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C'est La Vie

An summary of a life. An explanation, if you will.
"Life's a bitch." -ch2 teen for mild language.

Oh yes.
reviews. =]

1. Twilight - Eclipse

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 576   Review this Chapter

Child. See her with sisters. Boring.

Growing up. Cars equal life. Quil and Embry are best friends.

‘Cold ones’ come back. Dad and Charlie argue.

She comes back. Charlie and Dad make up.

Tell her about ‘cold ones’. Make her smile.

She dates Cullen. Jealous, but she is happy.

Dad makes you go to prom. Embarrassed.

Cullen’s leave. She is gone in every sense. Hate the Cullen’s.

Months pass. Sam’s gang is praised by Dad.

She shows up with motorcycles. Help her, make her laugh.

Is this what love feels like? You are sure you’re falling in it.

Embry goes to the dark side – Sam’s side.

She loves you, you know it. You two are inseparable, says the fathers.

She takes you to the movies with her

Boyfriend? No. Friend.

Dad says you look funny. Things change. Sam’s gang is now family.

She can’t be your friend. Tell her. Watch her cry.

Find a way. She knows now.

She still likes you. Not a monster.

She’s hunted by a leech, a bad one. You try to protect her.

She spends all her time with you. Or at the beach, where you can be sure she is safe.

A Cullen comes back. She loves that thing.

They go off to save the bad one, Edward. You worry, you cry, you shake and explode.

They come back. Everyone does. Even him.

She still loves him, and everything is the same as it was…except you. You remember the good days.

She’s forgotten about you. You’re alone. You know the Cullen’s could change her any day…

You try to warn them and stop Bella from seeing that thing. Plan backfires, she is angry – at you.

The bad vampire still hunts. Your pack tries to keep her away. The ‘good’ leeches try also, and you have a fight (quickly squashed).

She and you are friends again (best ones). She loves him though, and you love her.

She does love you. She sneaks away to see you, knowing there is a price, a great price. He will get angry.

Save her from school, where the bloodsuckers are watching her. You talk, walk, and confess. You love her. She should know.

She is shocked, but has her own news. She plans on being one of them – she hurts you.

You fight, argue. That is the end, for now. You try to apologize, and she doesn’t accept…

But she is forgiving. After a few days you are inseparable again (as inseparable as two can be when she dates the vampire).

She graduates. Proud. After party, learn of the leeches. The many many new leeches that are coming to kill her.

For her sake, you will work with Cullen’s. You train, getting ready for the big day.

You offer to stay with her, to keep her safe through the night. He comes too. Awkward. Jealous. Talking.

Morning comes, and grief comes with it. She is marrying that creature.

Horrible. But she calls you back, and you talk. You kiss. Amazing.

All too soon you are done. She loves you, she knows this now. But she must choose the other.

Leah is cornered – you save her, and pain. Blinding pain, curses streaming out of lips.

She is alright, though. That was the point.

She chooses him, and you want friendship. That is the most you can have.

Wedding. No.

Cannot deal with human feelings.