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Maelstrom of Emotions

Jacob finally lets his guard down only to find Bella at his doorstep once again. PLEASE REVIEW =] I would appreciate it. And it would give me more incentive to post another chapter! CHAPTER 3 is up!

It's my first time writing fan ficition, so any feedback would help

4. Unexpected Visitors

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They were all there, all Jacob’s brothers and Carlisle. Carlisle was the only doctor on shift, and even he didn’t know that I had left Edward. He smiled at me, a warm, gentle, fatherly smile. The rest of the coven had gone hunting. That’s why I left when I did - I knew Alice couldn’t see me when I was with Jacob. That was the quickest way to do it. The less painful way to do it.

He probably thinks I just went to visit Jacob when his accident happened. Not to run away from Edward. And definitely not to break his son’s heart.

The pack was clearly uncomfortable with Carlisle’s presence. I even caught Paul wrinkling his nose every once in awhile. Sam, diplomatic as ever, gripped Paul’s arm as a warning. Carlisle glided towards Jacob. Jacob didn’t even bother hiding his fury; it was obvious on his face, which was red with anger. His fist tightened around the railing of the bed.

Snap. His fist unclenched to reveal that he had left a dent in the cold metal rod. Everyone froze. The silence was deafening. There were no words that could calm Jake down, and everyone, including Sam, was well aware of that.

“YOU BROUGHT ME TO THIS LEECH?” he roared. His hands were trembling. He turned his head away and started out the window in a fruitless attempt to calm down.

Carlisle took a step back and looked at me. The whole pack turned to stare at me. He knew that I was the only one who could calm him down. They all knew it. I sighed, and turned back to Jacob.

Please Jake, just give him a chance. He did save you. Just give him a chance.

Those words ran through my head like a mantra. I pulled his hand towards me, and made him gaze right into my eyes. His usually chocolate eyes were onyx and penetrating in fury. I tried to plead with him without saying any thing. My eyes were close to watering. It was too hard to control them. Carlisle was like family, but Jacob was the one I chose. But I wouldn’t let them go; I wouldn’t let the tears escape. His iron grasp was tight, and scorching under my own cold hands. I didn’t let go. He needed me. He needed a sign that this would change nothing. He needed to know Carlisle’s presence here would change nothing.

He nodded once as if he read my mind. He let out a deliberate sigh. And then slowly turned back to face Carlisle. Carlisle continued to take a step forward, still maintaining his distance.

“Well, Jacob, you have recovered very quickly. However, you will have to stay awhile longer. It seems that the stress you have put on your body has caused an anomaly. Until your body speeds up the process, you may not be able to phase,” explained Carlisle calmly. His voice faded near the end, anticipating that what he had to say could cause Jacob’s lingering anger to augment.

Jacob froze. “How long do you think it will be until I can phase, Dr.Fa-Cullen?” he asked, choking at Carlisle’s surname. It still brought back memories that he tried so hard to restrain in the back of his mind. It hurt him. Jacob was at his worst now. I couldn’t blame him - just when he thought I would finally be his, here was Carlisle, tactful Carlisle, who would, without a doubt, call Edward to come.

Carlisle smiled, “Jacob, as I said, you are recovering quickly. Jake your mind tried so hard to control your body that neither of them could stand the pressure. You have to realize that you were trying to harness a control over your body that your body wasn’t ready to handle. I’m the last person who should know how the anatomy of your kind works, but I predict you’ll be back to normal by the end of the week.” He paused still staring at Jacob, “Well, I’ll leave you to rest.”

He glided out of the room, and the pack noticeably relaxed. They all let out a sigh of relief, and even Jake loosened his tight grip around my hand. I realized I was ravenous after sitting in the room for hours waiting for Jake to wake up. I got up slowly, still holding onto Jake’s hands, which were making my hand seem like it was being scorched in an oven.

“Jake, as much as I love you, you’re burning up my hand,” I said lightly, trying to pull my hand away from him.

“Sorry,” he mumbled awkwardly and let my hand go. The whole gang was there, watching us. Suddenly, I became very aware of my surroundings. It felt like all eyes were on me, blaming me for this situation. I blushed, turning my head away. Paul let out a loud wolf whistle, and immediately the tension disappeared.

Quil snickered at my apparent blush, which only made me blush even harder until I was positive I looked like a tomato.

“I’m going to get some food. I’ll be right back, Jake,” I muttered, trying to ignore the taunts. I would have offered to bring back some food for the rest of them, but I only had $5 dollars in my pocket - definitely not enough to feed a pack of wolves.

“Okay, but be back soon,” he mumbled back.

I left the room, still aware of the pack staring at me. I tried not to trip on my own feet as I walked out the door. Luckily, I didn’t fall until after the door swung shut behind me. I stepped on my shoelace and was about to fall flat on my face when Carlisle caught me up gently before I had a painful collision with the squeaky white tiles of the floor.

“Easy there, Bella,” he chuckled, helping me get back on my feet.

“Thanks, Carlisle.” I glanced up, embarrassed, into his butterscotch eyes. His gaze was friendly and considerate - he clearly still had no idea that I had left Edward. It had been such a rash decision, leaving to see Jake this morning, just when they had all gone hunting. The timing of Jacob’s accident couldn’t have been worse. I had tried convincing Edward that I didn’t need a baby sitter every time I he left, but he insisted that Carlisle stay back. It was only days before the wedding, after all, and Edward didn’t want anything happening to me.

Way to go Bella! First you leave Edward, then you make Jacob collapse, and now you run into Carlisle. Great. How am I going to tell Carlisle that I chose Jake?

“Bella, let me know beforehand the next time you want to see Jacob. That way I can let Edward know that…” His voice suddenly broke off. He saw the stream of salty tears cascading down my cheeks. I ducked my head and tried to wipe them away as quickly as I could, but Carlisle was much too perceptive.

“I didn’t want to hurt him, Carlisle; I wanted to leave quickly, without him knowing. I couldn’t bear to look him in eye and tell him that I was leaving. I promised him a forever. But I can’t leave Jake like this. I just can’t.” I didn’t want to control my emotions anymore. The reins were let loose, the wall was broken and the tears started gushing out of my eyes. The hospital was terribly cold, and I could feel the nurses and visitors turning to look at the spectacle I was making of myself. I started shivering. I couldn’t take it.

Did I have to break a heart? Did I have to be the arrow that let the sweet blood drip from one of their hearts, leaving nothing but bitterness? Bitterness - that was what the result was. One way or another, my love was always going to be a double edged sword. But I didn’t want to pierce either heart. Why couldn’t I just be normal?

Carlisle put an arm around me and led me to the cafeteria. His icy cold hands brought back memories of Edward. As much I tried ridding my mind of the memory, I couldn’t. It was a short walk, but I could feel everyone’s eyes piercing me accusingly. He bought me a bottle of water and a bagel. He sat down opposite me, staring out the window. I stared at the food absentmindedly, forgetting that I had even been hungry in the first place. I let my head lean on the cold glass window. What was I doing here? Nothing really made sense. Minutes passed before Carlisle sighed and started to talk again.

“Eat something.” Was that all he could say? Eat something? I quickly picked up the bagel and started picking at it. I froze. If Carlisle even thought about this, Edward would know immediately.

“Does he know?”

“No,” he chuckled lightly. “I’ve actually been repeating the periodic table to myself.”

“I don’t think I can see him, Carlisle. I would change my mind. I know I would. I love Edward more than anything, but Jacob needs me. And it’s my fault. He was there to heal me when Edward left. I need to be there for him.” I put my face in my hands and tried not to start sobbing again.

“Bella, Jacob is a good kid, a good kid who fell in love with you, just like Edward. Of course I want you to be with Edward, but ultimately, it’s your choice. Either way, I think you should tell Edward that…”

He suddenly froze.

“Tell Edward what?” a melodic voice echoed from behind me. I knew that voice, and it sent pangs of misery through my chest.

I turned reluctantly in my seat to look at the owner of the voice –