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Jasper! Stop poking the dinosaurs!

What happens when you mix vampire Cullens, a human Bella, and an entire summer... TOTAL CHAOS!!!!! rated T because I'm paranoidCreate your own banner at mybannermaker.com!


2. Fantasyland?

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E pov

Alice began to name off our destinations.

"Okay, first we are going to go to the Edmonton Mall in Ontario, Canada. Then we are going to go to Banff, which is also in Canada.

"Wait, what is Banff?" Bella asked.

"Banff is a little town in the middle of the Rockies that is kinda like a nature preserve. It has all of these little shops, I've never been there, but it sounds so cute!"

"Oh, okay." Bella said.

"Yep, then we will go to Niagara Falls in Toronto, and then maybe we will go to, well, I haven't actually planned that far, but it should be cloudy on the days we will be in all of the places I mentioned." She finished. So for the next hour and a half we packed up clothes, and anything else we might need. Then we were off to the airport. Alice had already gotten us tickets to Calgary, from which we would drive to the Edmonton. Once there, we would each rent out one of the Fantasyland theme rooms, which are hotel suits that have themes. It was only a ninety-minute flight, so Bella and I spent the time watching Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. I found out that Bella is very emotional when it comes to movies, for she started to cry at the end of the movie.

"I love happy endings." She sobbed into my shoulder quietly. I laughed under my breath at her pure adorableness.

"I do too love, I do too." I replied. She looked up at me and smiled.

"Flight 545 to Calgary now landing, please fasten your seatbelt and place your seats in an upright position." The flight attendants voice came over the intercom. If Alice doesn't stop jumping I am going to lose it. Edward! Get.Out.Of.My.Head! Damn, Jasper really was going to lose it. He was seething in his mind due to the fact that Alice was sending off hyper/crazy waves from her spot next to him. As we departed our flight, we walked out to our rental car, or cars. Bella and I got into our rented Shelby Cobra GT 500 and sped down the highway towards the Edmonton. I had thrown my arm over the headrest, behind her shoulder as she leaned into me. I rubbed my hand down her arm, then back up it and ran it through her hair. She sighed at my touch before turning to glare at me. I smirked at her on seeing her dazzled expression. I had been quite unrelenting and determined since the day in the meadow when all of my morals flew out the window along with my self-control. The rest of the ride was spent with me receiving glares from Bella, and me using the close proximity of the car to my advantage. When we reached the Edmonton Bella jumped out in relief while I sauntered out and around to her side. I smiled her favorite crooked smile at her as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to my chest. I began to kiss up and down her neck as she struggled against me. I let my tongue sweep out over her Adams apple to her ear, and gently bit down on her earlobe. She moaned once and I went to do it again when.

"Hey Eddie, get off of Bella and let's get going." Bella blushed at Emmett's words while the rest of our family snickered at my impatience.

"We better get them into their room quick or Eddie might explode!" I growled at his comment but otherwise ignored him. Alice, who had been looking at the mall in longing started to yell at us as she ran, a little too quickly, into the mall. We laughed as we followed her. Bella was rather tired, so we decided to head straight for the hotel. We eventually got to 2 glass and gold elevators and ascended into the hotel room. Bella and I decided that we wanted the Roman suite. It was built to look just like in the Roman era. I must say, it was beautiful with it's king sized four-poster bed that had Imperial red silk blankets and sheets. The walls were littered with beautiful art and there was a Jacuzzi in the corner. There was a spiral staircase leading to an overview of the whole mall, a large television, an entire kitchen and more. It was spectacular. I watched as Bella went to go get ready for bed, and then decided to go change as well. I quickly changed into a pair of loose baggy sweatpants. Bella should get a kick out of that. I quietly crawled under the covers, and marveled as the cool texture brushed against my skin. For the first time in a long time, I actually felt tired. Not physically tired, but mentally, I was exhausted. I sighed in content as I waited for my love to emerge from the bathroom. When she did, I was an inch away from pouncing on her. She looked stunning, breathtaking, amazing, words couldn't describe how she looked in her midnight blue tight-fitted nightshirt. It had the thinnest spaghetti straps I had ever seen, and clang to her body like a second skin. It enunciated all of her curves and pushed up her chest. I couldn't stop my eyes from shamelessly roaming her body as she shyly walked over to the bed and slid under the covers. She cuddled into my chest and wrapped her arms around my neck as I nuzzled her shoulder.

"Goodnight Edward," she said as her eyes closed.

"Goodnight my love."