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Maelstrom of Emotions

Jacob finally lets his guard down only to find Bella at his doorstep once again. PLEASE REVIEW =] I would appreciate it. And it would give me more incentive to post another chapter! CHAPTER 3 is up!

It's my first time writing fan ficition, so any feedback would help

3. Agonizing Memories

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Next thing I know this 5 foot 4, 110 pound heartbreaking brunette was trying to drag me across the beach. She couldn’t even get me to my feet. She never did learn. I laughed remembering the time she “punched” me for kissing her. I couldn’t help but think that maybe this situation wouldn’t turn out to be too bad. I slowly gave in and walked beside her.

I wrapped my warm arms around her, and her delicate hand held on tightly to my other arm, still trying to pull me to move faster.

“Jake I know you can move faster than that,” she said grudgingly. But there was a hint of contentment in her voice.

“Why don’t you try running Bella Swan, you might just win you know!” I flashed her grin, and chuckled.

“You know I would Jacob Black, but I wouldn’t want you start crying or anything,” she giggled back. She slowed down her pace.

I bent down to smell her soft auburn hair. It was sweet, too sweet. I couldn’t believe his smell was still on her. I tried to be subtle about moving my head, but I couldn’t help but jerk back.

“What?” she asked tentatively. She looked at me, she saw me too well. Her eyes stared to well up lightly, but she quickly rubbed them away. She knew exactly what it was.

Man had I screwed things up again! Way to go Jake!

She quickly rubbed the trickle that had slipped of the edge of her eye. I bent down and smelt her hair once again, as if it was going to make things better. Strangely it did, she giggled and even let out a smile.

“We’re almost there,” she announced. It was strange that this girl was dragging me around my own turf.

“Bells, just tell me where we are going. I am going to figure it out!”

“Fine Sherlock, figure it out! But once you do try keeping it to yourself. At least pretend to be excited when we get there.” She glared at me. But it was like a 5 year old glaring at you, you really couldn’t get angry over it. She stopped a meter away from it and looked up at the cliff.

Oh no! No, no, no, no! Here of all places? HERE? I almost lost her once here, not again. I had once offered to take her even after the accident. But a wave of shock hit me. I guess I never quite realized what kind of an impact her little stunt had on me.

We stood right at the cliff. The very cliff that almost paved her a clear path to her death the last time she jumped of it.

“Bella are you completely nuts?” I screamed, not realizing how pained my voice sounded.
Suddenly the wind started to snap in my ear, and the sky started turning a depraved shade of purple. It was getting late.

“Jake, you’re going to be here with me this time. And you did offer to come with me before,” she explained trying to hide her anxiety.

“No, Bella. You and I both know that I was kidding! I can’t let that happen to you again. I remember. I was the one who had to drag you out. But worst of all I was the one who had to stand there thinking that you might be dead. Bella you aren’t going up there.” I cried. That wasn’t even the worst of it. It was after that horrible incident that those leeches came back for her.

I couldn’t let her go up there. Not even with me up there. I couldn’t lose her. Not to the bloodsucking parasites, and most importantly not to death. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. I still hadn’t forgiven myself for the last time it happened. I held her hand tight. I was starting to shake. I was trembling to keep myself in control. I wasn’t even angry at her. It was all me. It was uncontrollable.

Stop it! You’re stronger than that! Don’t you dare let your anger take over you! Remember what happened to Emily!

“Jake! No no, I won’t,” she whispered. She slowly started backing away from me.

“AHHHHH!” the pain was unbearable. I couldn’t control myself. I wasn’t going to phase. My hands reached to my head. My knees crashed on to the coarse sand. My ear drums were splitting. I couldn’t bear the pain. I didn’t want to be a monster. I didn’t want this memory back. I didn’t want to hurt her. Jake control yourself, or run! – I could hear Sam’s voice ringing through my ear.

I started gasping for air. I could vaguely hear Bella “Jake! Jake! No, I won’t go I promise.”

Next thing I knew it was getting darker and darker, till all I felt was my head thud to the ground.

I slowly started blinking. It was so hard even to open my eyes. My pulse was throbbing everywhere. Even under my eyelids. I kept my eyes closed for a bit, and waited for my pulse to calm down. I hadn’t quite registered what had happened. All I remembered was my head hitting the ground, and suddenly everything had gone dark

The lights in the room were too bright. The walls were a sordid crème color. The floor was shiny enough to reflect the 600W bulb flashing all over the place. Ugh, a hospital! I let out a slow groan. My head really hurt. The blood was rushing into my head and nothing quite made sense.

“Bella?” I whispered.

“Oh Jake! You’re okay, thank god,” she was still crying

“Hey don’t worry. You know I’m not a mere mortal,” I mumbled trying to make her smile. I slowly reached out to her icy cold face, and brushed away the tears.

“Jake you’re really hot,” she said. Her voice was filled with concerned. Like that of a mother, watching out for her child.

“I know! You can’t resist me can you?” I chuckled. It was my fault. The least I could do was try to make her smile.

“Jake,” she said pretending to be angry. She slowly let out a smile. That was all I wanted to see, “Seriously, you are quite full of yourself for a half-dead werewolf.” “What happened to me?” I asked. It was all really vague up to that point. I remember crashing on to the sand, but nothing after that. “Well, I think you tried to hard to control yourself, that well your body couldn’t handle it.” “Ugh! I hate being so weak. I’m sorry Bella. I really am. I can’t….I.” nothing seemed to come out properly It was bad enough that I was a monster, but now I couldn’t even control my mood properly. “Ugh! Jake if it’s anyone’s fault it’s mine. Stop blaming yourself for it!” She was disappointed in herself. If it was anything her eyes gave away the pain I was making her feel. The door slowly creaked open. There rushing in towards the door was Quil, Sam, Jared, Paul, everyone. Oh and one more person.

The bloodsucker.