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C'est La Vie

An summary of a life. An explanation, if you will.
"Life's a bitch." -ch2 teen for mild language.

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2. Breaking Dawn, parts 1 & 2

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Feelings, habits, thoughts are animal.

Come back? No.

Seth begs, she begs, they all beg.


She’ll be changed too soon

Spend her last days with you.

Running back, running far.

Wedding. Beautiful.

She glows, and it’s all you can do to not kiss her.

She’s shocked. You’re there.

But she’s happy, you know.

Dancing never was so special.

Wait. What? He will do WHAT?

Thoughts turn wolf.

He is enemy, and he will kill her.

No, no, must stop. Sam helps you away.

And then, she leaves.

And you wait. Wait for the day everyone mourns her ‘death’.

It never comes. She is sick? Yeah, with vampire venom.

Or not. You fight with Sam, and decide to stop this once and for all.

She is human. So fragile, so near death, yet still human.

And it’s killing her. That thing that he created.

Life’s a bitch.

You’ve never agreed with that sentence more.

Telling Sam about the creature wasn’t a good idea.

You ditch – who knew you had an alpha in you?

For some reason, Leah comes too.

Seth follows. No real surprise there.

And you and the leeches wait and wait and wait

All the while worrying worrying worrying

About the human girl that captured all the mythical creatures hearts.

And one day it happens

So fast you can’t even think

One moment she’s drinking blood from a Styrofoam cup and the next

She’s unconscious, blood spewing out of her, choking her

Edward and Carlisle rush her upstairs to the equipment

And you’re left downstairs.

Practically crying.

You race after, knowing you can save her.

Edward yells to do something, CPR

And you do. You don’t even glance at the thing when they take it out.

Finally Edward injects venom into her

All over. To make it happen as fast as possible.

And you go downstairs to wait some more

Isn’t that what life is about? Just waiting, waiting, waiting…

And that’s when you learn that you’ll be waiting even longer

Because now you’re in love with not a teenager,

Not a vampire, not even a two-year old.

It’s a freaking baby.

A half-vampire baby.

But you’re in love all the same.