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Why was Jasper so depressed with his first family? What is it that made him leave?

I didn't see any stories like this, so i thought I'd have a go a writing one =] 'Jasper belonged to another...family, a very different kind of family. He became depressed, and he wandered on his own...'

3. Feeding Time...

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We decided to move again. No, Will decided we had to move again.

April was always by my side, wherever I was, she was.

I didn’t exactly mind, in fact I had no opinion on it. She never bothered me, or made any difference to my day.

We gathered whatever we had and put them in rucksacks. We had moved so often it was very natural to us, but April hadn’t. Will tried to help her, but she refused to leave my side.

Will, unfortunately, had a very strong opinion on April being with me all the time. He hated it. I think he felt that because he changed April, she was his property, that she should idolize him.

I was growing slightly worried that she was idolizing me. That she was looking to me for the answer to all her problems.

I didn’t have much time to dwell on that thought. We packed all our worldly possessions in two haversacks (Tina refused to carry one). All we had was some clothes, a few books and some memorabilia from our past lives. We didn’t need any of it, but we kept it with us anyway. We were so far from humans yet we subconsciously strived to be close to them, to be one of them.

We ran through the forest. None of us looked at each other, or spoke. Will ran in front, taking his place as our ‘leader’, a self-erected title. April ran beside me, and Tina fell back, probably keeping an eye on all of us.

It was nice not to have to talk all the time, to be able to just think. I was really remembering why I loved running now.

Then we all felt it. The first hint of hunger. The way you’re throat becomes dry, more venom in your mouth, the hollow jumpy feeling in your chest. None of us stopped, and we just ignored it for now, while it wasn’t bad. It was hard though. We were miles away from any population, but my nose was sniffing desperately for the sweet scent of blood.

Suddenly Will stopped walking. His back hunched over, and there wasn’t a speck of humanity left in him. It had been about three days we’d been running now.

“I need food.” he snarled, already making off towards the nearest town.

Tina was calm as always, and smiling slightly, knowing she’d get to have some fun.

“We’ll split up, eat quickly and then keep moving,” she ordered.

April stood at my side, and Tina went after Will. We made our way into the town, April rushing along, obviously a lot hungrier than I was. My mind wandered, and I began to think of human life again. I wondered what they did all day. I had over heard a few conversations. They were so trivial, but I couldn’t help being fascinated. I wanted to know about them, what they did, how they lived, what their life was like.

It never stopped me though. Never stopped me from killing them. I suppose it was they same way people ate animals. They called it meat to help them ignore their guilty conscience about eating something that had lived, felt and wanted to live. That’s how I thought of humans; they were just meat, or rather blood.

I couldn’t understand how they discriminated, and stereotyped. Every human tasted exactly the same. Every one of them had the same interior. They were all just the same. It gave me headaches to think about everything that was wrong with the world.

We reached the edge of the town. We were barely able to resist the smell of blood all around us. Eventually we spotted two girls walking home together, extremely drunk. I laughed at hoe they seemed to think drinking was fun. The two looked miserable, and close to puking.

April retreated down an alleyway, as I moved over to the girls. The few streetlamps didn’t give much light, but the moon was very bright. The girls were in their late twenties. One was blonde with a baby face, and the other had dark hair, her face was horrible wrinkled and yellow and she smelled of smoke. They both had an extravagant amount of make-up on.

I walked over, confident and smiling. The blonde one giggled, and the dark haired one gave me what I assume was supposed to be a seductive look.

“Hello ladies,” I purred out, making my voice seductive.

They both giggled this time.

“Come on, I want to show you something.” I smiled again. I didn’t need to say anymore, they were following me back to the alley.

It was so easy. The alcohol impaired there judgement, and they were probably too stupid to question a strange man leading them down an alleyway when they were sober. I was attractive to them, and I was smarter and faster.

They stumbled after me, giggling every few seconds, as I lead them to their impending doom. I sent them a smile as we entered into the dark alley.


Their bodies were a tangled mess, frozen in their last position, their hair swirled around them, and their faces still and lifeless. Their eyes were still open, and staring in horror even after their heart stopped beating.

April wiped the thin trail of blood left on her mouth. She easily picked up one of them bodies, about the same height as her, and hurled it into the dumpster. I did the same with the other.

We didn’t bother to hide the bodies, we’d have moved on soon enough anyway. If we were staying in a place, we’d probably bury them. It wasn’t a long term solution, but by the time they found the bodies, we’d be gone.

“Let’s go find the others,” April suggested, enjoying her new found spurt of energy.

I nodded once and followed after her. I couldn’t help but steal a glance back at the dumpster. I felt a tiny bit of guilt creep up, not knowing if it was really me, or just April. It confused me.