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Jasper! Stop poking the dinosaurs!

What happens when you mix vampire Cullens, a human Bella, and an entire summer... TOTAL CHAOS!!!!! rated T because I'm paranoidCreate your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


1. What have I gotten myself into

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E pov

I groaned as we pulled into the driveway of my house. Bella stared over at me, confusion evident in her chocolate orbs. I was momentarily distracted from the onslaught of thoughts from my family, until of coarse a very excited Alice pulled me from my Volvo. (an: thoughts are italicized) Edward! Stop staring at Bella and get out here already, we're all waiting for you! I didn't think anyone could whine in his or her thoughts, but boy did Alice nail it. "Alright, alright we're coming Tinker bell, relax." I laughed out as I pulled my Bella to me. She giggled as Alice began to push me, well attempted to push me up the porch steps. I eventually just ran up them after having gathered Bella up into my arms. Thank god, I thought I was going to have to get Emmett out here. I rolled my eyes at Alice as I sat down in one of the love seats with Bella on my lap. Edward, what took you so long man, I was beginning to think you died or something. Emmett laughed in his head. "No Emmett, I just got a little sidetracked." I said as I looked pointedly at Bella. He let out a booming laugh and shook his head while Bella looked up at me confusedly. "It's nothing, love." She let out a small humph at my lack of cooperation, which seemed to only bring on more laughter from Emmett. I think he was starting to get to Jasper, for he too had started to laugh quietly. Pretty soon all of us, except Bella were laughing.

We eventually sobered up some, although some of us would still let out a snicker every few minutes.

"Are you done laughing at me now?" Bella asked, her voice tinted with irritation.

"Sorry Bella, we didn't mean to laugh at you." Jasper attempted to apologize while suppressing laughter.

"Mmhmm, whatever," She replied. "What did you gather us all here for anyway?" she asked, voicing my own thoughts as well.

"I have decided that we are all extremely boring!" Alice said from her perch on Jaspers lap. "Therefore, I have also decided that we are going on a," she paused for ‘dramatic effect'. "ROAD TRIP!" she basically screamed.

"Sweet, we haven't been on one of those since like forever!" Emmett was bouncing up and down in excitement which was quite a sight given his size...and age.

"A road trip, when was this decided!" Rosalie screeched.

"I think a road trip sounds fun, I could use a vacation anyway." Carlisle said.

"I guess it could be fun." Jasper agreed.

"It would be nice to get away somewhere." Esme continued.

"Sure, sounds like fun." Bella was always willing to do things with us. Everyone then turned to look at me as they waited to here my verdict. I sighed.

" Why not," I smiled at them, and then down to Bella. "It could be exciting." Alice then began to tell us about all of the places we could go, but I was to busy staring at Bella, who had an excited, and slightly scared expression.

B pov

A road trip with the Cullens, what have I gotten myself into.