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Why was Jasper so depressed with his first family? What is it that made him leave?

I didn't see any stories like this, so i thought I'd have a go a writing one =] 'Jasper belonged to another...family, a very different kind of family. He became depressed, and he wandered on his own...'

1. February, March...

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I sighed and closed the book as I heard Will return home. I was surprised when I heard two people enter. Tina’s red eyes widen and she jumped up from where she was sitting.

She ran in the direction of the door. I followed after her, at a slower pace. I wasn’t that interested in who was with Will, I was still mad at him for going feeding without me.

Will was standing in front of the door, with a girl about 19 at his side. She was looking up at all of us through a long brown fringe. She had shoulder length, dead straight, brown hair. She had a heart shaped face with big full lips.

Her red eyes jumped from person to person, never stopping on anyone. I could still smell the remains of human blood pumping around her veins. Will had changed her.

“Say hello to April, our new family member.” Will announced proudly.

Tina and I exchanged glances. To us this meant another mouth to feed, so more kills in one place. We would have to move around a lot more often now.

I could feel the fear emanating from her, and did my best to calm her. She was beautiful, but not in the intimidating way Tina was.

Tina used her good looks to her advantage, manipulating every man she found. It was useful at times, but mostly it was a little annoying. She was stunningly beautiful though, with long black hair, wide eyes with long lashes and little lips that were nearly always pouting,

“Why’d you change her, Will?” she purred in that irresistible voice of hers, with a Marilyn Monroe quality, that she always spoke in.

“Just a little bored,” Will sighed, picking at his fingers. He had always been very spontaneous and irresponsible.

“Bored?” I asked, a little angry.

Will narrowed his eyes at me. We fought a lot lately, over silly things. I sensed Will was getting bored, itching for excitement.

I looked down from Will and met a pair of curious eyes. When my eyes met with April, I experienced something new. I couldn’t separate her feelings from mine, I couldn’t control my power, and I couldn’t breathe.

Her eyes widened and she quickly looked down. I looked away as well trying to sort my thoughts.

“Come on, I’ll show you around,” Will told April, taking her hand.

She seemed grateful to leave and followed Will out of the room. Tina left the room too, smiling at me as she went. I stood there a while longer, wondering what had happened. I realised I still wasn’t breathing.

I took a few deep breaths and followed after Will and April. They had already finished the ‘tour’, and they were sitting in the largest room Will claimed as his. April looked a little uncomfortable sitting on the worn, wooden chair, surrounded by dust and all manner of insects.

I made myself look April in the eye. She looked back confused. I got the same feeling, but not nearly as strong as the first time.

“Has she got any…‘gifts’?” I asked Will, momentarily forgetting April could hear me, but not taking my eyes off her.

“We don’t think so,” Will answered in a bored voice.

Will was tall and muscular. He had dark skin, a little paler than it should be and short brown hair. His face usually looked bored, but his eyes were always searching for something, excitement, or maybe trouble.

April tried to brush some of the dust of her chair. We moved around a lot, and didn’t always stay in houses. In fact it was just by chance that we found an abandoned house her, and decided to stay in it for awhile.

The house was very old, on the verge of collapsing. Every inch of it was covered in dust and cobwebs. It was slightly comical, the vampires living in the abandoned, frightening and old house.

“I think I’m going to bring April out hunting.” Will said suddenly, jumping up. April stood up uncertainly, looking from me to Will.

Will patted my shoulder as he passed and April gave me a small, polite smile.

I wandered around the house for awhile, nothing keeping my attention for long. The house was in such an unusual place, surrounded by forest and not connected to any major roads.

Eventually I went to find Tina. She was in her room. She was lying on the floor and staring at her feet. We didn’t really know whether her ability to wrap men around her little finger was just her, or an ability she gained becoming a vampire.

“So what do you think of her?” she asked, looking up at me.

I shrugged and looked out the window.

“Come sit with me, Jasper.” she said, patting the floor beside her.

I smiled and sat beside her. She sat up and crossed her legs.

“You ok?” she asked, an unusual serious tone to her voice.

“Yeah. Why?” I asked. She was feeling worry for some reason.

“Just checking,” she sighed, lying back on the floor.

I could never really figure Tina out. She was feeling happy now, and she often asked random questions deadly serious. I think under all the looks and the voice, she was very cunning, noticing everything around her. She was always first to feel suspicious, or to notice when we were in trouble.

Will was the opposite, always trusting people and never thinking things through. I sighed as I started to feel a little thirsty.

“We should go feeding,” I told Tina.

“Ok,” she smiled wickedly. Tina loved luring men almost as much as she loved drinking their blood. She always became a different person when we were feeding, more devilish and cunning.

By the time I was standing, Tina was at the door. I smiled at her eagerness and followed her out.