankets beside me, curling me up against his side. I fell asleep with a smile on my face, Conrad’s scent all around me, his sweet whispers in my ear.

Conrad’s POV

The game was disappointing. After a thoroughly humiliating defeat, we all stood up, except for Emmett, who was still watching the now black TV with a stunned expression on his face. Our guys hadn’t lost a single game this year, and then to lose to the Chicago Bears…I shook my head.

Edward headed off towards Bella, and Carlisle and Jasper went to find Esme and Alice. Emmett would pay later if he didn’t get back to Rosalie soon. There was not telling what she would do if she got into one of her moods. Probably destroy that TV and every other TV in the house.

The thought made me sped up towards my room, although that wasn’t the only reason why. Leah was in my room right now, and I wanted to see her.

When I got to the room, she was lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling. Had she been like that the entire time? The thought made my throat clench unpleasantly. She looked so lost, so afraid, and she wasn’t even aware of it. My little minx had seemed to have lost her way.

Suddenly she burst into hysterical laughter, still looking at the ceiling. I was a little worried. Had she gotten hit on the head or something today. She did get attacked by wolves…

She stopped laughing and looked up at me. I walked over and sat on the bed, grabbing her hand so she couldn’t get away. I didn’t want her to move.

Stroking her hand gently, I half-listened as she asked about the game. I moved up to her arm before replying. “Immensely.”

“Oh. So who won?”

“The Chicago Bears. The Seattle Seahawks lost 13-26.” I got excited then, and started talking about the game in great detail. I knew it was probably boring her, but she looked attentive…somewhat. She was half asleep.

I finished my little talk around 10:00, and Leah looked like she was about to collapse from exhaustion. I felt guilty. She’s been through a hard day, and I should be taking better care of her than this.

Esme called up through the floor, “Go to bed, Leah, Bella. You both need to get some sleep.”

I could hear the underlining current of authority even from where I was. I smiled. It must chafe that she had a bedtime now, just like Bella. Charlie had gone on a surprise vacation provided by the Cullens, though he didn’t know it.

I laid Leah down under the blankets and covered her up before getting up to walk out the door. Her voice stopped me.

“Wait.” She seemed unsure of herself for a moment, then the old Leah took control and she said with more confidence, “Stay with me, please.”

I hesitated for a moment before running to her bed and lying down, curling up beside her with her in my arms. At that point in time, nothing she could have said would have made me leave the room, or let her out of my arms. She had made a decision, and I was here to stay for the night. I knew how Edward felt now, and why he had kept Bella. If it felt like this with her, then I could understand why he had decided to never let her go. I decided to do the same. Always. She would always be mine.

That night, my little minx fell asleep with a smile on her face as I whispered in her ear.