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Why was Jasper so depressed with his first family? What is it that made him leave?

I didn't see any stories like this, so i thought I'd have a go a writing one =] 'Jasper belonged to another...family, a very different kind of family. He became depressed, and he wandered on his own...'

2. The forest

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We beat Will home, which was odd as Tina normally liked to take her time, but April was new at this. Tina was feeling very happy for some reason.

It was almost an hour before Will and April returned home. April looked more afraid than before, her eyes now deep burgundy.

She sat down on the small wooden chair beside the door, a big smile growing on her face.

Will went to look for Tina, leaving us alone. I sat down beside April. She was feeling very excited.

“That was… amazing!” she suddenly exclaimed. I looked at her and her eyes were wide now, full of energy and excitement.

I laughed dryly. The first time is normally the best. I remembered I felt like empowered, like I was the top of the food chain, like I was better than humans.

She jumped up and stood in front of me. Our eyes met and my power went haywire again. I was feeling a thousand emotions, not sure which were really mine.

“Let’s have some fun!” she giggled.

“Like what?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Let’s race!” she announced, already half way out the door.

I smiled and chased after her, easily catching up. We ran through the forest, which never seemed to end. I glanced at April through the corner of my eye. She looked so beautiful now. So careless and free, her hair flying behind her.

One of my feet got in the way of the other and I nearly tripped up. I was shocked. I was always so good at running, and I had never fallen since I was a human. Thankfully, April didn’t notice. I cursed myself for not paying more attention.

I don’t know if it was her emotions or mine, but I suddenly felt free. I felt like I had no troubles. I never really went running anymore. I made a mental note to do so more often; it always helps clear my head.

Eventually April stopped running, and I came to a halt a few paces behind her. It was people like April that made me question my way of life. I couldn’t shake the feeling that we had robbed her of her life. It was funny, I never felt guilty killing people, but I thought it was worse to force her to continue to live like us…to damn her to this life.

April suddenly fell to the ground. An ordinary eye probably would have thought she fainted, but I knew she was just sitting down. Her hair was wind blown now and her face was fresh. She leaned her back against a tree and looked up at me. Her straight fringe almost completely covered her eyes. I don’t know how she could see.

“So what do you think of Will and Tina?” I asked, sitting down beside her.

“Tina…kind of intimidates me. It’s hard to explain, but we’ve hardly spoken and someone she makes me feel like she’s better than me,” she said quickly, and truthfully. I was surprised she didn’t lie.

“And Will,” she continued. “I don’t know, he seems nice enough but I don’t know him at all.”

A beam of sunlight cam down through the trees and lit where we were sitting. April stared calmly at her skin as it slowly began to sparkle like diamonds.

“Will told me about this,” she sighed.

I smiled at her reaction. She calmly moved her hand, trying to see if all of it would sparkle in the sun.

“You just have to gain Tina’s trust. She’s pretty guarded at first, she’s a lot smarted than she looks.” I explained, smiling slightly.

“And what about Will?”

I frowned. It was hard to say what Will’s motives where. April rested her head against my shoulder, she didn’t seemed bothered by the fact I didn’t answer. She closed her eyes and went very still, as though she was sleeping.

But, of course she wasn’t sleeping. It was common to have some trouble comprehending that at first. Never going to asleep again. She seemed to take everything else so well.

I could see her face was scrunched up in an effort to sleep. It’s an odd feeling, not being tired, but wanting to sleep purely out of habit.

There was a soft wind blowing now, and the sun no longer shun. Our skins returned to their normal pale white. I put my arm around April. We sat there all afternoon, talking a little about the others, but mostly just sitting in silence.

It started to get dark and we still didn’t move. I was surprised that April felt comfortable around me.

“So what do you think of me?” I asked. Then it happened again, I couldn’t separate my feelings from hers, that is if I could even understand what emotions they are.

“I like you…” she answered, keeping her eyes closed.